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Supernatural: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Dean: "We can't just waste it with a head shot?"
Sam: "Dude, you've been watching way too many Romero movies."

And it's a zombie metaphor.

Dean has been repressing his grief and guilt. He needed to bring it out and put it to rest, like Angela. And the zombie metaphor can be extended to Dean himself, in a physical sense. In that final scene, when Dean finally allowed himself to cry, he confessed to Sam that he knew he should be dead, and that John had sacrificed himself for him. "I never should have come back. It wasn't natural."

I also noticed a lot of interesting references to pornography. Dean walked in on Sam checking out the offerings from the Skin Channel in their motel room (Sam: "What?" Dean: "Awkward.") Later, Dean said, "It takes two to have hard core sex."

Yes, sex and love can be two different things, but were they suggesting that Sam may finally be ready to move on? The zombie metaphor can be extended to Sam, too; he's been keeping his grief for Jessica alive instead of putting it to rest. Yeah, he didn't raise her from the dead and keep her in the basement, but still.

Bits and pieces:

— The episode began with Sam insisting on visiting their mother's grave. There was a headstone (Mary Winchester, 1954-1983) but Sam said there was no body. Was that supposed to ring alarm bells? Even with a major fire, isn't there usually something left?

— Angela came back wrong. They always come back wrong. Never raise the dead. (Unless it's Buffy.) Interesting that, with all of their supernatural experience, Dean and Sam didn't know how to take down a zombie. I wonder if we can extend the metaphor there?

— No place was given. Or if it was, I missed it. Their mother may have been buried in Lawrence, but who knows? People aren't always buried in their home town.

— Dean was Alan Stanwyck, Angela's cousin. (According to Google, Alan Stanwyck was a character in the movie, Fletch.) The boys also pretended to be Angela's friends, and later, grief counselors hired by the college. The grief counselors were an interesting choice because hey, the boys really need one.

— Jared Padalecki broke his wrist while filming, which was why Sam told Dean he thought he'd broken his hand as they were leaving the cemetery.

Quotes (and there were a lot of them):

Dean: "Burn the bones."
Sam: "Are you high? Angela died last week."

Dean: "Come on. Haven't you seen Pet Sematary?"

Sam: "We've already lost Dad. We've lost Mom. I've lost Jessica. And now I'm going to lose you, too."

Dean: "I hear you, okay? I'm being an ass and I'm sorry. But now we got a frigging zombie running around. We need to figure out how to kill it, right?"
Sam: "Our lives are weird, man."

Dean: "It's got unrequited ducky love written all over it."

Dean: (yelling) "Neal! We're grief counselors. We've come to hug."

Sam: "You think Angela's going after somebody?"
Dean: "Nah. I think she ran out to rent Beaches."

Dean: "Damn, that dead chick can run."

Three stars. Although I'm tempted to give it four just for that scene at the end,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Very good episode and that last scene is again priceless. Jensen Ackles did an amazing job. And I just wanna hug Dean so much!

  2. To your comment about Sam saying that there were no remains left of Mary, since it was a supernatural death, it's possible that that's why she left behind nothing, not even bones. Just a theory, though.


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