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Highlander: Bless the Child

Nora: "I want to have your baby."
Duncan: "Perhaps we should have a cigarette first."

Another episode reminiscent of the terrible "Mountain Men," but with a better ending. We also had a bit more of Duncan MacLeod, Social Crusader, since the situation involved race, class, and environmental issues. And the bad guy wasn't bad after all. He wasn't even an immortal, so I didn't have to wince at the far-flung coincidence factor.

The best part of this one was the flashback to Duncan and one of his mortal lovers, a liberated flapper and novelist named Nora who wanted to have his baby. Duncan was honest with her, and Nora just accepted Duncan's confession that he was sterile. But it made me wonder what was going on with fertility research in the 1920s. How would a guy in the 1920s know he was sterile unless he had been married for awhile, found he couldn't have kids, and had medical tests?

We also learned that, despite the fact that immortals are sterile, Duncan knows how to take care of a baby. It's been established that Duncan has never married. Did he ever raise children? Or was it just inevitable that he'd taken care of a baby or two at some point in his long life?


— 1923 Boston. New Year's Eve, Duncan and Nora and champagne. We also had another wonderful dance sequence. I remember reading somewhere that Adrian Paul was once a dancer, and that was why they started putting dance sequences into the series.

— Duncan and Nora drank champagne out of her shoes. Yech. What's wrong with drinking out of the bottle?


Charlie: "Hey, I don't do diapers, man."
Duncan: "Says the liberated male."

Nora: "Margaret. How old were you when you lost your virginity?"
Margaret: "There are limits, Nora."
Nora: "Only for the limited."

One star for the A plot. Two stars for the flashback. One and a half?

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps 2.5 stars out of 5. A decent plot, but it was hard to put the story line together with 2 guys that seem more like city slickers really, especially Charlie.


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