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The Tudors

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Programming note: Our coverage of The Tudors is substantial but incomplete.

Follow the life of Henry VIII from his ill-fated romance with the infamous Anne Boleyn, through the years, the wives, the beheadings. Romance, war, politics, history, whatever your television tastes, The Tudors (2007-2010) has something for you. It has gore. It has gratuitous sex scenes. It even has jousting. Meet philosophers you were forced to read in high school (Thomas More, I'm looking at you), stare at Henry Cavill's chest, watch beautiful women dance in giant dresses, and try to tell one Seymour brother from the other (after you've figured out which is which, please, help me). Watching The Tudors might not help you pass your upcoming history final, but it will relieve those nagging headaches caused by Game of Thrones withdrawal.

Season One

1.1 In Cold Blood
1.2 Simply Henry
1.3 Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey
1.4 His Majesty, The King
1.5 Arise, My Lord
1.6 True Love
1.7 Message to the Emperor
1.8 Truth and Justice
1.9 Look to God First
1.10 The Death of Wolsey

Season Two

2.1 Everything is Beautiful
2.2 Tears of Blood
2.3 Checkmate
2.4 The Act of Succession
2.5 His Majesty’s Pleasure
2.6 The Definition of Love
2.7 Matters of State
2.8 Lady in Waiting
2.9 The Act of Treason
2.10 Destiny and Fortune

Season Three

3.1 Civil Unrest
3.2 The Northern Uprising
3.3 Dissension and Punishment
3.4 The Death of a Queen
3.5 Problems in the Reformation
3.6 Search for a New Queen
3.7 Protestant Anne of Cleves
3.8 The Undoing of Cromwell

Season Four

4.1 Moment of Nostalgia
4.2 Sister
4.3 Something for You
4.4 Natural Ally
4.5 Bottom of the Pot
4.6 You Have My Permission
4.7 Sixth and the Final Wife
4.8 As It Should Be
4.9 Secrets of the Heart
4.10 Death of a Monarchy


The Tudors: What You Need to Know


Jonathan Rhys Meyers (King Henry VIII)
Maria Doyle Kennedy (Catherine of Aragon)
Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn)
Annabelle Wallis (Jane Seymour)
Joss Stone (Anne of Cleves)
Tamzin Merchant (Catherine Howard)
Joely Richardson (Catherine Parr)
Sarah Bolger (Princess Mary)
Gabrielle Anwar (Princess Margaret)
Sam Neill (Cardinal Thomas Wolsey)
Jeremy Northam (Sir Thomas More)
James Frain (Thomas Cromwell)
Anthony Brophy (Ambassador Eustace Chapuys)
Henry Cavill (Charles Brandon)
Callum Blue (Anthony Knivert)
Kris Holden-Ried (William Compton)
Nick Dunning (Thomas Boleyn)
Padraic Delaney (George Boleyn)
Henry Czerny (Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk)
Jamie Thomas King (Thomas Wyatt)
Max Brown (Edward Seymour)
Alan Van Sprang (Sir Francis Bryan)
Torrance Coombs (Thomas Culpepper)
David O’Hara (Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey)
Hans Matheson (Thomas Cranmer)
Peter O’Toole (Pope Paul III)