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Lost Eye Scenes

During the run of Lost, I kept track of which characters got one of their famous "eye scenes." And here's the list.

Right eye:

Jack: Pilot
Locke: Walkabout
Jack as a child: White Rabbit
Claire: Raised by Another
Jin: ... In Translation
Locke: Further Instructions
Claire: Par Avion
Locke: Eggtown
Jack: 316
Kate: LA X
Ilana: Ab Aeterno
Jack: What They Died For
Jack: The End

Left eye:

Sun: House of the Rising Sun
Boone: Hearts and Minds
Michael: Special
Sawyer as a child: Outlaws
Aaron: Exodus (2)
Desmond: Man of Science, Man of Faith
Juliet: A Tale of Two Cities
Desmond: Flashes Before Your Eyes
Claire: Par Avion
Michael: Meet Kevin Johnson
Jack: Something Nice Back Home
Locke: Cabin Fever

Both eyes:

Ben: The Shape of Things to Come

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