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Veronica Mars: President Evil

Logan: "Is it still called deja vu when something happens more than twice?"

I didn't care much for this one. It made me uncomfortable.

So. Weevil was angry that Veronica was dating Logan, mostly because of Lilly. I thought Logan and Weevil had gotten past that point, but no. So I sort of understood why Veronica immediately accused Weevil, even after that oh so amusing show-and-tell in criminology class. Sort of. But (I'm repeating myself) shouldn't Veronica be past this point with Weevil, too? He's a bad boy, but would Weevil do something like this to Veronica? I think not.

Veronica has been thinking about Lilly a lot lately. Why? Because she's dating Lilly's boyfriend? Because we're getting more hints that Logan is doing stuff he shouldn't be doing, like much much gambling?

Logan showing up late after the robbery, saying he had been studying, made him look guilty. But then again, it always looks like Logan could have done the big bad. He could have been behind the bus crash. He could have been behind Lilly's murder. He could have raped Veronica at Shelly Pomroy's party. Always a suspect, never a bride. I guess you could say the exact same things about Weevil, too; he's been a suspect too many times.

Anyway, moving right along to the A plot. As a single mother who was abandoned by the father while I was still pregnant, I would personally like to beat the crap out of every single deadbeat dad with a baseball bat. What would I do if my child were dying and I wasn't a match? What would Keith do if it was Veronica? I knew that jerk would refuse to donate bone marrow to save his own son's life, so I could almost get behind what the O'Dells did. But there's a line, and Dean O'Dell crossed it.

When I got my first glimpse of Dean O'Dell's wife, I laughed out loud. Who does he think he's kidding? I also laughed when Veronica told the thief, "You're going to regret this." And I howled when Veronica ripped Lilly's necklace off the little girl's neck. It was so Veronica.

The richness of this show was reflected in the strange scene where Veronica questioned the theater people about the fake guns. They were standing there, in costume, staring at a floor that had been sprayed with Pam by the film people. It was brief, it was silly and interesting, and it ran for about a minute. Was it a set-up for future stuff?

Bits and pieces:

— Turned out the guy in the ATM photo was Claire's boyfriend, Wang Yi. (I'm confused. But that's not new.) Wang Yi went to Camp Waterloo. Waterloo is where Napoleon got smushed; it's a symbol of huge defeat. Who would name a camp that?

— By the way, I've finally admitted to myself that I'm not liking the Hearst rapist plot arc at all.

— What just happened to Wallace and his mechanical engineering class? In keeping with our "tough calls" theme, did he just get caught cheating? I thought Wallace knew better than to do something like this, though.

— Lucky the Janitor Teaching Assistant got to teach a criminology class. Explain to me again why this nasty condescending ass is a teacher?

— Weevil and a blonde student were eyeing each other. Weevil said he missed the thrill of gang life; maybe he can make do with a hot relationship with a co-ed, instead. Weevil noted that Logan was with a pretty girl and asked if he was lining up his next girlfriend. Was he?

— The guy who runs the Venice Hall casino was dressed like the lead criminal character in A Clockwork Orange, with the bowler hat and one eye made up. (Classic sci-fi, c'est moi.) Says interesting things about his character.

— I know I've seen a movie where there was a heist by guys wearing president masks. What was it? [Several people were kind enough to answer this one: it was Point Break.]

— At the dorm casino, Veronica and Logan were both wearing black wigs as their Halloween costumes. Who were they supposed to be? [Consensus appears to be that they were Jack and Meg from White Stripes, or possibly Veronica and Jughead from the Archies.]

— Keith presented himself as Adrian Monk, LA county building inspector. I thought that was pretty funny.

— Veronica has a fan: Danny Russ. The impression he did of his boss reminded me of Veronica's imitation of Inga.

— I love Cliff so much. I say that every time he's in an episode, but it bears repeating.


Veronica: "Dr. Landry said we were allowed audio visual aids. He's both. Audio..."
Weevil: "Yo."
Veronica: "And visual."

Weevil: "So. Any big Halloween plans?"
Veronica: "Oh, you know, the usual. Slapping on my sexy nurse duds and rolling tweeners for their chocolate."

Keith: "Veronica, why don't you go..."
Veronica: "Matriculate myself?"

Veronica: "Do you see why he's the college dean most frequently burned in effigy?"

Veronica: "Hope you don't mind. One of the cockroaches let me in."

Weevil: "Hey, Joe College!"
Logan: "Jose Lunchpail!"

Logan: "Ask for Cell B. It has the best light."

Two stars? Two and a half?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. One of my least favorites, but still it was a hoot seeing Cliff and Keith together.

  2. Logan's making me nervous. I want him and Veronica to be together! girly sigh.

    I thought Weevil could have done it except for the fact that the guy ripped off Veronica's necklace which Weevil knew to be a gift from Lilly. He may be a criminal, but he's not needlessly mean, especially to Veronica.

  3. I agree that Veronica must not have been thinking clearly. She would have recognized Weevil even with a mask on and he would never take her necklace like that - he respects her too much and also knows that she would figure out who had done it. I actually think it was lazy writing.

  4. First time I really disagreed with Veronica (outside of understandable/relatable fuckups). Blaming Weevil was not cool and his hurt was palpable.


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