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Highlander: Leader of the Pack

Richie: "If you ask me, I think he's taking this zen crap a little too far."

Immortals with pets. Who knew? And those evil immortal serial killers wouldn't just settle for a nice, fluffy pussycat. If I were an immortal, I'd have cats. And I'd live on holy ground. I'm such a wuss.

The dog plot was either so-so or really stupid, depending on whether you ask me or Dan (I didn't hate it as much as he did). Duncan being chased through the park by killer dogs was certainly different and new. But we again moved too far into the magic arena. The house actually levitated during the quickening, after a physically improbable acrobatic move of Duncan's. Come on, guys. You completely dashed any suspension of belief there.

What was cool about this one was Richie stumbling over the guy who killed Tessa. It was hard to tell throughout if Mark was the one or not, so it was an interesting twist that Mark himself hadn't realized he had done it while drugged out. Richie, who appears to be getting major life lessons this season, realized that killing Mark wasn't going to bring Tessa back. Wasn't going to do much for Mark's pregnant girlfriend, either.

Duncan was teaching a graduate seminar on arms and armor. Dan thought this profession was more appropriate for Duncan than antique dealer. Was this just a convoluted way to work in Duncan's knowledge about what happened to the mares and stallions during the Crusades, giving us a logical segue to Lucille the rottweiler?

I try to keep my drool down to a reasonable level when I write reviews, but Adrian Paul in white briefs and an open white robe is not something I can just pass by without mentioning. Oh. My. God.


— 1785 England. Duncan's first encounter with Kanis and his little doggies. The highlight for me was Duncan with his shirt off nuzzling a beautiful duchess, who was wearing a frightening wig and not much else. Kanis's hanging was well done. And Kanis did a Carrie rising from his shallow grave, which was also somewhat cool.

Bits and pieces:

— We finally saw an extension of that scene in "The Darkness" when Richie awoke from his first death and talked to Duncan. This is what we should have seen back in season two.

— Joe and Duncan aren't talking.

— Kanis could smell a dog in heat? Isn't Kanis Latin for dog? Maybe it was an assumed name, because what are the odds?

— Duncan is fixing up the house he bought. Is he moving to the burbs? Selling the dojo?

— Again a mention of Duncan learning to read. He said he was 50 at the time.

— Peter Kanis was the twenty-fifth evil immortal with a K/C name.


Female student: "He's great."
Female prof: "I'm sure he is. But can he teach?"

Richie: "I'm an immortal."
Duncan: "You always were."
Richie: "You knew all along, didn't you?"
Duncan: "Yeah."
Richie: "Tessa?"
Duncan: (voice breaking) "No."

Richie: "Mac's got some wacko with a pack of dogs coming after him, and you're kicking back having a beer and peanuts?"
Joe: "I'm a watcher, okay? I'm watching."

Woman: "You know what they say. The bigger the dog, the smaller the... dog."

One star for the dog plot and the ridiculous levitating house. Three stars for finally resolving Tessa's murder. Four stars for Adrian Paul in briefs. I think that makes two and half stars, but the math just became too complex for me,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.


  1. Canus was played by Louis Ferreira (credited as Justin Louis) who played Captain Young on Stargate Universe.

    The way the dogs would surround their prey and then just sit there seemed to stretch credibility, but it is surprising that more immortals don't "cheat" and use more than swords to beat their opponents. Dogs, as in earlier episodes non-immortals with guns or poison gas.

    The levitating house was lame, but I did like Duncan's line about how he should have gotten earthquake insurance.


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