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Veronica Mars: Of Vice and Men

Veronica: "I can't believe this is happening to me. Again."

Tonight's theme: men are pigs. Except when they're not.

That scene in the garage was intense. The fact that Veronica realized she had been drugged again made it even more shuddery. I am assuming Veronica wasn't raped and that all he had time for was a quick shave. But was it really the Hearst rapist? Could it have been a copycat instigated by the extremely nasty Liam Fitzpatrick, who almost choked Veronica in the River Stix? If only there were a security camera in the food court, huh?

We finally saw him, and his arm was white. We know it wasn't Mercer. Piz was in his room during the garage scene. Oolong Moe was cleared in episode 2. So who is it? The minute they introduced Glenn, Sully's wig-wearing roommate, Dan said, "He has to be it." Dan also thinks Scarlett, whose photo was circled (by Glenn? Meryl said the circle wasn't Sully's) will be next. That weird thing with the radio DJ's voice in the food court jumped out at me, too. Yes, I'm grasping.

Keith has always been the center of Veronica's world, her positive role model, and I completely understood her anger and disappointment. The pain Veronica was feeling was compounded by Logan's decision not to tell her what he was doing with Mercer. Losing her faith in Keith and Logan at the same time must have been much like what avid Republicans were feeling after the election last week.

But Keith and Logan proved themselves worthy. Keith broke up with Harmony for Veronica's sake, and Logan saved Veronica again. He does love her. I noticed that when Logan was talking about Mercer and their secret, his voice was shaking; he knew Veronica would take it the wrong way, that he was losing her. I wonder if even saving her life again will be enough. Keeping quiet about the fire that Mercer caused is accessory after the fact, isn't it? Did anyone die? Did Logan even try to find out? On the other hand, Mexican prison? Scary. Not that I'm excusing him. Well, maybe I am. Logan didn't burn down the motel, after all; it was Mercer.

Meryl from Sacramento, a real sweetie, showed Veronica the meaning of faith and trust during their search for her errant but ultimately innocent boyfriend. And there was much to overcome: the sleazy-cute Scarlett at the food court, a drag-out fight on the phone, sexy posters in the dorm, Veronica's constant doubt. But nothing fazed Meryl. She had faith in Sully, and that was that. (Loved the laser cannon. Very cute.)

My affection for the morally ambiguous Vinnie Van Lowe was finally justified. I loved the way he managed to save Veronica from Liam by pretending to send a cell phone photo to Keith. One minute he's blackmailing Keith; the next he's saving Keith's daughter. Maybe Vinnie felt he owed Keith a favor.

Bits and pieces:

— Kendall Casablancas and the money plot from the season opener were back. All roads lead to the Fitzpatrick Brothers, don't they?

— Veronica turned down Professor Landry's offer of a possible summer internship at the FBI, but it turned out not to be a bribe; he was sincere. (I can just see Veronica running around the Farm like Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs.)

— Is anyone else getting vibes from that "plan the perfect murder" paper? Since this is VM, I am halfway expecting a future murder based on one of those papers.

— Mercer was working on his call-in radio show during two of the rapes. He was a red herring, anyway. Chip the Pi Sig and Dean O'Dell both owe Mercer? That was interesting.

— There was some not-so-subtle Saturn hybrid product placement. Again.

— I saw all those phone messages from Logan on Veronica's phone and went "awww."

— After seeing Veronica in those boxers and tee shirt sprawled out on Wallace's bed, I thought Piz would finally make a pass at her. Not yet, I guess. If the Fitzpatricks were behind the attack on Veronica in the garage, that makes Piz still a suspect.

— What I don't get is, if Harmony is so unhappy, why hasn't she gotten a freaking divorce? It just smells of plot. She's up to something.

— The night of the third rape was August 13. Two last season, two this season, one in the middle.

— We see the food court a lot. Must be a standing set. Interesting choice.

— Did Keith pay Vinnie the four grand?


Veronica: "I dig the outfit. Is that in Dolce Gabbana's study buddy collection?"

Logan: "Who gets blackmailed by his girlfriend? I guess I do."
Logan looked terrible there.

Keith: "I know you, Veronica. You're not that jaded."
Veronica: "Didn't use to be. I had this one shining example that gave me some faith."
Keith looked terrible there.

Keith: "Veronica, this is something special."
Veronica: "This is something special. Where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah. From every John we've ever caught with his pants down."

Veronica: "I guess we can rule out kidnapping. Unless he was abducted by an insane clown posse."

Veronica: (in front of the River Stix) "Of all the gin joints in all the cities in all the world." More Bogart. Casablanca this time.

Veronica: "I think we all learned a valuable lesson about faith. You give it to the people you love, but the people who really deserve it are the ones that come through even when you don't love them enough." Keeping Veronica and Logan together might be a braver and more interesting choice on the part of the writers than the breakup we're all expecting. I know, wishful thinking.

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Veronica just can´t trust Logan. Why Veronica? Why so mean?
    Wow, that garage scene was awesome and hey, Keith and Logan came through even when she was avoiding them. When Veronica was apologising to Meryl about taking the wrong conclusion, she told Veronica that when you´re in love, you don´t think of such things and that made Veronica and me wonder. Does Veronica love Logan? I´m torn.

  2. I'm sorry, but I'm judging Veronica on this one. She knows there's a roofie-happy rapist running around campus. She's been roofied before. And yet she drinks a drink that she knows has been sitting out unsupervised. Girl 101: Don't do that. EVER. Particularly not when you're investigating a series of rapes around your school. God. If it had been another, less street-wise character, I might have forgiven. But has Veronica learned nothing?

  3. I totally agree, sunbunny. But it's not just the drink - although that's the number one no-no. But why didn't she call for help the moment she felt odd? Why go into the garage instead of staying in the crowded food court were it was safe? That whole thing just felt out of character because we know Veronica knew better.

  4. I was upset Veronica left her drink there, too.

    But I think she didn't call for help because she'd spent the entire episode feeling alienated from her dad and from Logan. That's why she called Vinnie Van Lowe to help at the River Stix. (If that's what she did.) So the lesson that she learns is that Logan and her dad will come through for her, even if they may not be perfect human beings.

  5. As soon as Veronica walked away from that drink, I knew what was going to happen. I had the same reaction as Julia, however. Knowing she had been drugged, why did she leave the food court and walk into an empty garage? Doesn't seem like the wisest course of action.

    And, although it was a plot point that stretched my suspension of disbelief a great deal, I'm mighty happy that Logan happened to be walking by just as her car alarm went off.


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