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Highlander: Bad Day in Building A

Cop: "Can you think of anything we're forgetting here?"
Commisky: "Yeah. Munich."

And the moral of the story is, always pay your parking tickets by mail.

So it was immortal Die Hard, and pretty much different from every other episode in the series. I still enjoyed it, mostly because it was fun. There was a particularly high body count and lots of action fluff, with Duncan getting knocked out and then shot to death, but still managing to take out five bad guys armed with just a skewer. And even the predictable little girl subplot didn't get cloying and was actually rather cute.

Byran Slade, seven time murderer, was one of the more interesting season one villains, and he wasn't even an immortal. He obviously had the hots for Tessa, who appeared a lot more upset when they took Duncan away than she should have been. Tessa was all dignified and courageous, and more fun than she has been up until now. And Richie was a hoot.


— This is one of the few Highlander episodes with no flashbacks.

Bits and pieces:

— Randi was back in the credits again.

— Just like in Die Hard, one of the bad guys was a tall blond who looked like Gudonov.

— The room where the janitor left his young daughter was full of cleaning supplies. No parent worth their salt would leave a small child in a room full of poisons.

— There were several little fun touches. One scene had Commisky with two phones, one to each ear. And they kept putting tickets on Duncan's T-bird.


Duncan: (about the parking tickets) "Some people collect stamps."
Tessa: "Very funny."

Slade: "You're some woman."
Tessa: "You're garbage."

Duncan: "Now, this is an interesting test of your reflexes. Can you turn and fire that thing before I skewer you? The good news is, I'm rusty. I may miss. The bad news is, I'm really pissed."
Duncan is rusty with a skewer? When was he trained in the skewer?

At least two stars, and I'm tempted to edge toward three because this is the first season one episode I actually liked,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. What was the deal at the end? Six bodies?

  2. If I had to guess, I'd say the sixth body was the villain's lawyer. I don't think we see him get killed, but we also don't see him walking out with the other hostages at the end.


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