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Highlander: Warmonger

Duncan: "They build the civilizations, they make the history, while we live in the shadows killing each other."

A grim outing, with a lot of undeserved death and nasty political machinations.

Drake was sort of the Karl Rove of history (only maybe not as villainous), ultimately unsatisfied with his role because he could never be king or president himself. Which raised some interesting issues about immortals. Duncan and Drake acknowledged that an immortal could never be a world leader because their lives couldn't bear the scrutiny. Duncan also implied that immortals were incapable of making a strong contribution to history, that they were supposed to live in the shadows. Hmm.

The other interesting issue was that in exchange for the lives of his friends (back in 1919), Duncan gave Drake his word that they would never face each other unless they were the last two. And then Duncan decided to break his word, for Eli's sake. Not an easy decision for someone who cares as deeply about honor as Duncan does, even though it was the right thing to do. An interesting moral dilemma for our hero.

So often, women act cool around Duncan, as if he weren't walking male catnip. Inquisitive reporter Beth Vaughan reacted to Duncan the way most real women would, and actually made a pass at him. Successfully, too. Good for her.


— 1919 Moscow. Duncan made a deal with Drake in order to save the life of a former countess.

Bits and pieces:

— Angeline Ball (Beth Vaughn) looked and sounded a lot like Virginia Madsen, but wasn't. The resemblance was so strong that I looked her up to be sure.

— I wonder if Drake made a similar bargain with a lot of immortals in order not to fight them. Sort of like the one you make with your best friend of the opposite sex, like if you're not married by the time you hit 35, you'll marry each other.

— Duncan and Maurice talked about death, and Maurice said he wouldn't want to live forever. Ha ha.


Drake: "Paper money may rise and fall, but diamonds are forever."
I can't believe he said that. I almost laughed out loud.

Beth: "So. When do I get to know you?"
Duncan: "You already know me."
Beth: "I mean, in the Biblical sense."
You go, girl.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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