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Highlander: Saving Grace

Duncan: "Grace Chandel. An old friend of mine."
Tessa: "How old?"

This one explored three rather interesting immortal themes: (1) the problems with a mixed marriage (mortal/immortal), which was an obvious possible preview of Duncan's and Tessa's future; (2) how immortals feel about not being able to have children; and (3) the issue of what to do with a nasty immortal ex, who can literally stalk you forever.

Making immortals childless makes them even more emotionally isolated from the rest of humanity. Duncan actually managed to look uncomfortable and wistful at the same time while Grace was delivering the baby. Grace is only our second female immortal, and unlike the nasty Joan Jett, she was good, useful, and an old flame of Duncan's. Tessa showed maturity, depth and compassion by not being unreasonably jealous. Grace was okay, but basically a snooze and not a workable love interest for Duncan.

But this episode wasn't a total loss because we had a veritable crowd of immortals with complex past relationships: Duncan, Darius, Grace, Carlos. Lots of buzzes, too. (Darius and Grace, now that I think of it, were paler, much less interesting versions of two continuing Highlander characters we haven't met yet: Methos and Amanda.)

Duncan competently forged new identity papers for Grace. Which brings up the obvious question which they didn't answer. Why is Duncan using his own name? Connor had aliases. Duncan doesn't seem to bother. How does he manage to hang on to his property?

And one more question. If Grace needed Duncan to fight her battles for her, which she obviously did, how has she lived so long?


— 1660 France. Duncan with a mustache and goatee as well as long hair, looking very foppish. At least he was finally out of his filthy kilt. No clue as to how he earned his money back then, while Grace was in medicine then as well as the present.

— 1840 France. This must have been the beginning of the century that Carlos and Grace were together. Duncan had shorter hair, top hat and cape.

— The Watcher Chronicles state that Grace was born in 1372.

Bits and pieces:

— Richie is learning French.

— This week's cop: we're back to Inspector LeBrun.

— In this week's wardrobe notes, Duncan wore a purple shirt under a red coat, and followed it with a pink windbreaker. He also had a total fop look in the first flashback. It's amazing how Adrian Paul could wear pretty much anything and still manage to look so masculine.

— Carlo Sendaro was the seventh evil immortal with a K/C name. And it was our second "remote" quickening, this time vicariously by train.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

1 comment:

  1. I found the actress playing Grace was really beautiful. And I loved her and Duncan's first meeting. I'm a sucker for misunderstandings and at first she thought he'd kill her. Thought the dialogue in this scene was really good and Adrian Paul was very very charming:
    Grace: "so you don't want my head?"
    Duncan: "only to admire..."
    One of my favorite Highlander scenes, funny right?
    The plot was so so though.


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