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Veronica Mars: Ahoy Mateys!

Logan: "Help me, Mars-won Kenobe. You're my only hope."

It's been three months since the crash, and the roster of bus crash victims is filling out: Ms. Dumas the teacher, Ed Doyle the bus driver, Meg, Cervando the PCHer, Rhonda, and interestingly enough, a dead rat taped to a seat. This week's new name on the list was Marcos Oliveres, a.k.a. Captain Krunk, the Howard Stern of Neptune High. The grief-stricken Oliveres' turned out to be despicable, putting their son in a "But I'm a Cheerleader" Camp Homophoby, and trying to take advantage of being harassed to get a bigger settlement.

But this episode was mostly about Logan. And hey. If the writers really want us to get past the whole Logan/Veronica thing, then they've got to stop having him do cool stuff like saving Veronica from the demented Liam Fitzpatrick, who was about to tattoo Lucky Charms on her face. (She didn't even thank Logan, either. She just ragged on him about carrying a gun.)

Has Weevil lost control of his gang? Are they indeed working for the maniacal Fitzpatricks? Cervando, one of the bus crash victims, was mentioned during that flashback on the bridge to Felix's murder. Does Logan's frame have something to do with the crash? At least Weevil is trying to figure out the truth. But I was not happy about him kidnapping Logan and threatening him with torture. Although terrified and completely freaked out by the bizarre Russian Roulette, Logan still had the presence of mind to palm a cell phone from his captors. He's my guy.

This episode ended with Duncan opening a letter to Meg from Chris Talley in Seattle that said, "Private and confidential. This means you." What was in it? And how come Duncan felt it was his place to open it? Well, better him than her parents.

Bits and pieces:

— We were introduced to Danny Boyd and the fighting Fitzpatricks, Neptune's crime family. We were also introduced to Principal Moorehead. I don't remember seeing him before; it's always been VP Clemmons.

— The Ahoy, Maties! "pirate" show about the Neptune pirates starred Captain Krunk and Imitation Crab. Butters, a.k.a. Vincent Clemmons, was the crab.

— Dan's first thought was that Marcos wasn't dead. But even though it hasn't been stated, I've been assuming that the bodies of the students have been found, mostly because they recovered Meg.

— Dr. Griffith, the plastic surgeon who implicated Logan for murder, was indeed doing favors for the Fitzpatricks.

— In the dream Duncan had in the teaser about Meg and Veronica, Veronica put an eye mask over Meg's mouth. What does that mean? Don't look too closely at what Meg says? Duncan also saw Meg in white and Veronica in black. I think the symbolism there was obvious; Duncan sees Meg as good and virtuous, and Veronica, not so much.

— Was Veronica doing Rocky Horror lyrics at the door with VP Clemmons? "I'm glad we caught you at home. Could we use your phone? We're both in a bit of a hurry." Coincidence? I think not.


Veronica: "Sometimes a cigar store is just a cigar store."

Mac: "It's not all crotch-grabbing, scatological man humor. There's a little something for everyone."
Veronica: "Flatulent sound effects for me?"

Mac: "Look, I'm happy to be the Q to your Bond, but crime pays. Technologically assisted mystery solving costs. You wanna play find the crappy radio broadcast, mama's going to need a few things from Radio Shack."

Logan: "Hey. Any news on Nip/Schmuck?"
I don't know why, but this made me laugh for an unreasonable amount of time. I mean, Dan was actually staring at me, and I couldn't stop.

Veronica: "Camp SelfQuest. Not to be mistaken for the elf hunting camp of the similar name."

Four stars, mostly for the Logan content,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I love me some Mac and seeing her with Veronica is priceless. I love Veronica, bur she should have thanked Logan for saving his life.

  2. It's weird, but I'm finding myself less invested in the big story arc this season than last. I think it's because it is less personal, or less personal to the characters I care about.

    Logan vs. Weevil should prove interesting to watch.

  3. I'm glad her gratitude didn't have to be spelled out for the audience. I really liked that she pivoted with freaking out about him owning a gun. And she's for sure right that his life is worth less now that he's brandishing it around. Logan does deserve a thank you, but I'm just glad she didn't give it to him. And I don't think Logan will hold that over her head, but we'll see.

    I haven't heard any of the little music pieces that I remember from the first season, but thankfully I've been noticing the musical 'cues' they use for a fade-out to commercial and I'm really digging those now too. In this episode an example is when Logan's knocked out and brought to the back of that van for interrogation. There's something really nostalgic about this kind of stuff, I miss the fade-outs and the funny 'uh oh' type of music.

    I guess I'm less invested in the big story too, but I don't really mind since I'm still enjoying it better overall. The writing's a little tighter and I don't have to fucking hear "I have a secret! It's a good one..." in the recap every time. Wasn't fond of the whole thing with her and Duncan possibly being siblings, and the stuff with her mom was disappointing. I was hoping we'd get some interesting insight into a naturally remote mother, not another alcoholic slob. The personal stakes stuff, not the strong point for me so I'm cool. I just like Veronica sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong though it got a little scary with that tattoo guy. But to quote The Wire, "Where the fuck is Wallace?"


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