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Veronica Mars: Spit & Eggs

Logan: "I'm always here if you need anything. But you never need anything."

This show does climactic mystery denouements better than just about anyone. I hadn't even come close to figuring it out. (God, I'm pathetic.)

Mercer and Moe were the two obvious suspects all along. The fact that they were the only two guys with airtight alibis should have shouted red herring, that they were providing alibis for each other. I'm still mildly confused about how that worked, though. Yes, Moe attacked Veronica in the garage while Mercer was in jail, and Veronica realized as she was leaving the party that Mercer's show was recorded. But what happened with the fire in Mexico? Did Moe commit that one?

I loved Veronica, Wallace, Piz and Mac on duty at the Pi Sig party. (It felt very Scooby Gang. Does Veronica finally have her very own Scooby Gang?) I also liked that it was Parker who saved Veronica. But having Veronica drugged and in such extreme danger again got a little less believable, and pushing both her father and Logan away the way she did is starting to look reckless and foolhardy, not independent.

We finally got the romantic split we were expecting. Veronica has always had all the power in that relationship, but Logan just took it away from her by taking the initiative. I was actually proud of him. I mean, Veronica pushed him away and pushed him away, and then she was shocked when he broke up with her? Did she expect him to just keep taking it forever?

I didn't expect that wonderful prison cell scene in the end. I love that Logan does things like this. He isn't logical; he's emotional. He leads with his heart, even after being so badly hurt. It can't be over for Logan and Veronica. I just won't have it.

In the "here's our new mystery" department, I was sorry to see the Dean go; I was getting fond of him. Who murdered him? Was it Mindy and Professor Landry? Was it Mel with the cigar, who obviously blackmailed the Dean into reinstituting the Greeks? His office was pelted with eggs right before someone came in and killed him. Was it someone from Lilith House?

Probably none of the above.

Bits and pieces:

— Logan busted a cop's windshield with a crowbar in order to avenge Veronica. Remember what Logan did to Veronica's car back in the pilot episode? Logan has come a long way.

— So Mercer was the guard, Moe was the prisoner. And they never stopped doing it. Why didn't they save everyone a lot of grief and just have sex with each other?

— Yet another overlapping Keith/Veronica case. They should catch each other up every day over breakfast or something. If Keith had told Veronica about Mindy O'Dell, he wouldn't have had to go to Sacramento.

— Loved the juxtaposition of Dean O'Dell's car stereo playing "Have You Never Been Mellow" while he was being pelted with eggs from the Liliths.

— And hey. Eggs hitting the window? Chip getting easter egged? Connection?

— Dick mooned the Lilith House float. Of course he did.

— We got a brief glimpse of the mostly absent Weevil. He looked a little better.

— Dean O'Dell never got to drink that special scotch. That's sad. Seize the moment, people.

Unanswered questions:

— What the flaming hell does the title "Spit & Eggs" mean? I always get the title. This time I didn't.

— Veronica got an A on her "plan a perfect murder" paper. Was her victim indeed Sheriff Lamb?

— Tim "Lucky" Foyle had a group photo of the Pi Sigs, with four guys circled. (Like Scarlett was circled.) It was Dick, Chip, and two other guys. Were they the same Pi Sigs his girlfriend Bonnie slept with?

— What was with the bomb threat?

— What sort of esoteric symbolism can I assign to Veronica stabbing Mercer with a unicorn horn?


Veronica: "Great job, Dick. I'm sure you won that debate."
Logan: "He's a master debater."

Piz: "Hey, gang. What's the word? Is it avuncular?"

Tim: "Did I miss something? Are we working together now? Are we Starsky and Butch?"
Veronica: "Cagney and Pasty?"

Mac: "Are you freaking kidding me? The Pi Sig mega-apocalypse? Hump the furniture, party back to the Stone Age, fifty-keg bacchanalia?" It was good to see Mac again. Where has she been?

Wallace: "Drunk girl. Ten o'clock."

Mac had a tee-shirt that said, "Ask me about my STD."

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Not much to say, either that it was massively intense and I loved every part of it (well, maybe except the break-up part). ;)

  2. Very good, indeed. I love what Logan does to avenge Veronica and the confrontation scene between Mercer and Veronica is awesome.

  3. Was it Claire that Mercer had the alibi for? And it shows you how observant I am. I thought the Dean committed suicide.

  4. I thought it was suicide too lol. I guess I should've waited to see if we were gonna see a shot of his empty scotch bottle. The good one. Well I'm gonna miss the Dean, though he's in the current season of Better Call Saul so I'll still be seeing his actor for a little while.

    I was thinking it was unnecessary of Logan to tell Veronica to stay away from the latest victim of Mercer's room after surviving the scare last episode, but lol, shows what I know. Jeez, Veronica. And I want them together but I liked the break-up scene, and Logan instigating it. And jeez FINALLY Mac shows up. She looked so good in the opening credits and I was put out to see she isn't really there.

    Great resolution, and I like that Parker nailed him.


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