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The Prisoner: Number Two

There is a new Number Two in nearly every episode of The Prisoner, and sometimes more than one. Only four of the actors that played Number Two were also featured in the opening dialogue with Six (*); the remainder of the openers either didn't include dialogue, or Number Two's dialogue was done by Robert Rietty.

1.1 Arrival (George Baker / Guy Doleman)
1.2 Free For All (Rachel Herbert / Eric Portman)
1.3 Dance of the Dead (Mary Norris*)
1.4 Checkmate (Peter Wyngarde*)
1.5 Chimes of Big Ben (Leo McKern*)
1.6 A, B, and C (Colin Gordon*)
1.7 The General (Colin Gordon*)
1.8 The Schizoid Man (Anton Rodgers)
1.9 Many Happy Returns (Georgina Cookson)
1.10 It's Your Funeral (Derren Nesbitt / Andre Van Gyseghem)
1.11 A Change of Mind (John Sharpe)
1.12 Hammer Into Anvil (Patrick Cargill)
1.13 Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling (Clifford Evans)
1.14 Living In Harmony (David Bauer)
1.15 The Girl Who Was Death (Kenneth Griffith)
1.16 Once Upon a Time (Leo McKern*)
1.17 Fall Out (Leo McKern*)

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