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Veronica Mars: Happy Go Lucky

Veronica: "So apparently, if you're handsome and famous enough, you can just lie under oath, and that's cool."

The trial of Aaron Echolls. Finals before graduation. A school shooting. The mayor revealed as a child molester. Broken hearts, and incipient arrests. When they rev up for the season ender on this show, they don't fool around.

It was actually painful watching Veronica and Logan testify against Aaron. It was even more painful watching Aaron pull an OJ. Life is so not fair. Why was I surprised that Aaron got away with Lilly's murder? Of course he would get away with it. He's an actor and a big name movie star, after all, and Logan destroyed the major evidence against him.

We now know that two of the boys Woody molested were on the bus. But the crash wasn't caused by poor Lucky, who was the latest and most believable bus crash suspect. Why would Lucky bomb the kids on the bus and Woody and his family? That of course meant that it wasn't Woody, either.

I really thought Lucky was going to kill Jackie when he went postal at the school. And then I thought he might kill Wallace. I really did. It's the penultimate episode of the season, and anyone could die, after all. And then I expected the suddenly very scary Woody to go after Veronica, like Aaron did. Gold acting stars to Steve Guttenberg, because he was amazing. Threatening and truly frightening, as well as utterly believable as a child molester.

Meanwhile, back at graduation, there were developments with many of Veronica's classmates not busy testifying at murder trials. Wallace pulled off major heroics tackling Lucky the way he did. Jackie ran off to Paris with Wallace's heart. Mac is planning to stay in Neptune, according to Jackie. Going to Hearst, I hope? Where Veronica will have to go, I'm betting? And Weevil showed guts and maturity, asking for help so that he could graduate. This episode needed comic relief, which was provided by Cassidy and Mac rebonding just a bit as they taught algebra to Weevil.

Logan was granted immunity in exchange for testifying against Aaron. I'm sure he would have done it anyway, but at least now I don't have to worry about Logan going to prison for destroying the tapes. However, it appears that Weevil might not get away with killing Thumper. And that's just too bad.

Bits and pieces:

— How did Aaron have the stones to ask Logan not to testify against him about what was on the sex tapes? Where do you get stones like that? Did Aaron expect Logan to knuckle under because he used to beat him?

— Sort of hilarious that Keith told Veronica not to let the defense attorney rile her, and then he turned around and completely lost it when Lavoie was attacking Veronica.

— I was appalled that Lavoie used Veronica's diagnosis of chlamydia against her on the witness stand. Although, again, I should have suspected it. Like I said before, I'm the perfect viewer for this show. I never get it.

— Keith's email address is kmarspi@cyberbolt.com.

— Casino baddie Lobo finally gave Terrence Cook the alibi he already had, but Terrence was free for only about five minutes. Now he owes his soul to Lobo. This hasn't been a good year for Terrence.

— Did Veronica give up her chance at Stanford because she had to know the verdict of the trial? I can't really blame her, though. I might have done the same thing.


Keith: "I'm thinking about getting you some sort of giant hamster ball, so you can roll everywhere in this protective sphere."
Veronica: "It'd just draw attention to me. Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball."

(See, that's what I love about this show. On an ordinary show, Keith would express his worry about Veronica nearly getting shot at school by saying, "Oh, honey, I could have lost you." Not on Veronica Mars. No, we get a hamster ball metaphor.)

Lamb: "You are trying to get me to arrest the mayor. You want to turn me into a laughingstock again. And it ain't gonna happen."
Keith: "Is your ego really that enormous that you can take the murder of eight people and make it about you?"

Wallace: "I just wanted to say, it was worth getting taped to a pole. I'm going to miss you."

Four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Extremely good. I was really upset that Lavoie used his skills to make Veronica kind of seem like a bad guy or even a slut. Life is so not fair.

  2. It seems to me that Kendall/Priscilla is the chlamydia source--hasn't it been established that Duncan slept with her once? I clearly remember Veronica telling Duncan that she gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time; she could therefore have had sex with Duncan after Kendall/Priscilla did, and thus have contracted the disease from Duncan. In which case it may be more accurate to say that Duncan is the source. Ah well.

    So Woody wasn't the bus bomber, it seems--why would he have placed a bomb under his own car? And yet, he told Gia not to get on the bus. That certainly speaks to some kind of foreknowledge. Curiouser and curiouser!

    Now to the season two finale, for the final answers.

  3. I just checked the domain for Keith's email ... all these years later it redirects to cbs.com.


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