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Star Trek Short Treks

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Star Trek: Short Treks is a series of short films set in the Star Trek universe. Most of the shorts have been connected to Star Trek: Discovery in some way, but there are signs that future Short Treks may be connected to the other Trek series CBS is developing. Short Treks have been used to bring back breakout characters, to dive deeper into backstories that would never be explored on a full-length series, and to provide young directors, actors, and even composers who are starting their careers a chance to break in with a higher-profile project. Short Treks brings a wealth of styles and ideas to the table, even featuring two animated episodes so far.

Season One

1.1 Runaway
1.2 Calypso
1.3 The Brightest Star
1.4 The Escape Artist

Season Two

2.1 Q&A
2.2 The Trouble with Edward
2.3 Ask Not
2.4 Ephraim and Dot
2.5 The Girl Who Made the Stars
2.6 Children of Mars

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