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Highlander: Double Jeopardy

Duncan: "There's a difference between hate and fear. I hated Xavier. You're just a cheap imitation."

So of course, Xavier St. Cloud would have a homicidal immortal student out there.

Maybe they just wanted to find another way to bring back a good villain. And Xavier was definitely a good villain. D'Estaing? Not so much. I think he was trying too hard to channel Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. Duncan almost didn't take the guy seriously, he was so certain he could take him out. And he could have lost. That dirty trick with the curare could have done it.

Renee Delaney was called in because she investigated Xavier's crimes. As continuing cop characters go on this show, Renee was always fun. I liked how she tended to think of her tiny, unconsummated dalliance with Duncan as a tragic, star-crossed romance.


— 1803 France. Morgan D'Estaing was disinherited by his adopted parents in favor of their natural son. He tried to murder the boy and his father killed him. Petty, petty. Xavier dug him up and took him on.

— 1806 France. D'Estaing and Xavier took out D'Estaing's family and took everything they had left before poisoning them. Duncan, a British soldier, ran into the two of them.

— Lots of flashbacks to the two-part "Unholy Alliance."

Bits and pieces:

— The barge was back at Notre Dame.

— The final duel was on a Parisian balcony in the dark, in the snow, and Duncan got the quickening while lying there unconscious, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. That was different.


Renee: "I know you're one of the good guys. Just give me a hand here. You know I wouldn't screw you."

D'Estaing: "There's curare on the tip. That's poison, MacLeod. You've only got thirty seconds."
Duncan: "That's fifteen more than I need."

So so. Two stars?

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.


  1. 9:47 Delaney: "I'm engaged. [...] He's even thinking of running for Congress."
    MacLeod: "I thought you took an oath to fight crime."

  2. I'd forgotten about Renee! She was one of the better mortal characters but not amazing. Joe was the only truly great mortal character in the entire series.


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