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Comment Poetry

The Agents of D.O.U.X. not only read every comment posted on the site, we track the "Recent Comments" right-hand sidebar, which only gives the first 1-3 words of the comment to avoid spoilage. When we’re lucky, the result is “comment poetry”: short free-form verses that sometimes make a strange sort of e.e. cummings sense.

Below are all the comment poems we’ve discovered so far. If you find a good one, let us know in the comments!

"Untitled," by ChrisB

Having lived
My favorite
No one has
Eh. Not great.

"The Cannibal," by Billie Doux

Faith: classic.
Buffy: great episode.
I don't (I really) like this episode:
The cannibal!

"Enthusiasm and Regret" by Josie Kafka

About this comment:
Eagerly, finally, never--
Two after six.
I loved this.
Did anyone?


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Saila Rotiart said...

I love the Comment Poetry. Today I saw this beauty:

I'm really
Dave Martinez:
Anyone else

Juliette said...

'Love' by Juliette

I love
Yeah, Morgan
Your switching
Way to go,
Thank (insert)
whoo hoo! I
I totally

pucklady said...

Today's jewel:

Suzanne, Josie

Billie Doux said...

Juliette contributed this one to the August 25 Doux News:

Two words:
Love this show.
We can stop.

Jess Lynde said...

I was entertained by this one today (9-5-2013) ...

'The Down Side'

Unlike some of
The down side
Fred was too?
Although I
Yes, she was
I've made this

Jess Lynde said...

Apparently I lost a day somewhere, because I just realized "today" is actually 9-6, not 9-5. Oops!

Josie Kafka said...

Anonymous, it drives me crazy.
Cris loved it.
I, Enver Gjokaj (Oh, God, this!).
Welliver was Enver Gjokaj.

(Some liberties taken with punctuation and CrazyCris's screen name.)

Saila Rotiart said...

"A Revelation Of S(p)orts"

This show just
It means
Sunbunny - I
I hate to putt

(Had to add a letter to improve tohe flow at one point)

Josie Kafka said...

If they are really good, mark "I".
Good review!
(Aside from all one of my all.)
Castles have no fear.

[edited for punctuation]

Nonei said...

Saw this one just now

Agree with you

I realized
I like this...
I was so angry

Disclaimer: I did cheat a little (poetic license?) and deleted a "the" for flow in the second and fourth lines

ChrisB said...

This gem caught my eye today:

Well that was
The best….
Dear God, but
If Alex slept.

Samantha M. Quinn said...

Love this one;

I don't.
I don't.
Wrists. Ick.
This Season.
This Episode.
After all.
After all.
I love the new.

Billie Doux said...

OMG, J.D., that one may be my favorite. I'm laughing.

Samantha M. Quinn said...

Edited for flow

I finally saw Charlie!
I was coolest.
I recently,
probably my well to be, wow, harsh...

Remco said...

I am sorry / I'm glad!
I went into that picture...
I got to be / I don't!

Welcome back.

Josie Kafka said...

I was whooping, I admit that.
I acknowledge, definitely:
good episode. This episode.

This comment?
I can't.

[edited for punctuation.]

Nonei said...

This one I am titling awkwardly,
The Girlfriends Found Out About Each Other and Confront Him and He Says:

Juliette - I…
I think…
I completely…

Billie I…

Still, even…

Billie Doux said...

LOL, Nonei.

In fact, every time someone posts a comment on this thread, it makes me laugh out loud.

ChrisB said...

Nonei -- that's hilarious!

ChrisB said...

Yoda Speaks:

Well, there, it's the mushroom I have been.

Samantha M. Quinn said...

I saw this one, what plot
as I have, thank you
I liked this, so I am still

Josie Kafka said...

I can see this man.
I'm...Can I just say thanks for-- Sorry?
This lol, irrelevant.
This worked.

Josie Kafka said...

Narcissism and Proper Names

This was a meh while.

Oh! I see I agree I wow:
Just Chloe Sevigny, Freeman, and Re Chris.

Nonei said...

Title: Twitter Addiction

The Overlords live tweeting...
I'm more.

Colin, I…
I love Twitter.

I did not see
What fun I'm not

Disclaimer: Deleted "a" from "what a fun" and added some punctuation

Josie Kafka said...

The Meaning of The

The face.
I love THE.
I did not.
I binge THE.
Yes, THE--I hope.
Whoa! Great.

ChrisB said...

The Best

As everyone,
I'm the best.

I'm so [the] best.

Lamounier said...

Getting a Gift on Migmit's Eve

Thank you!
I loved this
A happy

sunbunny said...

I watched this.
I didn't.
I've got…

Josie Kafka said...

"Love, Justice, and Happiness"

Apparently, while I love, I just wanted.
I am just.
It is too bad.
Freeman, I--I'm glad.

Jenna said...

Reluctant Gratitude

Thank you for...
Sorry, meant...
No problem!
Thanks for the...
Great to hear!
I found this,
I re-watch!

Lamounier said...

This one makes no sense, but I kinda liked it.

The Bizarro Poem

Yay! Count me
I'm a...
Count me in
I'm [a]...
Wait! Too many
How bizarre is

Josie Kafka said...

No, no, no, I've never.
Yeah, I gotta.
That would be so Crowley.
Is Heather, Me?
That last curing, a...

ChrisB said...

So, this.
I like this, what I have.
The Rewatching...

Anonymous said...

The Narcissist:

I'm pretty,
The favourite,
Fare thee well.

ChrisB said...

After watching Buffy re-watch,
Well, I am Angel re-watch.
I liked this a good few.

Caf said...

I like this
Alone, he’s
One of my
Man, Brazil
I like this

ChrisB said...

I think Milady, like the rest
Aww -- cute.
I do love the improper claw.
I loved seeing this comment.

Billie Doux said...

"I do love the improper claw." Too funny. I'm giggling.

Anonymous said...

Not really a poem, but I liked it anyway. Edited for punctuation only.

Billie, Adama for now, maybe.
For what?
The message.

Billie Doux said...

And so say we all.

Josie Kafka said...

"An Eye of Newt in the Broth of Love"

I've tried.
I haven't.
Great Heather1.
Eye of Newt?
I loved you.
Ask why.
I really...

[Edited for punctuation and spacing.]

Nonei said...

A Comment Poetry Ode to Doux reviews

good job…
I'm like, “Great review…”
Thanks guys :)

Josie Kafka said...

Of Giles, Identity, and Spanking

I'm not a Chris, I know.
Loved Giles in...
I was really Kara.
They...I, really.
The spanking from a sci-fi.

ChrisB said...

In my opinion, Cordelia as a wow.
Well, I know that.
Any theories, Lorne?

":) You know…”

Billie Doux said...

Today's offering is entitled Agreeing with Cordelia that this is a bad episode.

I'm with
I'm with
This is a bad
this episode
I agree with.

Josie Kafka said...

We Appreciate a Sunbunny

Great review, great review.
Really good.
To be fair, we (I) feel sorry.
I appreciate a sunbunny.
Watch what struck me.

Remco said...

On the state of being

I am...
I was...
I thought...
I'm really...
I'm just...
I actually...
I am very...
Well, that was...

Paul Reed said...

The indecisive poet, whose train of thought is distracted by his favourite TV show suddenly coming on.

I love your...
I don't...
I'm still...
Gotham started.

Nonei said...

On knowing I didn't, but you should... and my cats' love

Remember that I didn't
TJ, you should
I know

Castle, J.D., thanks...
My cats love you

Nonei said...

Titling this one "Thanks for making me reflect on the comic I was..."

Finally forced,
I think
in reply
the comic I was

@Jess - thanks
I quite liked...
I hear you.

Lamounier said...

A Great Post

Definitely gotta love
A great post
Mark this
Yet another
The Brody Well
After I also think

Billie Doux said...

Today's poem is entitled, "No, Tommy, No!" by Stephen Amell:

I like,
Happy New, thanks to you!
I'm a...
No, Tommy, no!
Oh My God! I,
Stephen Amell.

Nonei said...

Comment Haiku
Entitled: Thanks for as much thanks as I'm hoping for (LOL)

Nice catch - I get the
thanks. As much as I... I am
hoping. Thanks, Topher.

ChrisB said...

Short, but to the point...

Thank you,

Nonei said...

A cactus is... what is

A cactus?
I think may be
I think that
it's just watching.
It is
what is.

Ok, I know I just posted one a few days ago... but how could I ignore this one about a creepy cactus taking over people's minds to make them think it's wonderful? (Oh... maybe I'm reading too much into it LOL) :D
Used every comment too

I did take two liberties... changed "maybe" to "may be" and "what's" to "what is".

But don't worry... the cactus is only watching...

Josie Kafka said...

The cactus is always watching.

Nonei said...

And now... with our posts... the Recent Comments say:

And now
the cactus is
a cactus

a cactus?

I think

Josie Kafka said...

We have Gertrude Steined the comment poetry.

Billie Doux said...

I can't stop laughing.

Billie Doux said...

It's getting worse.


I can't...
It was the...
We have...
And now...
The cactus is.
A cactus is.
A cactus?
I think maybe.

Nonei said...

Don't worry... the cactus is watching... and it is amused

Billie Doux said...

Grant and Nicole

First off, loved this.
Well... loved this.
Always love
Grant Gustin.
Still feeling

Nonei said...

Making my Yes

I am making
my yes, Grant

Happy, silly
but fun

Josie Kafka said...

"Who Are You?"

So you're Syzgy?
I'm also
I was so
I hate to
I'm so just.

Nonei said...

A modern "I Don't"

They are wonderful
Diogo --
Magic maracas
on a
For a modern "I don't"

Lamounier said...

Migmit, Hear Me Out

I ship Oliver
Yeah, I just...
Migmit, I may...
Migmit, I...
I might be in.
It's ok
I'm not a

Nonei said...

Our comments got naughty today!

Apparently Gaeta and Baz have magic fingers:

Ugh Gaeta -
I've only…
That was… Wow…

(edited punctuation only...)

Nonei said...

POI Identity Crisis

Finch was Shaw
Never was
The Finch/Root

Lamounier said...

Loved the name
Very Bobby
By the way
Loved this
I'm perfect

(took the liberty to take a "the" away)

Juliette said...

Ode to TV

(some lines edited out and punctuation added, otherwise presented as found!)

I love TV.
I've just...
Great review.
Thanks for

Nonei said...

2 or 4?

I really want 2
I agree with

Why not 4
Like you...
I don't


(Edited out a couple extraneous "I"s and added a space after the 2)

Lamounier said...

Yellow Mark, by Juliette

Well, Blaine, because I knew
Can someone yellow Mark
Always a Aww, I will

Juliette said...

I'm a poet and I don't know it...

Josie Kafka said...

Questions with No Answers

Why did you keep with it?
This one was a valid point.
While I..
I think...
I don't...
I am.

Billie Doux said...

"The Sequel"

Any sequel to "I *may* have"
A lot of "It strikes me".
I'm, I was confused.
Kumar and Jin!
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I really think this must be read in a voice dripping with sarcasm. But maybe that's because I hate spoilers. Especially when people say, "I don't want to spoil you, but you'll never see the twist coming in the second act!" That's a spoiler! ~K~

Great review,…
I liked the…

Josie Kafka said...

While that was Morgan's, I believe Enid loved the while.
I agree.
Yeah, I agree so much.

Lamounier said...

Good Parts Only

Personally and be based
On their two shows
That I guess I see
Although I...
The worst part, I don't.

Baby M said...

Spotted some "Shiny and New" episode title poetry:

I Carry Your Heart with Me
In Summation,
Beyond Redemption

Anonymous said...

I think I shall call this one, "Words Fail Mark".

"Mark Greig,..."
"Any thoughts..."?
"This was one..."
"This one is..."
"I give up...."

Thankfully words don’t seem to fail Mark or any of the wonderful reviewers on this site.

Billie Doux said...

~K~, you made my day.

Baby M said...

Is "pure migmit" the new "Hammer of Grabthar"?

“By pure
that was great…”

Nonei said...

Big Ideas

I've said
Binary Virtual
the biggest!

I had an idea...
I have more.

(punctuation added :) )

Nonei said...

Singing praises of reviews :)

Thanks Chris!
I liked it
Great review

Heather -- you
Great piece,
I loved it!

Josie Kafka said...

"Billie and Josie on Christmas Night"

Well, he did.
Not in looks!
Come to think, my lady was my childhood.
I'm going with that one, lamb.

(Lightly edited.)

Baby M said...

"I Had A Short Affair With Jessica, But It's Over"

I loved
I have to give
My apologies
The few times

Remco said...

Haha, and unedited too!

The other way around this time:

"Now I'm with JD, and I loved it!"

After my apologies
I have to give Jessica:
I loved I had a JD.
Thank you

Baby M said...

Another instance of "Shiny and new" poetry:

Season One
Smile (season one is done!)
Legends of Today
Start to Finish

Josie Kafka said...

We're on a roll:

JD, you--fascinating the honest migmit.
All of the what makes a very good really.

Baby M said...

"Minimalist Sympathy Card"

The demise of
Lisa Menaster
Ah, sorry.

Baby M said...

"Massive Spoiler, Narrowly Averted"

The bad thing Wilkes starts…

Nonei said...

The 'Recent Comments' often makes me think of Mad Libs - today's especially... So, write down two adjectives, a plural noun, a noun, and a past tense verb if you want to play along LOL

Comments Mad Libs
Hang in, Mark. I know I'm (adjective).
There were (plural noun),
Darlene as the (adjective) (noun)
I still wonder [if] Juliette (past tense verb)
Sorry, Heather.

ChrisB said...

Nonei -- that's hilarious!

Billie Doux said...

Okay, I'll try. I'm also watching political stuff, so...

Hang in, Mark. I know I'm liberal.
There were Republicans,
Darlene as the worst candidate
I still wonder [if] Juliette voted.
Sorry, Heather.

Nonei said...

Words courtesy of my daughter, who was petting our old man cat at the time lol

Hang in, Mark. I know I'm fuzzy.
There were kitties,
Darlene as the happy foot
I still wonder [if] Juliette snuggled
Sorry, Heather.

Baby M said...

"For the Birds"

Hang in, Mark. I know I'm chirping.
There were parakeets,
Darlene as the loud parakeet.
I still wonder [if] Juliette flew away.
Sorry, Heather.

Baby M said...

"Effusive Praise for the Author"

Thanks so much
I love reading
The end of
What's absolutely the best

(Small edit to keep the last line from getting clunky.)

Baby M said...

"Cryptic Missive from TWD"

“Thanks,” the note said,
“You made me color me the can.

Nonei said...

Unanswered questions about Billie and Patrick... and Mallena?

I've never - the unanswered
I gasped when Patrick, you...
When it was about

Billie Doux said...

LOL, Nonei. I love this comment thread very, very much.

Mallena said...

Thanks Nonei! I'm very flattered to be immortalised in comment poetry. Usually nothing is about me. I'm the one who is usually in the corner at parties trying to look comfortable examining a potted plant.

Nonei said...

Mallena, I know the feeling!
I'm usually doing that and smiling randomly across the room periodically, so hopefully nobody thinks it's because I don't like them.

And since this is the comment poetry thread:

Apparently I rescued someone from a Dilemma

Lori Lee - I couldn't...
I've been
on the other
Thanks Nonei!

Mallena said...

My first attempt at comment poetry. (Punctuation added)

It's Leoben.
Was the Who are Leoben?
Really I'm red and George...black and outstanding.

This makes as much sense as that Levon song by Elton John. Levon likes his money, you know.

Nonei said...

Everyone gets a thank you - since this post is pushing (pushing awesome, that is ;) )

Thomas, my!
Thank you, and Bellamy.
At thanks
For this post is pushing!
Welcome to the thanks, Happy!

Baby M said...

"On My Journey of Discovery"

I loved seeing so many parts I haven't
So, am I still…

Anonymous said...

Arguing over the quality of an episode.

Believe me, this episode, 4 out of 4.
A shame on you, it's a...
I have to...
I can't...
Yes, I agree.

Baby M said...

"She's still young"

Tatiana is 21
It's in her youth…

Nonei said...

Review of a finale with

Epic finale
The Amazing season
Christian didn't this episode
Alex's death Season 4 doesn't
Brilliant idea!

( tags added ;) )

Nonei said...

oops, trying again...
Review of a finale with (spoilers)

Epic finale
The Amazing season
Christian didn't (spoiler) this episode
Alex's death Season 4 doesn't (spoiler)
Brilliant idea!

( tags added ;) )

Nonei said...

I Applaud Anonymous

Overall, I agree
I think this
is also the P
sure he was

And I applaud

Baby M said...

"Don't Worry, it's a Minor Thing"

One of the things
That's a minor snippet
I don't worry
If being away

Anonymous said...

“Rectify Source”:

“The second part I…Thank you for”
“Apologies for…Kinda...”
“A man finally…You forgot Say”
“I know this is…Dear Billie, As…”

Baby M said...

Lois Interrupts the Gushing Fanboy

“Great direction Mallena. I think, indeed - Ed and…”
“So what?”
“Gees, Lois!”

Baby M said...

"Should I be glad I'm not a Trekkie?"

Is it wrong that
Thank goodness!
I am no big fan

Luscious Librarian said...

Existential crisis


Luscious Librarian said...

Multiple personality

That is,
I have shed
The War...
If too many...

Luscious Librarian said...

Billie, don't be a hero

Billie -
The War Great
If too many,
This one is...

Luscious Librarian said...

Dear Chris

I have shed
That is...
This one is...
If too many this comment,
Has Billie..?

Luscious Librarian said...

Merry to melancholy

I think one
if too
This one
Billie -
The War!

Josie Kafka said...

"Conversations are Confusing for Stars"

Kinda of a Billie.
Re: Logan? Great job, Logan.
So glad, mister.
I really like the...
There goes Aeryn!
I got a shout, as a non-star.

Nonei said...

Karl was my first, but...

Really LOVE Karl
I SO didn't
This was my first...
Not the best.

Baby M said...

"A Short Lesson in Identity"

“Mallena, I'm Heather, you Mallena."

Lamounier said...

Baby M, loved that little poem. :)

Lamounier said...

Blue screen

I always liked
The big blue great episode
My DVR missed

Nonei said...

Future plans with Anna thwarted by Billie...

One day I hope I Mari-(marry) Anna, even

Shouldn't Billie?

I saw this was probably

Billie Doux commented: You're so... Lucy Lane

(Ok, I cheated w a homophone... :) )

Josie Kafka said...

Agreement is Difficult

I do think that I struggled a bit.
Love the photo at--that's good, Mallena.
Our, we just finished.
I forgot how much I totally agree.

Nonei said...

Backhanded Compliment

"It's (a) great review, Logan!"
"Thank you, Thomas"
"What a six!"

Billie Doux said...

This one has some interesting romantic undertones:

What was the deal on my virginal... okay.
I've never, I somehow missed.
It looks like I love, love.

Anonymous said...

"The Perils of Online Commentary"

Personally, the creepy dad had a comment.
... Has?
Mark discusses it.
Dark, twisted, delightful, I enjoyed.
Anonymous, yes.

(Edited for punctuation, and one word removed for flow.)

Nonei said...

the perils

the creepy dad
had a mark
discusses it...

dark, twisted

I enjoyed

Nonei said...

lol Anonymous... I didn't realize until after I posted that you beat me to some of the lines...

I couldn't pass up "dark, twisted, delightful"!

Anonymous said...

Paul, Who's
A true diamond.

Removed “in” from ‘A true diamond in’ and changed/added punctuation.

Anonymous said...

Nonei, dark, twisted and delightful go together so well. How can you NOT use them? Online poetry can be such a gift. (OK, now I sound creepy.)
It's also interesting to see what different people do with the same words.

Nonei said...

I was thinking the same thing re: what other people do with the same words.

And, in anticipation of the "I was" above popping onto the comments list, a self-referential comment poem:

I was Nonei
dark,sitcom style head
This is the best...

Mallena said...

Lovely Nonei knows best way to get part of one's comments into comment poetry is to start a comment with interesting words. That's what I try to do. (Cue evil laughter). Let's all join in, people. Give the poetic posters here more to work with. I just wish that "head" hadn't been included. Should have said hyjincks instead of head games. Better luck next time.

Mallena said...

Beautiful Billie, maybe it's time to start a new comment poetry thread? This one is getting very long to scroll through. Can all the poetry be saved somewhere? Sectioned into parts? Divided into pages? IDK, you're the queen of organization, here. Comment poetry is a great feature of this site, I enjoy it immensely.

Billie Doux said...

Mallena, you have a point. But honestly, this comment thread is one of my absolute favorites on the site, and I'm not sure changing it or creating another thread is the answer. It's sort of what it is.

Selena said...

"Forgetful Mallena"

Mallena, you have?
I forgot to, Beautiful Billie, Lovely Nonei.
I did enjoy David.
I was thinking [of] Nonei['s] dark sitcom style head.

This made me giggle.

Also, I'm going to stop being one of the anonymous now.

Mallena said...

Selena has come to join the party, that's a cool poem. I'll shut up now, and just learn to scroll faster.

Nonei said...

"Everyone's forgetting"

Selena has
(be)come forgetful
Mallena, you have

-Apparently my dark sitcom-style head is distracting everyone!

Anonymous said...

I call this...

"Post-Binge Watching Pessimism"

I just completed…
Probably the last…
Fantastic show!


Nonei said...

Unaccepted Apology

Well, I - Yeah...
Sorry, I hate-

Yeah, the apology?
I'm annoyed.

Selena said...

Nonei, you beat me to it.

Although, this is there now too:

"Geordie was a...another fine two-parter."

(I removed 'the' from in front of two-parter.) I read it as someone being excited about Geordie's two-partedness. What does it mean? Who knows? It still made me laugh though.

Josie Kafka said...

I'm Sorry For Whatever I Did

I can't stand Josie.
My thanks, Anon!
Hey, Billie! Love [that] there are lots [of] magritte.
So, thanks for the hey, Morgan!

Baby M said...

"Enough With the @#$*&%# Examples Already, Josie!"

Can't stand another example…
I'm sorry for it,
I can't stand Josie

Nonei said...

Shiny and New episode titles gave us a little poem:
Or at least, some advice for the Devil

Everything's Coming Up
Better to Reign in Hell

Nonei said...

Such an amazing review - we all agree

Wow, great review!
I'm with you!
Wow that was...

I have to agree!
I really liked (it)

Wow, indeed.

Selena said...

"Unsure on whether to thank Billie."

Magritte: Thanks.

I, too, (sort of) thank Billie!

I, actually, I think mixed feelings.

To be honest I, I think Trixie, I am so happy.

An 's' taken off the end of thank, and 'to' from after happy.

There's lots of stuttering there, so they must feel bad about it. Personally, I think Billie is awesome and deserves all the thanks.

Nonei said...

Yeah baby, that Aussie Fitz is AWE-some and this gal on Team The Fitz is in the house! (well, once I agree to Tess's demands)

Put me on Team The Fitz
What a great Aussie!

Tess, Yeah,
I understand

This particular
*Raises hand*
Fitz is in the (house!)

Selena said...

"Cottonmouth, settle down."

The term zombies, don't forget-
Cottonmouth, settle down.
Luke, I am your Judas bullet.
I wonder if?
And I meant to.

'Had" removed from after Cottonmouth and 'the' removed from before Judas.

Nonei said...

Come slum it with other rich kids, at the Poor Maze, where you get to pretend to be poor but without all that bothersome not having money part (so you still can go out and party).

I loved it, Tyler!
What Thomas said.
Welcome to the Poor Maze.
First, I think
I'm going out

Nonei said...

The comments are really poetic today and yesterday... they have two more right now:

A compliment?

MUCH better than
my least favorite
Great review!


Too forgiving?

Diamondback was right
I meant at this show
I tend to forgive

(deleted a couple little words for flow and meaning)

Samantha M. Quinn said...

Just saw this one, it is almost like a real thought said by someone with a very bad focus problem.

I felt, to be honest, I... I missed Trixie.
I think the thing, I knew it was Ray.
So Crowley owns; 'I love Fitz'.

-Punctuation added for flow.

Josie Kafka said...

Dominic Purcell is Difficult
(Wentworth Miller, perhaps, is not.)

I think the thing well.
I'm Dominic Purcell.
So I am tired of the--
Very difficult to--
I am a bit torn.

I'm not.

Nonei said...

Rick's gang scared my pug

To me
The cage yesterday - my..
Rick's gang
My pug was scared

-and one I'm titling: Please understand, Mallena, I'm new to this woman thing

Mallena, I just
When I started
I'm a man

Mallena said...

Mallena loves Nonei and her comment poetry and so does her pug. He'd just charm Rick' s gang, though. He does an adorable combat crawl when he wants attention.

Selena said...

"Defending Doctor Strange"

In case this movie [was] made by the numbers,
I felt this was a Marvel!

All but one of the comments related to the Doctor Strange review, hence the title.

"'s" removed from after Marvel.

Lamounier said...

Look away, magritte. The Thanks is Mine!

Something else I agree about
I did not like
Magritte to look
At the thanks I needed

Nonei said...

My favorite town... with its naked insights and, now, Cassie

Hi all you!
I love this
I love the
naked great insight

you are
Welcome to the -
Yes -
that town

I love this show

Nonei said...

Cat-facing with Greg leaves me speechless

This was so-
I can't.
This got me

Greg thanks for
-I didn't-
Most of this

We have cat-faced

Lamounier said...

The song that made me grow up

Katie, I grew up
While the song
At the musical
Was "Out of Curiosity"
To my surprise

Nonei said...

I titled this
Mofftiss is a nice thank you gift... (not really, Jasper's better!)

(Cheated a bit and read the recent comments in reverse order to get this...)

While I enjoyed
-I think-
I have just Jasper

made a Wonderfull
Thank you

Selena said...

Trying to convince you that liking Lwaxana is not crazy.

Wasn't crazy, Supernatural.
You've . . .
I like Lwaxana, I've always.
I love this. That there is a sense I watched it.

Nonei said...

A lot from Aussie Tess, but no matter

There was a lot, Patryk,
I guess it's
Aussie Tess

No matter,
I love your -- (This comment has [been censored])

(Yes, I added the last two words... couldn't resist!)

Patryk said...

"An honest admission"

All true
In regards to
My loathing for

Anonymous said...

Identity Crisis or Confusion (punctuation changed)

Thank you all!
So, Logan...you're sunbunny? - I…
I totally agree!
All that.
There is a Lamounier! This…
This is really....

Mallena said...

More Confused Love

Another great Juliette,
while I like the vampire diaries
I loved this Panda
That's Billie
What? Really?

An Honest Fangirl said...


this is random
I just started... Helix
seems like
I want to believe
I don't know...

(shifted Helix up a line to make more sense)

Nonei said...

Either I partied hard or I fell asleep... hard to say

I hope tha(t)
I broke down
Stayed up last…

Lamounier said...

That Fleur-de-lis
I thought this
She could still

Josie Kafka said...

Many people have, have
Two: oldish and hey.
The family, wonderful.
Review! Hear hear!
Thank *you*.
(I'm assuming.)

Josie Kafka said...

WTF is a Nordic Sam?
If you do, thank you.
I am right there.
I think I've been--Ah!

Nonei said...

Twisted Thoughts

Fear is

Nonei said...


Liked this, Frank
- and Micro
And this is why I
I saw someone
Thank you.

Nonei said...

Billie Doux as a verb... to (metaphorically) write a love letter?

The best episode
The Mad Max world?
I Billie Doux

Lamounier said...

Prohibition of Guessing

Patryk, this is the final scene
People don't let me guess
Nice review as another short
I know, weird it was

Patryk said...

Sorry for the...
Can't help
I can see Nicole Kidman

Dragonfire said...

Happy happy
In your
I was sure
Loved the
Wow. So

Anonymous said...

Here's another one.

Very astute...
Diaz must for the
I agree
Olive and Gabriel!...

Juliette said...

I can't
Too bad I
in the
The scenes
The Shadow

Nonei said...

Love hard
to one thing
I hear
what you did


I... I agree

ChrisB said...

I'm... I am amazed!
That final...
Yeah, I was.
Just an FYI -- actually.

[Edited for punctuation only.]

Billie Doux said...

It is a genuine pleasure to see a comment by ChrisB here on Doux again. Welcome back. :)

Nonei said...

After I posted my last comment I realized I accidentally made a not-so-flattering comment poetry about myself LOL (one word removed)

I'll do Nonei

That is
so ... Yikes :)
Alas, lady

CoramDeo said...

I call it "Knowledge is Power":

I love how
I really
I know alot.


Billie Doux said...

Billie, Greg and Deborah

Billie, if, and one...
This is credit
Greg, thank you.
I have this, Deborah.

CoramDeo said...

'We're in agreement'

Oh, and if
I so agree

CoramDeo said...

'The Best Gifts' - Punctuation added

Thanks for
The Batman
Wow Billie, what's

Mikey Heinrich said...

Way too late to
thank you

I'm pretty sure that's the opening to a Smiths song.

Remco said...

'Happy marriage'

It's really nice
My wife, LOL Billie!

Mikey Heinrich said...

Omg, what
It was,

I want them to greet Rowena like this every single time now

Mikey Heinrich said...

You can.
I don't.
I can't.

Billie Doux said...

Sensing a theme:

Early on I
I am
I adore
Thank you!
I tend to...

Mikey Heinrich said...

I'm The problem.

Nonei said...

Title: Well, that went paranoid fast

Well, not so glad...
All the totally
29 episodes
My thoughts

Nonei said...

I was browsing through old ones and realized my first 'comment poetry' post was in 2013! That was like... 3 years ago, right? lol

Billie Doux said...

Nonei, lol. I started the site in 2004. That was just, like, four or five years ago, right? :)

magritte said...

Be honest...
I'm a...
A most...
Nonei, lol...

Selena said...


I was Lyla.
Great, considering Diogo, J.D.
Yay! :)
... Batwoman?

Nonei said...

Magritte, just saw yours... I'm sure you do make a most fantastic Nonei! (but a better Magritte lol)

I'm naming this one: Conditional Love/Hate
Love this
as long as
very nice

All of - I loved all
Hated the note

(Note: I did skip one comment and am appropriately ashamed)

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