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Veronica Mars: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Logan: "Honestly, how much easier would your life be if you were indifferent to me?"

The Fullers, the Hausers, the Goodmans, the Mannings. Veronica discovered that, with the possible exception of Keith and Alicia, there really are no normal parents in Neptune. (I think Veronica hated babysitting as much as I did when I was a teenager.) Discovering that Meg was trying to report her own parents on behalf of her little sister Grace was a shocker. I didn't see it coming. (But as I've said, I almost never see it coming.)

The abominable Sheriff Lamb actually showed a soft spot. His father was an abuser, and Lamb obviously hates abusers. He let Duncan and Veronica go, and I never thought I would see that happen. I didn't think there was anything to like about Lamb, but maybe I was wrong.

The wonderful awkward scene in the teaser where Logan interrupted Veronica and Duncan necking on the couch illustrated something for me. Duncan really didn't understand the tension between Logan and Veronica. Maybe Duncan thinks that Logan never meant anything to Veronica.

Or maybe Veronica just doesn't mean all that much to Duncan. Duncan is emotionally attached to Meg. Did he also succumb to the wiles of Kendall Casablancas? I bet he did. (Who could blame him? Well, frankly, I could.) Logan deliberately mentioned Kendall going to Duncan's room in front of Veronica. Was Logan trying to wedge Duncan and Veronica apart without being overt about it?

There was a pointed school lecture on sexually transmitted diseases, particularly chlamydia. Is anyone in the cast having unprotected sex? They hinted that Logan was using condoms with Kendall, and Veronica doesn't strike me as the careless type. Did this get brought up because of the possible encounter between Duncan and Kendall?

Bits and pieces:

— Loved the title. (I'm sure nearly everyone knows where it's from; it's Patrick Swayze's least favorite line in Dirty Dancing.)

— I thought at first that maybe Meg reporting abuse was the reason the bus crashed. But her parents wouldn't have done that, despicable as they are.

— Duncan dressed up in black to go on a "mission" with Veronica. Was he thinking of it as a game?

— Dick Casablancas Sr. did not provide financially for Kendall. Her attempts to line up Logan as a protector were unsuccessful, and I don't think Duncan will fall for it, either. Now what? Will she actually stoop to Dick Jr.?

— Dr. Tom Griffith, plastic surgeon, seemed to be a decent guy. Despite serious baiting from Veronica, he said he wouldn't do a single procedure on her because she was a gorgeous young woman just as she was. And so say all of us.

— Woody wants to incorporate and turn Neptune into a city. South to the marina, north to the airfield, east to the reservoir. Keith didn't think much of the idea, even with the bribe of being the new chief of police. That's because Keith has... what's the term? Ethics.

— I don't usually mention the DVD extras, but this episode had a terrific deleted scene: an extension of the school bathroom scene where Logan asked Veronica for help. When she came in, he was waiting in a stall; he told her, "Your reception area blows."


Logan: "Seriously, though, I was reading The Third Wheel: A Beginner's Guide, and we should come up with some kind of code word for when you guys are feeling frisky and don't want to be disturbed."
Veronica: "Like 'scram'?"
Logan: "I was thinking 'awkward'."

Veronica: "Dick and Beav's stepmom just came over to have a go-round with your bunkmate. How does that not bother you?"
Duncan: "'Cause I'm a guy?"

Veronica: (on the phone) "Hey. Are you sick? Or am I going to see you singing 'Twist and Shout' on a parade float?"

Veronica: "A ten year old boy who voluntarily washes his hands, who enjoys quiet time, and does what he's told with a smile. If he doesn't pick his nose soon, I'm looking for wires."

Kendall: "It feels so good to be with you. I just want to be with you all the time."
Logan: "A bit of advice. When looking for a sugar daddy, at least pick the richest guy in the hotel suite. (pause) I'm sorry. Did that hurt your feeling?"

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Neptune is definitely screwed up. Only Veronica and Wallace have normal parents and the rest is just pyscho.

  2. Thought: maybe Lamb hates Keith so much because he sees his relationship with his daughter and he's jealous. They have such a tight, trusting relationship it must drive abuse victim Lamb a little nutty.

  3. Just when you think you know a guy, we learn something about him that makes everything that comes before make sense.

    There are an inordinate amount of abusive and absent parents in Neptune. Interesting choice by the writers.


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