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Highlander: Innocent Man

Richie: "Somebody starts playing a banjo, I'm outta here."

Yes, we had the cliche of the emotionally disturbed and homeless Vietnam vet wrongly accused. And yes, we had the cliche of the hero tracking down the murderer of one his friends. But the dialogue is slowly improving, we had not one, but two guest immortals, and there were intriguing flashbacks to the Civil War that introduced one of Duncan's more interesting occupations: conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Duncan being hung, buried, and dug up by Lucas Desiree made me wonder what happens to immortals who are buried and don't have an immortal buddy around to dig them up. Do they just stay dead from lack of oxygen? Duncan diving off the bridge after Connor in the pilot intimated the same thing.

In the final duel, Duncan's sword literally came out of nowhere. (Before, he was at least wearing a long coat to conceal it.) Dan says that the swords come from some extra-dimensional space behind them, meaning they literally pull them out of their asses.


— 1863 Chattanooga, Tennessee. Duncan got a shorter hairstyle and a mustache, Union duds, and a very worthwhile previous occupation. I bet the Underground Railroad didn't pay well. (Meaning not at all.) Is Duncan independently wealthy? He doesn't seem to need money in the present, although the antique business can be lucrative.

— Lucas Desiree, former Confederate officer, was a good guy. All he wanted was to be left alone. Apparently, not even a secluded cabin in the woods is enough to keep an immortal out of the game. How did Duncan stay out of it for twelve years?

Bits and pieces:

— Amanda Wyss (Randi) was added to the opening credits. I think Randi the reporter was an attempt to introduce another element from the original movies. And no.

— I loved Richie breaking into Duncan's car right in front of the police station, on purpose, so that Duncan could get inside the jail to talk to Leo.

— Duncan appeared to "feel" Lucas die, a sort of variant of the buzz.

— Duncan buried Lucas next to Lucas' cabin. Wouldn't the authorities frown on that?

— I could see Duncan's license plate: 827-KEG. And, again, it looked like Washington state.

— Crowley was the second evil immortal in the series with a name beginning with either K or a hard C.


Richie: "What do you guys got, anyway? A secret handshake?"
Duncan: "Tattoo."
Richie: "Really? Where?"

Sgt. Powell: "Steveston isn't the boonies. It's the sticks."

Desiree: (on why he fought on the Confederate side) "We get attached to the people, don't we?"

Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

1 comment:

  1. I really hated Randi. She got more and more annoying as the first season went on, and I shuddered when she was introduced here. I hate the "nosy jouurnalist" trope in all it's forms, and I thought Randi was an especially poor character.

    I loved Richie's order at the diner. :)

    - Arie (who has no idea how to change her posting name from Noone)


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