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This Week: Dead Boy Detectives is Highly Entertaining

What is everyone watching this week?

I'm rotating through a bunch of rewatches, and hoping Star Trek: Discovery is going to end well. I have three more episodes of 3 Body Problem to review, and feeling guilty for procrastinating since it just got the renewal I've been waiting for.

What about you guys?

An Honest Fangirl: I've been watching Ink Master in the background while I do stuff around the house. It's a competition show surrounding tattoo artists. To reference an earlier "This Week," it is the opposite of a wholesome competition show. Everyone is cruel and angry to each other. There's so much drama and yelling, not to mention a ton of super casual sexism and racism. The judges are super biased at times. (I also can never get over the fact that they refer to the people they're tattooing as "human canvases.") And yet, I keep putting it on. There's something oddly compelling about it. Some of the tattoos are horrific, but some are very good and it makes me want to go get another one myself.

I also caught the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. Oooof... they did not hold back. Definitely not politically correct by any definition of the word, and the line of good taste was definitely crossed a few times. There really didn't need to be so many Aaron Hernandez jokes, for example. Nikki Glaser killed it, though. Her set was fabulous. I also really enjoyed Sam Jay's set.

Victoria Grossack: I have been watching the first season of Resident Alien. Alan Tudyk is absolutely hilarious, with his alien mannerisms and his deadpan delivery. Netflix only has the first season in my market, but I will see if I can continue.

Samantha M. Quinn: I watched the first couple of episodes of Resident Alien and as much as I love Alan Tudyk, it wasn't for me.

X-Men '97 continues to be exceptional which is a deep surprise. It gives me hope the live action reboot will be good.

By the time this is posted Louis, Lestat and Claudia will be back, yay! So will the Doctor and Ruby. Good week for TV!

Mikey Heinrich: I've watched all of Dead Boy Detectives twice in the last week and loved it. Lukas Gage as the Cat King is a total snack (did I use that correctly?)

New Doctor who returns in about thirty hours as I type this. So excited for more Ncuti.

I also started to watch the first episode of Baby Reindeer this week, and it was good, but it made me really sad, and I have my real life for that so I couldn't go on.

Billie Doux: As I get older, I've noticed that sad crap is harder for me to watch. And violence.

Morella: More old movies for me! A weird mix as I rewatched The Haunted Palace, but also Tarantula, The Deadly Mantis, The Mole People, and The Leech Woman. Mostly decent, although Mole People wasn't great, and Leech Woman was very bad. It's rare a movie is not only racist and misogynistic, but also ageist!

I still have some classic Doctor Who animations to get through one of these days, and some other old movies as well. I think my next review will be on The Haunted Palace, as it's Vincent Price at the helm in a dual role, and it's even more fun second watch. (That review is now up!)

I think part of why I love older horror is that they don't glorify in the violence. I heard about the Terrifier movies and they sound brutal, which despite my love for extreme metal bands, I don't actually enjoy all that much. Give me thunderstorms and haunted graveyards over excessive violence and gore any day!

Mikey Heinrich: That's a coincidence, I was just re-watching the Doctor Who animation of "The Abominable Snowmen" yesterday while I worked out.

(See how I casually slipped in the 'worked out' part in a fashion that was in no way gratuitous? Yeah, I'm that smooth.)

And new Who is officially out! I'll redirect you to my full reviews, but the short version is, episode one is pretty good and episode two is better. Both totally worth your time.

Josie Kafka: New Who! I may actually sign up for Disney/Hulu. Shogun got great reviews, and Shardlake sounds interesting.

I've been swamped with work, but have started watching Killing Eve, which is, in a way, about a woman who spends too much time on her job. Just with more murdering.

Mothra: I'm still on a re-watching kick. I thoroughly enjoyed Shakespeare in Love, which I hadn't seen in decades. I agree that it may not have earned all its Oscars (and it's also now tainted by the Weinstein ick factor), but I still appreciate its energetic charm, its zippy pacing and editing, and Tom Stoppard's faux-Shakespearean dialog. The structure of a romantic comedy slowly sliding into romantic tragedy, as Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter curdles into Romeo and Juliet is still poignant.

I also rewatched the first two Mad Max films, in anticipation of seeing Furiosa. On a rewatch, I continue to appreciate their scrappy craft, but neither will ever be a true favorite of mine. It was interesting that I described the original film to a friend as "low budget, and very violent." Contrary to my memory, Mad Max contains almost no violence; plenty of awful things are done to various characters, but the violence itself happens almost entirely off-screen. Props to George Miller for successfully planting scenes directly into my imagination.

Shari: I’ve been playing hostess this week so I haven’t watched much. But I did see the first two episodes of the Dead Boy Detectives. And I agree with everyone else. It’s been highly entertaining.


  1. Not watching as much right now as I work on my vampire and her castle in V Rising more than watching anything for now!

  2. Tried the first episode of Dead Boy Detectives, and found it just a bit too ... energetic for my tastes. Reminded me of one of Russel T Davies's more hyperactive Doctor Who episodes.

    Currently burning through all episodes of Blackadder, which is brilliant stuff, especially whenever Brian Blessed shows up. Stephen Fry and a much-younger-than-House Hugh Laurie also star. Too much fun.

    Also watching AppleTV's Sugar which starts off as a neo-noir private eye thing but does seem to be heading toward something entirely different. Colin Farrell is very good indeed, as is everyone in it, and there is also a nice Corvette and a very good dog.

    Thinking about Dark Matter when Sugar is done. Gave up long ago on Foundation, which is dreck.

    1. I love Blackadder, especially the later series when he's nastier and less goofy than he was in the first series. The final episode of the last series takes a dark and depressing tone for an otherwise hilarious comedy series.

  3. So I just finished The Leftovers last night. What a wonderfully unique show! It swings for the fences repeatedly, and frankly, it misses now and then, but the 3rd season was simply brilliant. I got some mild Station Eleven vibes from it. Such a unique and refreshing way to conclude a show of that genre - I look forward to Mothra’s continued reviews on this one.

    My daughter was home for a stretch and as my viewing buddy I got her to watch Chernobyl. Odd - the first time I watched it I was blown away, but the re-watch was not as exciting. Happens sometimes.

    We also watched Sicario, which after a 2nd watch I still think is hugely underrated of Denis Villenueve’s projects. Also watched Pulp Fiction. My daughter is the biggest cinephile in the family so I was hoping she could enlighten me on why this supposed to be so good. Unfortunately she disliked it as much as I do, so no help there. We do like several Tarrantino films, so this is not a take on him, but I have never understood the love for Pulp Fiction that many folks have. What am I missing? :)

    1. Been meaning to watch Sicario again; I loved it the first time around. Haven't seen the sequel; is it any good?

      As to Pulp Fiction, it's been awhile since I last saw it, but I know I love it. If nothing else, the entire film is worth watching just for Travolta and Jackson.

      I will add The Leftovers to my list of things to binge when time permits. Sounds interesting.

    2. Would also suggest Station Eleven if you have the time. It’s exactly the kind of show you would normally see reviewed here - I was a bit surprised when I realized it was not one of the shows listed.

  4. S2 of Outer Range! Western, Sci-Fi, time travel, family drama…


  5. I will miss Shogun, which was excellent, and Dead Boy Detectives was superfun. Desperately wanting something new and good to watch, and voila, here comes Outer Range S2!! Yay!

    BTW, Jensen Ackles just showed up as Justin Hartley's brother in Tracker. As Justin is the main character, maybe Jensen will join the show??


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