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Highlander: Vendetta

Benny: "My name's Benny Carbassa. You looking for me?"
Duncan: "No. You're not my type."

Benny was a petty crook and immortal loser who couldn't seem to stop getting into trouble. And getting his friends in trouble. Have you ever noticed that episodes featuring characters like Benny almost never work on series television? Why did Duncan even bother putting up with this guy?

I think a lot of this one was supposed to humorous, but Benny getting Duncan killed, even though it wasn't permanent, just wasn't funny. And Peggy's wasted life wasn't funny at all; it was tragic. The plot kind of staggered along to a semi-serious conclusion. Not soon enough for me.

To make things worse, Anne returned because she wanted Duncan back. Not a surprise. Walking male catnip, like I said. Anne, who can't seem to get over this medical record thing, noticed that Duncan didn't have any scars. That gave me pause. Are you telling me a thirty-year old Scot who lived four hundred years ago and fought in battle didn't have any scars? Don't immortals retain the scars they had when they died the first time?


— 1938 Seacouver. The best part of this episode was the flashback to the nightclub, with Duncan in a gorgeous tux dancing with Peggy. There was even dipping. I wasn't that crazy about his pencil mustache, though.

— Duncan has a thing for singers, doesn't he? This wasn't the first time.

Bits and pieces:

— If the flashback took place over fifty years ago, then Peggy in the present was supposed to be over seventy, and probably closer to seventy-five. She didn't look seventy-five.

— Richie was charmed by Benny at first, but the charm wore off pretty fast.

— Benny Carbassa was more of a pain in the ass than evil, but I'm still going to add him to the list: he's the sixteenth evil immortal with a K/C name.


Benny: "Hey. He's no Al Capone, either."
Richie: "You knew Capone?"
Duncan: "Don't encourage him."

Benny: "It was just one of those really awkward situations you can't get out of without doing something really impulsive, like killing a good friend."

Benny: "You going on a hot date? You look great. Look at you, you sexy, long-haired immortal you, you stud man."
Okay, that was funny. Best line in the episode.

Lang: "Any famous last words?"
Duncan: "Nothing that's not a cliche."

I don't think I'd go as far down as one star, but I'm reluctant to go as high as two. One and a half?

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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