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Veronica Mars: Mars vs. Mars

Keith: "Honey, if I were in trouble, I'd want you at my side."

Keith versus Veronica. This time, Keith was in the right, and Veronica was wrong. It says a lot for Veronica that, presented with the evidence (I loved her expression when it hit her: "Is that Mick Jagger?"), she immediately sought out the truth and even apologized to the much maligned Carrie.

Mr. Rooks was so likeable and such a great teacher that I wanted him to be innocent, but I also knew there had to be something to it because hey, smoke, fire. But it was obvious that there was something wrong with Carrie's story, too. I think I figured out why. The type of girl that predators like Mr. Rooks choose aren't usually the type of girl that would confront him in a classroom full of other students. So I was completely taken in and didn't see the twist coming. (I rarely see the twist coming. I'm, like, the ideal audience. This show should really be called "Amazing Red Herrings.")

Carrie, the gossip queen, really impressed me with her strength of character. She deliberately attacked the most popular teacher in school, infuriated most of the students, incurred wrath and hatred, made herself appear to be a sexual victim, and all for the sake of her friend. Carrie's situation with Susan was, of course, much like Veronica's with Keith. I liked Carrie. I hope they bring her back.

Now we know Duncan's malady: type four epilepsy. Violent seizures, blackouts, loss of memory. It made me wonder, though. Wouldn't a long-term girlfriend know? How could he have kept it concealed from everyone, including Veronica?

The best part of this episode was, again, Veronica and Logan. Now that they're actually speaking to each other, Veronica and Logan can banter with the best of them. And seeing that body falling off the bridge in that kid's video was one of those omigod moments. How typical that, just as we finally started believing Lynn was dead, someone started using her credit card. How incredibly painful for Logan not to know for sure. If his mother is alive, how could she do this to him?

Bits and pieces:

— When Logan asked Veronica for help, he had his arms wrapped around himself, like he was trying to hold his emotions in. Asking for help, opening up, is not easy for him.

— Loved the history death match. Mr. Rooks did a great impression of Richard Dawson in Family Feud. Adam Scott, the actor who played Mr. Rooks, was wonderful. In fact, Mr. Rooks the character strongly resembled one of my favorite teachers in high school. (I'm talking about the great teacher part, not the knocking up teenage girls part.)

— I also loved the exploding box in the safe. "Honey, you don't have to get all blue in the face."

— Cliff was back. I like Cliff. Deputy Leo was back, too. Don't like Leo as much as Cliff.

— Veronica got Weevil to work for her again, and he even took the initiative with the teenage Spielberg wannabe.

— Abel Koontz is dying. That makes sense, then. Someone (Jake Kane?) blackmailed him or paid him off to confess.

— What was their point in introducing us to Mr. Rook's little girl, Olivia? To imply that the father of an adorable little girl was innocent? Or was her shyness a hint that he might be abusing her? Hard to tell.

— There was mention of a couple more Aaron and/or Lynn Echolls' movies: The Pursuit of Happiness and Delta Blue Bombers.

Quotes: (and there were a lot of good ones)

Logan: "You don't jump off a bridge with your platinum card."

Veronica: "White trash walking."

Logan: "You know, I am sure the trailer payments must be high. And what with the high price of Spam these days..."

Rooks: "She's usually pretty gregarious. She must really dislike you."
Veronica: "There's a club she can join."

Veronica: "So? That doesn't prove anything. I could write down that I met Kid Rock every weekend at the Hedonism Lodge for sensual massage and smoothies, but that doesn't make it true."

Keith: "Sweetie, it's very specific. And I don't want you seeing Kid Rock."

Veronica: "There's also a jungle tribe that worships Donald Trump's hair. It's a tabloid."
Logan: "So the girl with the pig arm can't really bowl?"

Logan: "This isn't a favor. It's a job. We're not exchanging friendship bracelets."
Veronica: "I'll stop braiding."

Veronica: "Can you medal in stealing hubcaps?"
Weevil: "Is this 1970? Rims, baby."
Veronica: "So you got a trophy for a rim job?"

Rooks: "They thought I was trying to turn their daughters into little beret-wearing, clove-smoking Bolsheviks."
Veronica: "Were you?"
Rooks: "Nyet."

Veronica: "Okay, yes, I am petite, and it does come in handy every now and then." Have you noticed that Veronica has a penchant for bathrooms?

I'm finding it very difficult to consistently rate this show. It may be because it's one big arc, and every episode is so good. This one sure was. So maybe I'll stop trying,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Very good, indeed. Really liked how Veronica made justice and even apologised to Carrie, a person that no doubt dissed her a lot in the past.

  2. When I saw the title for this episode, I thought Veronica's mom would show up. I was wrong. Then, while watching the episode, I was very concerned Veronica would find out that the teacher she was defending was the guy who raped her. I'm glad I was wrong again.

    Veronica’s persistency is something to admire, and I love this show even more for turning it against her from time to time. This episode was one of those times.

  3. While I liked Mr. Rooks and I wanted him to be innocent, it was good to see Veronica be wrong about someone and to own up to it.

    Not only can she be a badass, she can admit her mistakes. I admire that.

  4. Wow, worshipping Donald Trump's hair back in 2005. I was quite surprised to hear that.

    BTW, first time commenter, awesome site, great reviews, and I like Veronica Mars a lot too so far :)

  5. >>Veronica: "Can you medal in stealing hubcaps?"
    >>Weevil: "Is this 1970? Rims, baby."
    >>Veronica: "So you got a trophy for a rim job?"
    They took it even farther! The rim job made me smirk but the
    Veronica: "Finally, a Deep Throat to call my own :)"
    Weevil: "I'm not gonna touch that one..."
    REALLY got me hahaha


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