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Highlander: Blackmail

Joe: "What exactly did this guy see?"
Duncan: "Let's just say it's not something I want on the six o'clock news."

This was a fun and fast paced episode, with a strange combination of elements. A beheading caught on camera. Blackmail, with a Strangers on a Train twist. Two evil immortals as partners. Hide and seek with swords in a huge maze, which is not something you see every day.

Duncan in particular was a lot of fun here, probably because of all the bizarre situations he found himself in. There were comical aspects as well, mostly centered around the blackmailing, aspiring wife-killer, Robert, who was in completely over his head and was totally unaware of it. I also liked that Barb, the wife, decided to cover for Duncan in the end and not ask questions.

That long, complex duel at the end in that amazing house with the glass was particularly good. Anthony de Longis, who played Kurlow, was so good with a sword that the producers brought him back as another character later in the series so he could duel with Adrian Paul again.


— 1805 England. Duncan's mortal friend was framed for murder by two exceptionally evil immortals, and Duncan confessed to the crime and was hanged in his place. How Martin Guerre of him. How many times has Duncan been hanged? For that matter, how many times has Duncan died and revived?

— Gotta love a public hanging. Bring your kids and a picnic lunch. Fun for the whole family.

Bits and pieces:

— No Anne in this episode, but Lisa Howard is still in the credits. I don't hate Anne; she works better as a love interest for Duncan than Tessa did. But that's not saying a lot.

— That house was a stunning location. I kept envisioning all of those gorgeous etched glass panels broken, especially during that final duel. But no.

— Kurlow told Duncan to meet him in "the tunnels" at midnight. But they hadn't seen each other since 1805, and that was in England, not Seacouver. Is there an immortal bulletin board out there? If you're in Seacouver, the best place to have a clandestine duel is...

— Duncan confided in Joe, and the two of them were noticeably friendlier. But Joe still wanted that tape in the worst way. Of course he did. What Watcher wouldn't?

— Lymon Kurlow was the fifteenth evil immortal with a K/C name.


Joe: "Awful pain in the ass when your sense of honor gets in the way of your own best interests."
Duncan: "It happens."
Joe: "To you."

Robert: "What's with you guys and the swords?"
Duncan: "Go away."

Duncan: "Relax. It's not my life that's in your hands, it's just my life here."
Joe: "Well, that takes the pressure off."

I liked this one. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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