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Veronica Mars: Nevermind the Buttocks

Veronica: "The wicked stepmother trying to bump off her rich husband's spawn. That's a Disney movie, isn't it?"

Many, many bus crash theories.

According to the intellectually challenged Gia, someone in a green Barracuda mooned the limo moments before the bus went off the cliff. Did those buttocks belong to the perpetrator of the bus crash? Was it the Fitzpatricks, after all?

But... (or butt...) the title of this episode clearly states that we are to disregard the buttocks, so let's forget the Fitzpatricks. I find the Fitzpatricks as villains to be too much of a cliche, anyway; if they're the big bus crash perps, I'm going to be disappointed. Besides, this week's primo suspects were clearly Kendall and Weevil.

Kendall just developed some interesting depths. Fake name. Criminal record. Relationship with the Fitzpatricks. This, of course, increased the chances that Kendall was indeed being a very wicked stepmother, hoping to cash in on insurance on Dick and Beaver.

Aaron's Oscar statue was found, with Lilly's blood and Duncan's hair on it. So that's what Kendall was doing for Aaron: getting Duncan's hair out of the drain, not Logan's. How did Aaron get Lilly's blood on it, though? Was it the murder weapon after all, with Duncan's hair added?

Weevil was our other suspect of the week. He said he was following Cervando to protect him, but was he? Veronica came up with a pretty good bus crash theory: that the bomb was in Dick's goody bag, and that Weevil was trying to take out the limo. But I don't believe it. Look at what Weevil did to Thumper. Taking a bunch of innocents out at the same time doesn't feel like Weevil.

Besides, Weevil appears to be growing up. He's determined to graduate. And he went through all that effort to save his bike club from the Fitzpatricks, only to walk away from the club in the end. Those just aren't the actions of someone capable of blowing up a school bus.

Bits and pieces:

— The cases for Mars Junior and Senior coincided again. And Veronica saved Keith from getting shot to death by Liam Fitzpatrick. Now, that's a good daughter.

— Liam, the right bastard, killed Harry's dog. Harry's brother Billy was a gang member, but that didn't stop him from truly caring about his strange brother Harry.

— Logan got three phone calls from Kendall the day of the crash.

— Gotta love Veronica quizzing Logan on his love life.

— Kendall Casablancas' real name is Priscilla Banks.

— Mac needed her cell phone interceptor so she could keep listening in on Cassidy's cell phone calls. Stalking isn't a good sign.

— Poor Mac got shanghied into going to the prom with Butters.

— The paddle engravings were license plates for the Fitzpatricks' higher-toned drug-addicted clientele. Good blackmail fodder for Weevil.

— Got to give them props for a very interesting episode title. Note that we had buttocks and a paddle. Coincidence? I think not.

— Turns out Jackie needs to work, and surprise, she's an excellent waitress. Who knew? Wallace is pursuing Jackie hot and heavy, but Jackie is leaving for Paris after graduation.


Cliff: "I'm sure Miss Mars has had the required sexual education course provided by Neptune High."
Veronica: "I got an A-minus. Plus, I watch Animal Planet."

Veronica: "You seen Thumper lately, Weevil? It's just, nobody's heard from him in weeks. If he doesn't show up soon, he's going to miss prom."
Weevil: "Well, I'm sure he's crushed."

Logan: "Kendall requires a domestic staff to make cereal. You think she could plot a murder?"

Veronica: "I hate fake deer, too. Every time I see their stupid fake deer faces, I wanna grab a shotgun and go all Cheney on them."

Veronica: "And what enjoyment, exactly, do the blind get out of Wheel of Fortune?"

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Jackie has just turned out to be cool. Who knew? But again, this episode had way too many bus crash theories and that hurt the episode.

  2. Weevil is an interesting guy. An honorable streak a mile wide and loyal to those loyal to him. I didn't expect him to walk away from the PCHers, but what a good choice.

    The thought that kept running through my mind this episode is how Kendall fronting Cassidy's business is going to fit into everything we are learning about her.


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