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Veronica Mars: Papa's Cabin

Tim: "Once a perpetrator starts improvising, the sloppier his work becomes."

Clever, well-written, and very watchable, with a great denouement right in the middle of the classroom.

So why was I disappointed?

Maybe because I was sure it was going to be Tim Foyle. He was the logical one to have bugged Landry's cell phone, the one clever enough to have come up with such an elaborate frame, plus he would have paid special attention to Veronica's perfect murder paper. Plus, I also found this episode a bit slow. Usually, by the time we're forty minutes into a denouement episode, Veronica is running for her life from the perpetrator and we're all on the edge of our seats. This time, not so much.

It's sad that Mindy's kids were orphaned and Mindy won't get to enjoy the boat she always wanted. Okay, it was tacky of her to run out and buy the boat; a few months of mourning would have been nice, and she probably wouldn't have died. I sort of feel bad for Landry, too. I don't think he meant to kill Mindy, and now his life is ruined. Of course, he could write a bestseller in prison about being on the other side, so maybe his career isn't completely over.

Since I seem to be in a bitchy mood, let me add that I wasn't all that happy with the Logan/Parker thing, either. I think it's because I want Logan in the story in another capacity. He was deeply involved in what was happening during the two previous seasons. This season, he's been relegated to sidebar love interest. It's like having a Dawson's Creek subplot meandering through the series. Enough, already.

May I add that I really don't like Keith as sheriff? Yes, it gives Veronica free rein to all the goodies at the sheriff's department, but it's making Keith too rigid and humorless. I hope he decides not to run in that special election.

At least I can report that I'm liking the less delayed gratification. Waiting an entire season for a resolution to a mystery was something of a drag, especially in season two.

Bits and pieces:

— James Jordan, the actor who played Tim Foyle. also played Lucky the janitor in season two. If they decide to bring him back a third time, please lose the wig. I promise to suspend belief.

— Wallace did the girlfriend thing and told Veronica about Parker and Logan. Interestingly, Parker and Logan both went to Veronica, too. Proving that all three of them are honest, and care a lot about Veronica. Good friends are golden.

— Mindy getting her check so quickly felt off. Wouldn't the insurance company have waited until the murder investigation was over?

— Haven't read Papa in awhile, and I was wondering. Why Hemingway? Was there a Hemingway plot related to this episode arc?

— Only an episode or so ago, Lamb arrested Veronica in class in front of everyone. He also did it to Weevil at his high school graduation. Whereas Keith tactfully gave Landry time to let his students go first.

— Crockett and Tubbs. :)

— The final headline said, "T.A. Foiled."

— Michael Muhney is still in the cast. Must be contractual.


Veronica: "Or she could have been a down-on-her-luck Catholic schoolgirl smuggling cantaloupes in her shirt."

Veronica: "If you're wondering where I am, I'm hanging outside a convenience store eating corn nuts and watching strippers."
Keith: "Are you doing drugs?"

Landry: "Thanks, you guys. I wish there were a grade higher than an A."
Tim and Veronica were both cleverer than Landry, weren't they?

Veronica: "Nice gloves. You heading for the parlor to strangle Colonel Mustard after this?"

It was very good. But despite the usual tight writing and dense plotting, this arc resolution didn't blow me away. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Love how Veronica unmasked Tim in the middle of the class. That´s my Veronica! I agree with you, billie, that Keith let the students go before arresting Landry whereas Lamb seemed to have no tact at all.

  2. "May I add that I really don't like Keith as sheriff?"
    I was thinking maybe the writers weren't loving it either because of his response to Veronica saying her meat and potatoes dinner is what real men eat. (Uh, is there a real man coming over?). I'm just projecting though

    I didn't enjoy it because I felt bad about Landry (Howard from Better Call Saul :D can't believe the dean is the first guy I caught) and even Tim, too... but it was good.

    Keith sounds so much like Angel sometimes...


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