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Highlander: The Samurai

Duncan: "The Japanese aren't the only ones bound by honor."

Adrian Paul in a bathtub. Can't be bad.

And another very loooong flashback sequence. But this one worked, because the flashback story was stronger than the present day story. It gave us a glimpse of a much earlier Duncan, who really was something of a barbarian. Duncan's experiences in Japan gave him a taste of a new culture, better hygiene, and a gorgeous Katana sword. I never really thought about why a Scottish immortal was carrying a Japanese sword. Maybe I'm just not the questioning type.

I particularly liked the bathing scene and Duncan's first experience with octopus. Adrian Paul managed to pull off charming and uncouth at the same time, and that's not easy. The fact that they were speaking English wasn't as glaring an anachronism as it was in "Pharaoh's Daughter" because there were no words in the scene where Duncan first met Hideo Koto on the beach. In the next scene, Duncan was Hideo's guest and could have learned to speak Japanese, although probably with a strong Scottish accent.

The weaker present day story was made better by Stephen McHattie, who gave a good performance as an evil immortal who treated his wife like a possession. The duel by the water with the mountains in the background was a good one, too. The major problem with this episode (for me, anyway) was, how did Midori know which MacLeod to ask for help? There are quite a few MacLeods in the world, after all, and immortals tend to keep a low profile.


— 1778 Japan. Duncan shipwrecked on the beach in Japan, became a guest of Hideo Koto, and accidentally caused his death.

— Date captions again. And at last.

Bits and pieces:

— We're back in Seacouver. Charlie is back in the cast, and Maurice is out. Charlie said that Duncan had been in France for six months.

— Charlie did just fine protecting Midori while Duncan was gone.

— Kent was the ninth evil immortal with a K/C name.


Charlie: "You just got back."
Duncan: "That was Paris. It's a different continent."

Duncan: "Excuse me, but I'm taking a bath in here."
Maia: "It must be a new experience."
Duncan: (outraged) "I bathe once a month!"
Maia: "You smell like it."

Maia: "It's a Japanese custom."
Duncan: "This is a Scottish body and it can wash itself!"

Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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