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Highlander: Methuselah's Gift

Duncan: "Don't lose your head over a fairy tale."
Amanda: "It's my head."

Amanda and Methos bonded. And over a stupid crystal.

Magic on Highlander never worked for me. But two of my favorite immortals wrestling with a mutual problem definitely did. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more: Methos and Amanda dueling in the railroad yard (that ended so sweetly, with him sparing her life and then sobbing on her shoulder) or the two of them breaking into Watcher Headquarters together. I also loved Duncan, Methos, and Amanda staggering off that bridge together in the end; it had a wonderful Three Musketeers family sort of feel.

We know Amanda pretty well by now, so we knew she would give up the stone to save Methos. And Methos is less of a mystery man all the time. Even in his extremity, desperate to save Alexa's life, Methos refused to sacrifice a friend. He covered for Amanda and took a bullet for her. He could have lost his head, too. (Imagine losing a quickening like that one.) I again noticed that, even at that point of death, Methos didn't tell them who he was. I wonder if it would have made a difference.

Those bad Watchers. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Geiger's motivation actually made some sense, that he would go to such murderous lengths just for the chance of becoming an immortal himself. Watchers must find it terribly frustrating, knowing about immortality but never getting a crack at it themselves. Stone was even worse than Geiger; he was going to behead Methos. Talk about bad bosses. At least, with Geiger and Stone dead in the end, Methos hasn't blown his cover.

Geiger was holding the completed crystal when he was shot. Would it have saved him if he hadn't dropped it? Probably best from an "I hate magic on Highlander" viewpoint that we never found out for certain. Although if it were me, I'd probably be breaking out my scuba gear.


— 850, Abbey of St. Anne. Early in her tenure with Rebecca, Amanda stole a bunch of stuff and took off. Almost. Rebecca forgave Amanda for stealing from her. This flashback was about forgiveness, an extension of our present day story.

— 853, Abbey of St. Anne. Amanda was being chased by an immortal and ran home to Rebecca, only to be told that she had to stop running and face her opponent. This also applied to our present day story.

— Flashbacks to "Legacy," unsurprisingly.

— If the stone was real, why was Rebecca breaking such a valuable object into pieces to give to her students?

Bits and pieces:

— The opening chase scene, with Amanda hanging off that huge neon scene, was like something you'd see in a movie. The big neon sign said "Hennessy." Did they do product placement on television in the mid-nineties? They must have.

— Amanda going incognito by switching from all black to all white was pretty funny. I noticed that she still had black nail polish. And that, in the final scene, she was back in black. I never liked the very short white hair. Although, as I've said before, Elizabeth Gracen can pretty much get away with anything.

— What was a cat doing in Watcher HQ, especially near a room that had motion sensors? (Most of the outtakes on the DVD were of Peter Wingfield wrestling with that cat.)

— It seemed like Joe should have been in this one. Unfortunately, he was still back in Seacouver.

— The barge was under repair, and had moved to near the Eiffel Tower. That's quite a ways up the Seine from Notre Dame.

— Watcher Headquarters for Western Europe had a sign in front saying it was "International Asset Corporation."

— This was the second episode directed by Adrian Paul. Better than his first ("Homeland"). Maybe because most of the action was centered on Amanda and Methos, instead of on Duncan. It has to be difficult to direct and star in something at the same time.


Duncan: "What did you do to your hair?"
Amanda: "I didn't want to be recognized."
Duncan: "I would never have known it was you."

Amanda: "Bentleys I know. Ferraris I know. Vans I don't know."

Rebecca: "Has nobody ever forgiven you before? Then it is a very important lesson indeed."

Rebecca: "Choose your ground, choose your weapon, and face what is to come."

Methos: "Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach in Santorini watching the sun rise on the Mediterranean. Now she's lying in a hospital in Switzerland, breathing through a tube."

The crystal was lame, but I sort of want to give this episode a four just for the Methos/Amanda bonding. So maybe I will,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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