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Would you like to write for us?

We are currently looking for writers to review new movies or any of the following current or classic shows (some of which are partially done; click on link to see what we already have):

Batman The Animated Series
Disney+ series...es
The Expanse
Star Trek Lower Decks (and possibly other Trek)
Star Wars: the Clone Wars
The Wire

Do you want to review something that's not on the list? Just ask! There are lots of stuff we'd love to cover.

This might be a good place for our informal mission statement, so you'll know what you're getting into.

"Billie Doux" isn't just the pen name of our site founder; it means "love letter." We're all fans here at Doux Reviews. We love our genre television shows so much that we write about them in our spare time; no one pays us to do this.

So we don't want to add a new writer just because they write well. Feedback from our readers over the years has brought us to the realization that review sites are a dime a dozen, and readers come here for two reasons: the shows we choose, and how we write about them. When we consider adding a new guest writer, it has to be someone who can write a smart, well-composed, easy-to-read critique in a (usually) positive style that is compatible with the rest of the team and feels like it belongs on the site.

If you really want to write for us, we'll need to see a review or two, not just a letter of intent. Send at least two reviews, or a link to them, in an email to billiedoux at gmail dot com. (Feel free to write first with any questions you might have!) If the style and content is a fit and it's a show we'd like to cover, we'll talk. But please don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out. As mentioned above, good writing is important, but it's not our only criteria. Don't let that stop you from writing. Seriously.

Thank you for your interest.