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Veronica Mars: Credit Where Credit's Due

Veronica: "The trouble with befriending the leader of a motorcycle gang is that, at the end of the day, he's still the leader of a motorcycle gang."

What did we learn here? That Weevil will go to jail to protect his grandmother. That bad boy Logan is nobody's fool. And that Paris Hilton really can't act to save her life. (Truthfully, I don't understand all the fuss about Paris Hilton. I think she looks like a parakeet. Her acting range is similar to a parakeet's, too.) (Gee, that was unkind of me.)

There was a strong emphasis here on the extreme class divisions in Neptune, with Logan and the Oh-Niners on one side and Weevil's gang on the other. The big question was, of course, where Veronica belongs. Weevil said at one point that Veronica was still one of "them," while Veronica clearly identified with Wallace and Weevil. In my opinion, Veronica is in a class by herself, in more ways than one.

Veronica didn't want Weevil to be guilty. (I'm with her there.) Fortunately, she was right. Weevil, in fact, is starting to come across as a class act. Yes, he's a hood, but he has honor and standards. I thought for awhile that Logan was the guilty party, but he wasn't. It was hard to tell what was going on with Logan.

And where does transfer student Troy Vandergraff fit into the picture? Troy showed interest in Veronica. He chose to hang with her and with Wallace instead of his pal Duncan. He seemed nice, chivalrous, funny... but I got a bad vibe from him. I just can't believe he's sincere. He's an Oh-Niner, after all.

We got some more info about the Kanes. All of them were originally accounted for at the time of Lilly's murder, but not any more. Veronica discovered that Lilly was photographed by a traffic camera two hours after her supposed time of death. And Celeste Kane hated Veronica, and was unhappy about Veronica's relationship with Duncan. Veronica finally asked Keith directly about his suspicions regarding Jake Kane, and Keith wouldn't tell her. Why?

My favorite part of the episode was Veronica and Keith play-acting a pregnant slut and her angry father with the desk clerk. The two of them were just so cute together. I also liked the way Veronica cornered Chardo in, of all places, the ladies room.

Bits and pieces:

— We have a new cast member: Sydney Tamiia Potier as Ms. Dent. The drawing by her name in the credits is a license plate with the number A5GSRGY. I think. I could have gotten the fives and the s's mixed up there.

— The snarky defense attorney now has a name: Cliff McCormick.

— Wallace is now an office aide, and in a primo position to help Veronica.

— Keith and Sheriff Lamb have so much animosity toward each other that it practically comes off them in waves. "Way to stand on your own two feet, Lamb. The buck stops... there."

— Paris Hilton was driving a pink Vespa. I don't think it's possible to find a more ridiculous-looking vehicle.

— Was Logan responsible for Veronica's flat tires?

— For those of you who don't live in California, "PCH" stands for Pacific Coast Highway.

— Logan managed to get in a sideways racial slur; he said that Weevil's grandmother kept things "spic and span."

— Weevil is 17.

— Weevil said Veronica was stalking Duncan. I don't recall seeing Veronica stalking Duncan.

— Interesting that in the end, Caitlin was shunned by Logan and the Oh-Niners, just as Veronica was. History repeats itself.


Wallace: "You realize, don't you, that this guy you're trying to help out duct-taped me buck naked to a flagpole just last week?"
Veronica: "Man, you really hold a grudge."

Cliff: "I sincerely doubt my client, Mrs. Navarro, suddenly decides to steal from the Echolls after ten years of loyal service just so she can get herself a new piercing from Puddy Tats."

Wallace: "Do I look like James Bond to you?"
Veronica: "Am I asking you to retrieve a nuclear warhead?"

Wallace: "So, is he guilty?"
Veronica: "Well, of wanting desperately to see pictures of Alyssa Milano naked, yes."

Troy: "Flat?"
Veronica: "Just as God made me."
I just loved this one. In fact, if it had had anything to do with the plot, it would have been my featured quote.

Veronica: "She's a thrill seeker. Doing you was like doing the Dew, and that's all it was."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. OK...I'm hooked!!! This popped up on my Roku/Netflix as recommended. I also remembered seeing it reviewed on here and decided to give it a try. WOW! Fabulous show!!!

  2. Okay, so this probably a few uh, years late to the party, but I just wanted to point out that when Weevil says Veronica is stalking Duncan and sending him pictures of herself, he's actually making the point that people tell all kinds of outrageous rumours about her. And that therefore she should be the last person to just automatically believe all the unsavoury rumours about him.

    (And yep, I like the site and the reviews. Nice work.)


  3. Thanks, Martin. And your comments are very welcome.

  4. Anytime a writer wants to turn stereotypes on their ear, I am in. So far, we have not seen a redeeming quality in any of the rich, white kids. The poor, Hispanics, however, have honor and self-worth. I especially like the detail that Weevil, although the younger of the two, is in charge of the gang and expels Chardo for his actions. Consequences can be tough to take.

    I'm getting an awful vibe from Troy as well. Or, maybe, it's just that I don't trust any of the white kids...

    Your comments about Paris Hilton are absolutely correct. She is difficult to both watch and look at.

  5. Two comments. First, Paris Hilton? What? (Not so much a comment as an expression of general dismay that anyone anywhere has ever found her remotely interesting).

    Second, my favorite part was also Veronica and Keith's little one-act play with the desk clerk. But particularly their conversation about Keith's overacting. I really want to believe that was improvised by Kristen and Enrico.


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