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Veronica Mars: Wichita Linebacker

Veronica: "Football. The systematic violation of the Geneva Convention made into sport."

I can tell this review is going to turn into a relationship ramble.

Yes, let's compare what Trish did to Curt and his football career to what Veronica almost did to Logan with the tracking device in his SUV. Veronica has serious trust issues, but she needs to accept Logan as he is and stop trying to turn him into Duncan. She loved Lilly for who she was. She accepts Weevil for who he is. Why not Logan?

Yes, Logan needs to grow up. He's gambling and skipping classes and partying in Mexico with his friends. But he's eighteen freaking years old. I did some pretty heavy partying when I was eighteen years old. And in the past two years, Logan has lost both of his parents as well as his girlfriend. The fact that he loves a young woman as complex and intelligent as Veronica indicates that he has taste and judgment. Not every teenager is as hyper adult as Veronica, after all. Does it have to be angst city for the two of them to connect? Now that things are pretty much normal, does the relationship just not work for Logan any more?

It hardly matters, when it comes right down to it. We're getting hints that Logan is cheating, although I have a hard time believing that. The writers know that we know that they're going to break Logan and Veronica up. Turkeys.

I was disappointed by the stereotyped Lilith House and Lampoon characters; I expected better from this show. Yes, this serial rapist thing is definitely not funny, but feminists are not all humorless bitches, and frat boys are not all moronic and cruel.

As bored as I was by the playbook thing, I did like the end. Veronica made up with Logan in some dark corner of the library, and she got Weevil a job. Let's leave aside the fact that maintenance people at universities usually belong to unions; it's still a holistic solution, and keeps Weevil in the story. Weevil has investigative talent, so maybe he can help Veronica on her cases. If she's making $500 a pop, she can afford to hire him part time, can't she?

Bits and pieces:

— Weevil's desire to go all out to please Keith was endearing, although I could also see it not working out before it actually didn't work out. I liked that Weevil didn't hold Keith arresting him so many times against him.

— Piz now has a radio show called, "But we were just talking." The college version of Ahoy, Maties?

— New character Dean O'Dell has a wife, a son from a previous marriage, and stepson. And his wife used to be his grad student "back when we could do things like that."

— New character Mercer Hayes, illegal casino owner, makes fun of stutterers. What a prince. And that was the guy Logan was going to Mexico with?

— I liked Curt, the Wichita Linebacker. Too bad he went back to Kansas. Maybe he'll return.

— Too many new names and faces. I'm experiencing overload, and a desire to go back to Neptune High. It was almost a relief to see Dick Casablancas. I said almost.

— Although I have no interest whatsoever in football, the fact that playbooks are kept under such tight security was somewhat interesting. I said somewhat.

— A woman named Claire appears to have been the fifth victim of the Hearst rapist.

— Weevil jokingly called Keith's camera a toaster. That may count as another inadvertent Battlestar Galactica crossover.

— And I'm still not warming up to the snazzy new orange credits. Did the suits make them change them? Suits, wise up and bring the old ones back.


Logan: "What is this? Jealous?"
Veronica: "Jealous would involve piano wire."

Piz: "It's like Jon Stewart meets Crossfire. If Jon Stewart didn't hate Crossfire."

Veronica: "I'm a freshman. I only recently figured out where Waldo was."

Dean O'Dell: "Collecting jocks, are we? You now have the most colorful disciplinary file in the freshman class."
She's been at Hearst, what? A couple of weeks?

Veronica: "So how did people blackmail each other before e-mail? Thirty years ago I'd be here all night, cutting letters from a magazine and getting glue everywhere."

Logan: "As adorable as it is when you do it to criminals, this surveillance thing is starting to bug."

Veronica: "Now maybe people would say they'd never install a tracking device in their significant other's car. But I think that's just because they don't know how."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Veronica has major trust issues but I think she should accpet Logan as he is.
    And one of my problems with this season is the Lilith House, very annoying and one-dimensional.

  2. What's weird to me is that Veronica managed to get over her trust issues with Logan previously despite his being a much worse boy and now she's developing problems with him. Honestly, girl needs to lighten up. Obviously she has trust issues (who wouldn't) but if she's going to turn into little miss clingy...

    Liked the (so far) subtle sexism of the dean. Maybe liked is the wrong word, but I found it interesting.

  3. Veronica discussing the objectifying male gaze made me think of Josie.

    I’m sorry that Weevil’s gig with Keith didn’t work out. I thought it was an interesting place for that character to go, especially when he figured out the shoe thief using what he learned on the street. Could have been fun to watch.

    Veronica’s trust issues were taken a bit far this time. I was glad, however, that the writers made her the one with the problem and did not prove to us at the end that she had been right all along. I do hope he’s not cheating. That would be tough to come back from.

  4. :( Here we have a show from the olden days where a season had 20 episodes and they STILL feel the need to rush through interesting subplots like Weevil working for Keith? C'mon, fuck that. I was enjoying that so much...

    Veronica being paranoid was cute, but to be honest Trish was just being a really good girlfriend and I didn't like that their situations were paralleled... though I guess I could see it.

    Lastly, concerning the opening credz WHO is that girl showcased beside Piz? She's shown first just before him but I don't recognize anyone in the show thus far who resembles her. Parker??? On another note the two shots of Dick there still makes me laugh. Why the hell is he staring daggers at Logan so pointedly lol, it goes from funny to kind of intimidating then back to funny. I don't think I've ever seen Dick in the show looking so impressive. Shouldn't Logan be the one wearing the "Really, man?" expression between the two of them? It's so jarring and intriguing, I wonder huwhat's in store


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