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Veronica Mars: Normal is the Watchword

Kelvin: "So who's supposed to help me out, then?"
Veronica: "Encyclopedia Brown. I hear he's good."

I was oddly disappointed.

At first, I was surprised and deeply pleased that it was Logan at the door, somewhat the worse for being beat up but basically okay, and that their relationship continued. But why why why did Veronica give up on him?

Well, okay, vandalism and immaturity. We can't make someone we love grow up. Logan has to do it himself. But dammit, there's all this concentrated emotion between them. So much passion, so much baggage. He told her he loved her, he completely opened up to her (which is something he never does, he usually hides his true feelings behind humor) and Veronica tromped all over his heart.

And maybe I was disappointed because the episode seemed so incoherent. This was Rob Thomas taking about fifteen different mysteries and plotty bits, and throwing them into the air. There was so much going on that I could have written a thesis instead of a review. (Don't worry, I won't.)

I was also pretty unhappy that they set up Logan as the major bus crash suspect, e.g., (1) He did not take the breakup well. (2) Vandalism. (3) As Veronica was about to get on the bus, Logan told her, "I'm going to miss you." (4) And the limo thing sort of implicated Dick Casablancas, Logan's big buddy. Yes, Logan wasn't the only one; Weevil was also implicated, since he was at the gas station. Of course, since Veronica was supposed to be on board, it could have been anyone who truly hates her. That's a pretty long list.

Unanswered questions:

Who caused the crash?

Did the ghost of Lilly save Veronica's life? Was Lilly pointing the finger at Weevil? Was the drug test thingy somehow a part of it?

Who exactly died in the bus crash? The only victims I'm sure of were the new journalism teacher, Ms. Dumas, and Meg.

What happened on the bridge with Logan and dead Felix the PCHer and the knife?

When Logan and Veronica were in the car with the smoochies, who shot out the car windows?

What was the fortune in the cookie that Duncan gave Veronica on her 18th birthday? It must have been pretty special, since she threw herself into his arms.

Cast notes:

— There were three new cast members: Ryan Hansen as the revolting Dick Casablancas, Kyle Gallner as his little brother Cassidy, and Tessa Thompson, whom we've haven't met yet. The symbols on their credits were, in order, a wiped out surfboard, a hat and camera, and pills plus lipstick.

— Former Buffy/Angel cast member Charisma Carpenter guest starred as Kendall Casablancas.

— Steve Guttenberg played Woody Goodman, who was running for mayor. Duncan described him as "what Willy Wonka would be like if he owned a professional baseball team." Woody Goodman felt just a bit like an Aaron Echolls-like guest star, so Dan and I immediately decided that he'll turn out to be the one behind the bus crash. Or would that be too obvious?

— Woody Goodman has a daughter, Gia, who is attending Neptune High.

— Terrence Cook, one of the Sharks, and Keith's favorite player, was introduced.

Bits and pieces:

— I didn't care for the whole waitressing thing. I don't want Veronica to give up detective work.

— It was pointedly pointed out that Logan and Veronica did not have sex while they were together. ("Second base.") Although he was certainly doing it with Kendall Casablancas.

— Duncan is now living in the presidential suite at the Neptune Grand.

— Keith and Alicia Fennel are still together, which is good.

— It's their senior year. What will they do next year? UC Neptune?

— Deputy Leo was back for about a minute, to arrest Logan.

— Keith co-wrote a book about the Lilly Kane murder case called "Big Murder, Small Town."

— In this season's hair report, Veronica's was just a bit longer. Everyone else's looked much the same.


Veronica: "This is Neptune. Nothing happens accidentally."

Wallace: "I was wondering where we were drawing the ethical line this year."

Veronica: "I should go. Because my dad is probably watching us through a telescope."
Logan: "Then he's probably impressed with your virtue."
Veronica: "And that telescope is mounted on a rifle."

Keith: "What's up, honey?"
Veronica: "Wallace is having a little trouble giving me a urine sample."
Keith: "Can't you talk on the phone and paint your nails like other girls?" (That and the nipple thing was hilarious.)

Logan: "My sister is negotiating with networks to sell her version of the Aaron Echolls story. I think the sticking point is she's insisting she play herself. The producers, on the other hand, are insisting on Tara Reid. I always wanted a TV movie version of my life. You think they can get Tom Welling to play me?" (Was the CW merger in the works at this point?)

Duncan: "I figured you and the other Jets would be rumbling with the Sharks."
Logan: "Cool it, Action."

Logan: "Fun? Fun? My mom is dead. My girlfriend is dead. My dad is a murderer. And the only person I still care about is dumping me! You think I'm having fun?"

Dick: "Hey. Who's the lovely young flower blossoming into womanhood?"
Duncan: "Let me guess. You want to pluck her."

This was soooo complicated. Maybe too complicated. A new viewer would be totally lost. No rating this time,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I completely agree with you, Billie. I also feel this episode is very stuffed with information.
    But still, a very good episode and Kirsten as Veronica is gold.

  2. pissed to see veronica give up on Logan... don't want her running back to duncan... yech!

  3. I agree that this episode was all over the place and I am also on team Logan but still can't decide if his bad boyness has gone over the edge. Of course, that is the point.

  4. This was an episode that could have very easily been two. The writers were trying to (a) catch us up on the three months that has passed -- let's just pause a minute and think about how quickly Keith's book was written -- and (b) set up this season's big arc. I felt that the stories we cared about were rushed through as was the setup.

    Especially the love triangle. We went from Logan and Veronica making out to breaking up, with nothing in the middle to show us why. A bit of a head spin. Plus, it feels a bit icky that Veronica would bounce between two best friends. I'm willing to see where this is going, but again I say, ick.

    As for the bus crash, the first thing that occurred to me is that Meg was the common denominator in both the drug scam and the bus crash. Why would someone be after her?

  5. I couldn't stay away lol, despite burning through 22 episodes in the same amount of time I take with seasons half or even less that length >.>
    What the fuck is Meg's problem? I get not wanting to talk to Veronica anymore but to actively give her shit even though Duncan's the one who chimped out of his own accord? She was supposed to be One Of The Good Ones! I don't like it when characters are straight mean to Veronica, and several of them were here

    And on another note I realize how good that season 1 opening credits sequence is after seeing this season's. I mean I'm glad they kept the song unmodified but the shots aren't as good. I'd rate them 1 > 3 > 2
    (I wish Western shows would have an actual sequence for end credits like anime too instead of just the black background because the 3rd opening could work as one)


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