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666 Park Avenue: A Crowd Of Demons

"You've seen the look Olivia gives us if we use the wrong salad fork. I have no interest in crossing that woman on Halloween."

Well at least that was something! 666 Park Avenue is still painfully slow and unexciting, but this hour at least displayed some sort of forward momentum accompanied by some average thrills.

A lot of the show is still cringe-worthy and forced, but I at least found some enjoyment in Peter Kramer slaughtering his way through The Drake. There really wasn't much suspense as hell supposedly broke loose all over the establishment but I thankfully wasn't bored which is a plus.

I appreciate the fact that the writers are trying to build some sort of overarching mythology by linking Jane's necklace to The Drake's history but it's really not enough. The developments all feel superfluous, and the character still seem like strangers. I think I've lost hope for the show significantly improving at any point (since it obviously isn't going to last much longer).

Sinister Snippets

- Olivia almost dies and she doesn't notice Gavin receiving loud threatening texts right next to her? Please.

- The whole Brian walking in on Louise with her shirt off with another man was insipid.

- Alex is a deliciously amusing villain as she at least looks like she's having some fun at The Drake. More of her plots please.

- Louise forgetting her phone in her apartment in order for Alexis' message to cause friction was beyond lazy and pathetic writing.

- Oh look it's the red dress from the pilot vision! How unsatisfying.

- Olivia getting kidnapped really fizzled out when Gavin just found her laying there.

- So The Drake cleans up after itself through cheap CGI? How charming.

All in all, an entertaining but ultimately forgettable hour of 666 Park Avenue. It doesn't look like the show is going to get any better, which is just so disappointing.

3 out of 5 gas masks.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. I think I've lost hope for the show significantly improving at any point (since it obviously isn't going to last much longer).

    I agree, Nadim. I've got two (three?) episodes stacked up on my DVR, and I'm thinking I might just delete them. What a pity--Terry O'Quinn deserves better.

  2. This episode didn't suck, which is a step up. But, it wasn't good either. I did like the idea of all the relationships beginning to deteriorate, but I agree that the way they happened was forced and insipid (good word).

    I just know there is greatness hidden somewhere in this show. It amazes me that they do so little with such a great cast.


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