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Highlander: Finale, Part 2

Kalas: "Tell him he meets me tonight, or we're all on CNN."

This was Highlander at its best.

Duncan and Amanda defying fate by doing a tango on the Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. I especially loved the way Duncan tossed his sunglasses aside and grinned at her. They danced beautifully, too, considering the conditions; he even dipped her over the edge. I think I've always loved it because it typified how these immortals lived their lives. Every day is a risk, so why not go for it?

This episode pretty much cemented Duncan's relationship with Amanda. They may lead separate lives, but they definitely love each other. Joe and Methos were buddy-movie fun together, too. And I've always loved that last scene with Joe, Amanda, and Methos waiting anxiously at the bottom of the Tower for Duncan. It just worked.

And there was other good stuff. Like Duncan causing a stir by walking into Watcher headquarters to see Joe. ("That's right, it's Duncan MacLeod. Anybody have a problem with this?") The silly flashback to Constantinople, with the grapes and the arrow. Amanda giving Duncan Rebecca's crystal as her favor. And that final duel and quickening that knocked out power in the entire Arrondissement was just spectacular. Kalas was so gleefully evil in his final two episodes, and he went out with class.


— 1753 Constantinople. Amanda's inept belly dancing was only mildly funny; Duncan's amusement was what made it work. The arrow was also a hoot. Adrian Paul managed to look sexy while giggling and eating grapes. How does he do it?

Bits and pieces:

— There was a really, really long "previously on" about Kalas, Fitz, Methos, etc.

— In their first scene together, Amanda and Methos appeared to know each other. Did they meet off screen? A thousand years ago? It's like we missed a scene. It's always bugged me.

— Jacques ran down Kalas with his car, fired a machine gun at him, and then went after him with an axe. And Jacques still lost.

— Why did Amanda wear a black pixie outfit to a swordfight? It was like what Peter Pan would wear to a formal dinner.

— Clearly, Joe did keep Methos' identity a secret, because he called him Adam in front of Jacques. And Jacques referred to Methos as an idiotic grad student.

— This one had a pretty high body count, including Martin the stupid watcher. Why didn't Martin give Joe the complete address, or at the very least, a cross street? And did he really think hiding in the only piece of furniture in the room would work?

— In the last few scenes, Methos was wearing red pants. You'd think a man that old would have some fashion sense. Was everything else in the wash?

— Amanda wore her hair like Duncan's. I always thought it was because they were finally "together," that they had acknowledged their feelings for each other.

— There's one more disk lying in wait at Shakespeare & Co. Possible future plot device.


Methos: "I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe. I was there."
Joe: "History's been written, and people have been known to kill the messenger that waltzes in with a new version of the truth."
Methos: "Why would I tell the truth?"

Amanda: "You're angry."
Duncan: "How perceptive."
Amanda: "What if I kiss it and make it better?"
Duncan: "How much better?"

Kalas: "There are worse things than dying. Let's talk about me."

Methos: "I was in Rome once. 93 A.D., the Colosseum. I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith."
Duncan: "Your point? Or are we just strolling down memory lane here?"
Methos: "Afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions."

Methos: "Every cloud has a silver lining."
Duncan: "What do you mean?"
Methos: "If you die, Amanda will be free to date."

Duncan: "Well. That was a big one, wasn't it?"

One of my favorites. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. Hi

    Just re-watched the series after several years, realizing how good it could have been.

    It had its moments, and the history and some of the characters like Duncan, Methos and Joe are just phenomenal

    I enjoy the reviews you have made, despite on agreeing or not with what you say.

    In this one, I just didn't like one thing in the episode, thing that you missed in your review, and the only reason why this episode is not at the top of my list, although if one wants to be fooled, can think about just as a blooper.

    Kalas was amazing, probably the best villain (he should have appeared in the demon related episodes, although it was probably for the character's own good)

    BUT, how can the creators or writers messed this up so badly!

    Amanda escaped from Kalas' secret location.
    She escaped!!!

    But, why she forgot about it and nobody had any idea where the place (and the disc) was? This just doesn't make any sense

    Its is exactly the same place. They should have change the location at least (if they have done it, it would have shown more responsibility from the writers to make the show more accurate)

    I couldnt stop thinking about this when watching the episode

    Anyway, if, like I say, one wants to believe is another place, then it makes more sense.

    Also, pretty risky from Mac to take the head of Kalas, trusting that the biggest lightning rod would do the job of destroying the (only, why have all your eggs in one basket Kalas? this was the other thing that annoyed me) copy of the cd.


    Old show, with old style. If done now it could had been much more darker and exciting than it was back then...

  2. Hi, Max -- all good points. I always assumed it was a different place. It's been years since I did these reviews and I haven't rewatched Highlander in awhile. Next time I do, I'll watch for this situation.

    Highlander could be so hit and miss. I loved the hits. "Finale" was definitely one of them.

  3. True that.
    When it was good, it was memorable.

    In this two links you can see the place (being the same):

    Minute 42:15

    and Minute 44:40

    I had to re-check it, just to confirm I wasn't making a fool out of myself.

    In any case, I blamed the writers, when probably the director and producers of the episode were to blame (to not think that the writers were being just dumb).

    PS1: loved Amanda in these two episodes, probably her best two in the whole series. I didn't like though that throughout the series she was always used to get to MacLeod. It seems to me a little bit pejorative to women...

    PS2: nicely done, answering me straight away ;)

  4. Thanks again, Max. I guess you're right. Bad writers, no biscuit.

    We read every comment. I enjoy them all, but I especially love comments on old favorites like Buffy and Highlander.


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