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Veronica Mars: Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

Veronica: "And the injustice league strikes again."

A complex mystery worthy of Veronica's talents. I don't think we've had one of those for awhile. It was fun to see Veronica saving Weevil again, although the way they left it, with Weevil literally holding the bag, was troubling. The library denouement was cool, too.

Keith arrested Weevil, and Weevil's first phone call was to Veronica; that was hilarious. I also loved the way Veronica flashed her new badge around, and got witnesses to come to her at the library. I also loved Veronica thumping Vinnie in the back of his head for his remarks about Keith and his "comely daughter."

Logan and Dick skirted around "the conversation" about Cassidy. I was wondering when that was coming. Logan didn't answer his question ("Hey, Logan. The night my brother jumped off the roof. Did you, like, try and stop him?") but at least Dick sort of completed his brief voyage of self-discovery by sort of apologizing to Mac. I think he even sort of meant it.

Unfortunately, the Workers Comp plot thread (not Workmans Comp any more, by the way, and no real HR dude would call it that) felt all wrong. I'm fairly certain that it isn't paid by the employer. And I don't get the "paid" part, anyway. You report an injury, they send you to a doctor, the state pays the doctor. Weevil wasn't applying for disability, was he? This feels like another instance where a writer just inserted a plot point and didn't do their homework.

And then there was the sex video. I must admit seeing an enraged Logan beating the crap out of Piz was strangely satisfying. Yes, Piz didn't deserve it; he's a sweet guy, I like him (really, I do) and I'm sure he isn't guilty. But he and Veronica as a couple still makes me gag. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Bits and pieces:

— Wallace was recruited as a member of what... the Castle? A secret society, huh? I assume it's not a group that goes out and buys small, square hamburgers. Wallace, don't do it. Secret societies are never worth it.

— Piz's radio show debate made it pretty clear that Keith's actions with the underage drinkers won't get him any votes on campus.

— Even before the video surfaced, Logan was showing jealousy of Piz. I think the video just gave him an excuse.


Veronica: "Weevil. You're wobbling."
Weevil: "Yeah. And I'm going to take the fall."

Wallace: "I call it the Sea Monkey."
Veronica: "Which would make more sense if monkeys were amphibious. Or could fly."
Wallace's much more complex model plane was a callback to the one he had in the pilot.

Wallace: "Remind me which color bandanna I'm supposed to wear that says I'm straight, but flattered and nonjudgmental."

Veronica: "What happened to the courtesy knock?"
Keith: "What happened to whalebone corsets and courting chaperons?"

Veronica: "As long as you're in a munificent mood, how about buying the office a new answering machine?"
Piz: "Munificent?"
Keith: "What's wrong with the old one?"
Veronica: "The Yoders have one just like it."
Keith: "Who are the Yoders?"
Veronica: "The Amish family in 3B."

Mac: "Did anybody hear that there's going to be a Matchbox Twenty reunion tour?"
Piz: "So? Rob Thomas is a whore."

Piz: "I'm so nervous. This is totally knotting up my inner nerd."
Mac: "Wait. You have an inner one?"

Guy: "We can work this out. You can be one of us."
Veronica: "Is this where you turn me into a vampire?"

Not perfect, and it ended in a massive cliffhanger, but fun to watch. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. We didn´t see what Weevil was gonna do with the machine but it goes to show that no matter how much he tries, he still falls into the pit of crime. He just can´t help it.
    Dick having guilty feelings was a good thread and showed that Dick has a heart, but it would have been nice to show this sometime sooner. It feels they just remembered this thread now, so close to the end of the season.

  2. Veronica's "She has the right to remain famished" near the very beginning and her response to her own joke is easily one of the cutest things


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