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Forever Knight: Dead of Night

"If I see anything weird, I'll scream."

A host of ghosts haunts our heroes, and they all want closure.

This house is going to be hard to sell. Being haunted sounds bad, but that's also sort of cool. I know people who would pay anything for a genuinely haunted house. But this one shows you your own personal demons, ghosts of your dead friends and relatives who dig up your secret guilt and demand answers. That's got to be the least cool haunting ever.


Nick is getting married in a very big church wedding. I guess he's fine with all the church trappings. And the priest is decked out like he's nearly the Pope.

I have a lot of questions. But most surprising is that his wife doesn't know he's a vampire. He doesn't go outside, so I'm guessing the priest agreed to a midnight wedding. The bride is completely oblivious.

Then Nick decides to turn her into a vampire... and fails. It's pathetic.

The whole setup is bizarre. He's just going to surprise her with vampirism? And how did he keep it from her all this time?

Little Bites:

-The annoying guy in the beginning is a special kind of TV evil who doesn't make sense. He can't change the real estate clause he's complaining about, and he has no reason to get rid of the housekeeper guy.

-In season one, Nick didn't think ghosts were real. But in season three, everything is real.

-Captain Reese has been the skeptic for many episodes, but this is the first time he came face to face with something supernatural. The look on his face says it all.

-Also, Reese may ride a desk, but he's still a crack shot.

-Public service anouncement: Natalie should NOT apologize to her abusive relative. It's normal for people to have confusing feelings about abusive relatives, and guilt is a very common experience in these situations, but you don't owe anything to your abusers.

-La Croix says Nick's failed conversion was his "first attempt," but it's Shakespeare times (I think), and I'm pretty sure Nick's done this before.

-Nick REALLY struggles with bringing people across. Especially women. Season three is building up to something here, and that's all I'm gonna say about that...

Final Analysis: This ghost story feels generic, and I'm really confused about Nick's wedding. Two out of five puffy pants.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, musician, and medievalist who feels a kinship for vampires because his sensitive eyes that make it difficult to go outside during the day.

1 comment:

  1. "-La Croix says Nick's failed conversion was his "first attempt," but it's Shakespeare times (I think), and I'm pretty sure Nick's done this before."
    Yeah lol it's why non-linear storytelling (in longform TV) can be bothersome for me. I get confused easily temporally so I'm always inclined to believe them when they do a "character's first [X]" story lol. And I was wondering if they were doing it again. I don't mind having flashbacks as a necessary subplot for most episodes but I'd love it if there was a show that forced a rule that they have to continue it from whichever point they first picked and can only skip ahead, not go back.
    Even though it's used for mostly stupid motivations (at least concerning Nick) I like this idea that turning someone has a low success rate. Maybe it's because that plausibility balances against explicit ghosts in the same episode. I still can't believe he kind of "sprung" this on her lol. LaCroix practically materializing to say "oh well you screwed it up" was almost worth it and didn't bother me like it normally would.
    "-Public service anouncement: Natalie should NOT apologize to her abusive relative."
    Of course not. Though I am glad that Nana didn't question her in a reproachful way. Just seemed distraught. I would've hated the return apology if she started off trying to curse her out, but as it stands I could buy that not showing up to someone's wake can make you feel bad regardless of deserving. I remember an episode of this show "Louie" did an episode where a jerk manager from work died and the main character was suddenly haunted by a vision of the wake or I guess the funeral itself being completely unattended, so he went himself. Again, I don't really feel this way myself and anyone who rightfully stays committed to abandoning an abusive person from their past should be congratulated but it felt meaningful and I can almost see why an image like that would trigger some deep overwhelming pity.
    Also before I forget I enjoyed Tracy interrupting LaCroix's radio show and saying it gets under her skin or whatever lol! It jarred me. How often has this happened? I feel like I can only recall one instance of an outside party acknowledging his narrative and I think that was just in an "exposition for new viewers" kind of way... anyway sometimes I get hypnotized by the show and forget he's not just beaming this directly to Nick through telepathy.


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