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Highlander: Through a Glass Darkly

Methos: "So lure him outside and take his head. Problem solved."
Duncan: "I never know when you're kidding."
Methos: "Part of my charm."

See, I can sort of see where they were going with this one. Unfortunately, they didn't quite get there.

Culloden was an important event in Scottish history, and it was inevitable that they would eventually do an episode about it. And the idea of an immortal with hysterical amnesia was mildly intriguing. But did they have to make it so convoluted? The tortured Cochrane got tiresome pretty quickly. And the doubly filmed and repeated scene about Bonnie Prince Charlie, from both Duncan's and Cochrane's point of view, was outright interminable. It was interminable twice. No, I think it was three times.

The several scenes of Duncan/Methos banter as they were trooping around in the snow were the highlight of the episode. Methos was taking Alexa's death philosophically. He didn't seem depressed, or overcome with grief. Which made sense, considering the number of people he must have lost. And I liked that Duncan went to Methos for inside Watcher information. Without Methos, this one would have been a total loss.


— 1745 Eriskay Island, Scotland. Duncan and Cochrane fighting the British for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

— 1746 Culloden Moor, Scotland. Cochrane died and had to leave his current life.

— 1786 Coast of Normandy. Cochrane wanted Bonnie Prince Charlie to raise yet another army and fight again, even though the time for it was long gone.

— 1786 Auberge aux Arts, Normandy. Duncan and Cochrane's double encounter with Bonnie Prince Charlie, from each of their POVs.

Bits and pieces:

— Dougray Scott played Warren Cochrane. He has since gone on to better things.

— There was so much smoke and fog in the opener that I knew, even before the credit card, that it was a Dennis Berry episode.

— Cochrane lived, but he was obviously depressed. Immortals can't take an overdose if they want a way out. If Cochrane really wants to die, all he has to do is wait for a headhunter to show up.

— Warren Cochrane had a K/C name. But he wasn't evil, so he doesn't count. You knew I was going to write that, didn't you?

— We're back to the weekly cop. This time it was an Inspector Dionne.

— The duel in the dark building with the flashlights was different. They do attempt to make each duel different.


Duncan: "You don't trust anybody, do you?"
Methos: "I find it safer not to make a habit of it, no. Present company excepted, of course."

Methos: (under his breath) "Boy scout."
Duncan: "What did you say?"
Methos: "Nothing."
Duncan: "Didn't think so."

Methos: "What do you expect? The watchers as the immortal FBI?"

Duncan: "If you had a chance to forget everything and live life over, would you?"
Methos: "No, I wouldn't. Who would remember Alexa then?"

This was actually the first Highlander episode that Dan saw, and he didn't try again for a long time. One star for the Cochrane plot, three for Methos. Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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