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Highlander: An Eye for an Eye

Duncan: "You'd better start learning the game. And I mean now."
Richie: "Fine. You teach me."

So what do you do when the love of your life (well, maybe not his entire life) is killed in an act of random violence? Make some changes, like selling the antique shop and buying the dojo. Spend a lot of time feeling super pissed off. Take it out on Richie.

To be fair, Duncan had to deal with Richie's brand new immortality at the exact same time that he lost Tessa, and the unfairness of it had to rankle. And Richie was exhibiting reckless euphoria combined with teenage arrogance, and was taking too many chances. It goes without saying that seasoned immortals take on the training of young immortals because it's their only real shot at parenting. And Duncan is good at it. I particularly loved the scenes where Duncan was teaching Richie how to use a sword. We even got another Queen song.

And Richie battled his first immortal opponent. Fortunately, he got a tiny Irish redhead instead of someone like the Kurgan. I liked that he won but couldn't follow through and kill her because let's face it, it ain't that easy to behead someone. Just one thing about the Annie part of the plot, though. Tessa just died in the previous episode, and Duncan was already rolling around on the rocks with Annie? Of course, he was just seducing her to soften her up and keep Richie out of trouble. Maybe he was trying to protect both Richie and Annie.

New character Charlie, former SEAL, half black and half Italian and with a chip on his shoulder, is obviously going to be the new mortal friend who notices that Duncan isn't like other guys. And at least the dojo makes more sense than an antique shop. Although if Charlie couldn't make it pay, can Duncan? Maybe Duncan doesn't need the money. Plus, he now has that cool industrial-looking apartment upstairs, so he's saving on living expenses.

Where is Richie living, by the way?


— 1919 Ireland. Duncan and Annie Devlin, who was trying to talk him into fighting for her cause.

Bits and pieces:

— No Tessa in the credits. She's gone. Hallelujah.

— Annie Devlin was played by singer Sheena Easton. Another music name.

— Duncan and Richie "felt" Annie long before she "felt" them. Isn't it supposed to be reciprocal? Maybe they were downwind.

— Duncan gave Richie a gorgeous new sword.

— Annie's leap out the window again raised the question of how long immortals stay dead. Richie woke up pretty quickly in the previous episode, but Annie stayed conveniently dead until she reached the autopsy room.

— Richie has a new, red motorcycle that smashes through windows. How could he afford it? Did he get a commission from Duncan for selling the antique shop?

— Callum Keith Rennie, one of my favorite Cylons, had a bit part in a bar scene. I think he had exactly one line.

— This is a very physical show. At one point, Adrian Paul actually threw Stan Kirsch. No stunt man.

— In this week's hair report, Adrian Paul did most of this episode with his hair down. Hubba hubba.


Richie: "Does she strike you as the sincere type?"

Duncan: "A man died. And he's not coming back."
Richie: "He deserved it."
Duncan: "Did he? Did you have a good look at his soul?"

This was an important episode in the continuing story, so the Duncan/Richie stuff gets four stars. The rest of it gets two, though. Giving us an average of three,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. Being ultra picky - I can't help but wonder why Duncan, after training Richie with a Katana, in the style of a Katana, and then letting him win his first immortal battle with a Katana, then gives him a Rapier. They ain't exactly similar...

    Loved the Richie development in this story, just a shame that this episode marks the end of Richie being in every episode.

  2. No mention that Annie Devin was a real historical figure?

  3. It was one of my favorite episodes.

    Not sure why you are bashing Tessa, yes it opened up more sleeping relationships for Duncan.

    Tessa far more interesting than Anne Lindsay


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