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Highlander: Avenging Angel

Cahill: "It's a miracle."
Duncan: "That's what we all say the first time."

Forget "Avenging Angel." This one should have been called "Marauding Nutjob."

Somewhat interesting plot idea: A psycho becomes an immortal, and misinterprets what has happened to him. Immortality changes everything in a situation like this. He was nuts before, and now he'll always be nuts. You can't hospitalize or imprison Alfred Cahill, because he'll eventually get out and kill again. There's only one cure.

As Duncan tried his best to counsel the lunatic Cahill on how to deal with immortality, Tessa tried to counsel her friend Elaine on how to make it in the straight world instead of hooking for a living. It was sort of a dual plot about unfulfilled potential. Elaine may make it because at least she can change. But I got the impression that she probably won't.

Again with the long hand of coincidence, with Elaine's customer being killed by our confused new psycho immortal. No, I'm wrong. It's not coincidence. It's piss-poor writing.

My favorite scene was probably Duncan taking down Elaine's pimp. Adrian Paul's acting skills have already improved.


— No flashbacks in this one.

Bits and pieces:

— Duncan "felt" Cahill as he was experiencing his first death. I didn't know immortals could do that.

— Alfred Cahill was the eighth evil immortal with a K/C name. And we're still in season one.

— Elaine's apartment had a truly spectacular view. Had to be wildly expensive.

— We got another visually interesting Paris location: the death site of Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar. Speaking of which, where did Cahill get the chain mail? It's not exactly available at the local store. And why didn't it protect his neck?

— Impressive Duncan/Alfred Cahill quickening.

— Elaine: "How'd you get so smart?" Duncan: "Trial and error." Which implied that Duncan is wise now because he was smart enough to benefit from his vast experience.

Considering that we had a lunatic killer immortal and a hooker, this was a pretty dull episode. One star,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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