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Vampire Academy

Season 1 |
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Vampire Academy (2022) is a short-lived series set in Dominion, a world filled with glamour and religious tradition. A world ruled by a monarch, twelve royal families and one overarching vision. The Moroi, mortal vampires possessed with elemental magic, come first, before the Dhampir who exist to guard them from their enemies, the undead vampires known as the Strigoi. However, Dominion’s traditions are tested in ways no one imagined, when an unlikely car accident changes the destiny of Princess Lissa Dragomir and her Dhampir best friend Rose Hathaway and sets them on a path to rebellion.

Season One

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Earth. Air. Water. Fire.
1.3 Death Watch
1.4 Benchmark
1.5 Near Guard, Far Guard
1.6 Molnija
1.7 Beyond the Wards
1.8 The Trials
1.9 Darkness
1.10 Ascension

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Sisi Stringer (Rose Hathaway)
Daniela Nieves (Lissa Dragomir)
Kieron Moore (Dimitri Belikov)
André Dae Kim (Christian Ozera)
Jonetta Kaiser (Sonya Karp)
Jennifer Kirby (Alberta Casey)
Rhian Blundell (Meredith Beckham)
Craig Stevenson (Dane Zeklos)
Andrew Liner (Mason Ashford)
J. August Richards (Victor Dashkov)