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Highlander: Turnabout

Joe: "We have rules."
Duncan: "Then break them."

This episode introduced a new and useful plot twist: Joe Dawson going to Duncan for help with a "problem immortal." Joe couldn't possibly be authorized by the Watchers to do stuff like this, even though it is morally and ethically the right thing to do – like introducing law enforcement to the immortal world. It made a lot more sense than the far-flung coincidence factor, and had the extra added attraction of developing Duncan's relationship with Joe.

Forever Knight star Geraint Wyn Davies did a fairly good job as an immortal with a seriously split personality, although his interpretation of Quenten may have been a bit over the top, what with the growling and all. The interesting twist was that he was a shrink. An immortal shrink. (If he hadn't been insane, Michael would have been just what Gregor needed.) Since it was obvious almost immediately that Michael and Quenten were the same person, I think that if I'd been the director, I would have shown Quenten's face much sooner.

The emotional core of the episode was how it affected Duncan, of course. It was somewhat touching that Duncan promised Michael to take out Quenten if Michael couldn't do it, and that was essentially what Duncan did in the end. Duncan has his own way of keeping himself centered. That final scene where he was angry, half-naked, and doing something tai-chi like was just amazing to watch. Note that they finally let Adrian wear his hair loose. And wow.


— 1921 Seacouver. A set-up scene for Duncan and Michael/Quenten.

Bits and pieces:

— Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo) was added to the cast, along with his martial arts dojo. Duncan and Charlie did the macho guy thing and bashed each other around before deciding to be friendly. Predictable.

— Michael Moore/Quenten Barnes was buried for thirty-three years. Do immortals stay dead under these conditions until there's an opportunity to revive? Geez, let's hope so. It didn't cause the split personality, but I'm sure it didn't do him any good.

— The antique shop wasn't open yet. More Tessa/Richie scenes. They were pretty much relegated to the wife and child role, worried about Duncan but unable to do anything to help.

-- In this week's hair report, I have to point out again that they finally let Adrian run around with his hair loose. And may I repeat, wow. I understand that the suits were worried that Adrian with his hair down would look too feminine or something, but they were so wrong. I think it's impossible for Adrian Paul to look feminine, even with long hair and wearing pink.


Guy: "Charlie. There's no hot water in here."
Charlie: "It's still wet, ain't it?"

Tessa: "He suddenly got sick."
Richie: "Do immortals get sick?"
I don't think they do.

Tessa: "Michael, have you gone crazy?"
State the obvious, Tessa, why don't you.

Two and a half out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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  1. While I completely agree it was obvious who Barnes really was (where did the new name come from incidentally), on second watching, I did enjoy some of the clues they were putting in that they were one and the same.

    When Tessa was cleaning up Michaels arm, he twitched as if Barnes was there - and there was a quieter version of the immortal buzz. I thought that was a nice touch.


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