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Highlander: The Wrath of Kali

Kamir: "The great wheel turns, and the goddess takes her revenge."
Duncan: "Maybe you helped her out."

Again with the standard plot, and it certainly could have been a lot better. Maybe this one should have aired back in season one.

It was very like Duncan to refuse to wear a uniform, to enjoy the food, to fall in love with an Indian woman, to get involved with the people so deeply. The way Duncan wholeheartedly embraced other cultures was one of the most likable things about him. And exploring the culture of India in 1764 could have been interesting. I wish they hadn't gone with the stereotypical thugee and suttee stuff. Not every passionate national is an assassin, after all.

Kamir had India. Duncan had the Highlands. Richie had a point that having the slums of Seacouver wasn't quite the same.


— 1764 India. Duncan was assigned to Ramsey and pursued by Ramsey's wife Alice, but he ended up with Vashti, the widow he rescued from becoming suttee. And there was a lot about the thugees. There was even zithar music.

— Molly Parker, lately of Deadwood, gave a delightful performance in the flashbacks as the lusty but bigoted Alice.

— The flashbacks opened much like the last episode, right down to the lawn and the balls.

— Adrian Paul in Indian clothing was a treat; he even looked good in a turban, and no one looks good in a turban. Seeing Adrian Paul in historical costumes was one of the best things about this series, in my opinion.

Bits and pieces:

— Duncan was still teaching. I think Shandra Devane, his Indian/Irish professor friend, was in another episode for about a second, wasn't she?

— The Bengal Kali was just hideous. I guess that was the point.

— Obvious stunt man in the quarterstaff scenes; he was, like, a foot shorter and a good bit lighter than the actor who played Kamir. It was jarring. I guess there aren't a lot of quarterstaff experts out there to pick and choose from.

— The quickening was in a planetarium. They do make an effort to find visibly interesting places for those climactic duels. The light show behind him was deliberately intended to make Duncan resemble the statue of Kali. Bringer of death.

— Kamir was the twenty-ninth evil immortal with a K/C name. The evil part was somewhat debatable, since Kamir thought he was doing the right thing according to his beliefs. Kamir was huge and imposing and had deep voice. He looked like a guy who should be immortal.


Alice: "Do they cut their hearts out? Do they eat them raw?"
Ramsey: "Alice, don't be absurd."
Duncan: "Actually, they strangle them. With a silken cord."
Alice: "Death by silk? Mr. MacLeod, you're giving me goose bumps."

Duncan: "I came for the food."
Alice: "Really? I would like to put a little spice in my life."

Kamir: "A people and its art cannot be separated. They are one."
I'm sort of with him there. Without the garroting part.

I'm tired of this plot and ready for the better written and more interesting episodes, which are, fortunately, right around the bend. One star,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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