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Veronica Mars: Mars, Bars

Veronica: "Clifford. Something wrong?"
Cliff: "I just remembered I need to return Caged Heat to the video store."

What a shocker.
They killed off Sheriff Lamb. He even died in the line of duty.

After all the ignorant and mean things he did during the course of the series, I was surprised that I felt sad about it. Probably because his character created such great conflict, especially with Keith. I thought it was wonderful that they gave us such a hilarious moment first (Lamb shooting his own reflection), as well as Wallace finally zinging Lamb with that Wizard of Oz quote. Closure is always nice. How will Keith's new (possibly temporary) job affect Mars Investigations? Is the agency now kaput?

The Barry mystery was resolved, even though the resolution will remain under wraps. The mom and the autistic little brother were important, after all. And Josh turned out to be quite a guy. I guessed wrong that it was related to the Dean's death.

The Dean O'Dell murder plot not only thickened, it twisted and writhed and left me totally confused. Since Mindy's ex-husband, the euphoniously named Steve Batando, killed Lamb, I'm guessing he probably didn't kill the Dean in spite of the fact that his fingerprints were all over the Dean's computer keyboard. Batando said, "That bitch set me up." He thought Mindy did it. But the bloody shirt and gloves that Weevil found sure make it look like Landry.

But it's never who you expect. Did Tim Foyle kill the Dean, and did he frame Landry? Tim is smart enough to set up something this complicated, and since he works for Landry, he may have motivation.

Logan was much calmer and more mature after this break-up than the last time, and I liked that he visited Veronica in jail. The Valentine's Day scavenger hunt was much fun, and I even liked the Logan/Parker romantic vibes. I think that if Veronica is done with Logan, why not? I've grown to like Parker. Her outspokenness and rather sweet go-for-broke nature might be very good for Logan, and his gallantry and essential goodness might be great for Parker.

And if Veronica sees the two of them together, she may very well realize that she and Logan really do have an epic, forever kind of thing, and start fighting to get him back. I'm not giving up hope that quickly.

Bits and pieces:

— I loved Veronica giving herself a temporary tattoo and asking Keith for cigarettes. (The tattoo said, "Doing Life.") Note that they didn't take her fashionable belt away, though. Don't they usually take your belt away so you can't kill yourself?

— Mel Stolz was mentioned again. Another obvious suspect.

— Who bugged Professor Landry's cell phone? Probably whoever is framing him.

— Mason the nasty b-ball player wasn't lying (what a surprise) because Josh strongly resembled Coach Yeager.

— Vinnie Van Lowe lives on "Finders Way." I thought that was funny.

— Parker jumping in the ocean reminded me again that she is supposed to be wearing a wig. She does not look like she's wearing a wig.

— Mrs. Barry said she didn't know how to shoot a gun. But when she got it out of the closet, she certainly acted like she knew how to handle one.

— Lots of Cliff. I like lots of Cliff.

— Lots of Sheriff Lamb, too, which was appropriate if this was indeed his final episode. "I smell bread" indicated a serious brain injury. Maybe Lamb just doesn't feel dead to me because we didn't see him die. All we got was Keith's end of the phone call.


Mac: "Performing a favor from a jail cell. The girl has serious friendship skills."

Parker: "Logan. Can we, like, borrow you?"
Logan: "Will I be returned in my current pristine condition?"

Cliff: "Who wants out of jail?"
Veronica: "I do! I do!"

Lamb: "I know you from somewhere."
Wallace: "Yeah. You told me to go see the wizard and ask him for some guts."
Lamb: "Well, did you?"
Wallace: "Yeah. He said to let you know you're the only sheriff in America who he considers a true friend of Dorothy."
What was funny was, Lamb didn't get it.

Druggist: "Super Titans?"
Logan: "It's a curse, actually."

Bronson: "This is what you mean by crash?"
Mac: "Oh. I meant bang."
Good for Mac. Trauma gone.

This jam-packed episode was clever, funny, and full of surprises. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I really enjoyed it too. :)
    And I was also really, really shocked that they killed Lamb. And even though few episodes ago I was wondering why, oh why can't they put Keith back in charge, I never thought it was actually possible and that it would happen in such a way.
    I think I'll miss Lamb. He was such a tool, but he had his moments of greatness. ;)

  2. Parker and Logan have romantic chemistry and I liked seeing them together. Maybe now Veronica will realise what he is missing.
    I´m also gonna miss Lamb. He is really someone you love to hate.

  3. Wow, I'm shocked! I was spoiled on Sheriff Lamb's death, but I thought it wouldn't be until the season finale. It was shocking, tense and lame all at the same time. Man, Lamb deserved a more epic death. I’ll miss him. (Although, thinking of it, I’ll be missing the entire cast six episodes from now.)

  4. Guess I'll be the outlier once more and say I'm glad he's gone. The actor did too good a job, his face just annoys me by itself now. But I'll admit I'll miss him in the sense that I'll miss any character that was in a show's first season. Eh... hard disagree with the poster who said he's one of those "love to hate" characters. I mean he's just a straight asshole. But I'll probably like him more now that his only appearance will be looking smug putting Weevil away in the opening credits.

    I'm glad Parker's back, I love the post Shave-Rapist part of the season but missed her and Piz every time they still show up in the opening credits. Hope this means they haven't phased out Piz either. As for Wallace and Mac... sigh. Makes sense now at least why they're shown together in the opening. Damn I talk about it a lot lol, and I don't even like it -that- much. I mean I positively hate the sound of its ending, a far cry from the first two season's awesome perfect sad horns.

    And, already caught in the original post but:
    >>Cliff: "Who wants out of jail?"
    >>Veronica: "I do! I do!"
    lol cute


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