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Supernatural: Crossroad Blues

Dean: "I usually like to be warned before I'm violated with demon tongue."

Faust, huh? They know how to do the classics on this show.

And they even connected it to what John did for Dean. Who wouldn't want to be an incredible success, the absolute best at the thing you really wanted to do, even if it were just for ten years? It would almost be worth it. Incredibly seductive.

Which brings us to Dean, who was seriously tempted by what the Crossroads Demon offered him. I've always thought that Dean finds death seductive. Here, she literally was. I thought it was fascinating that the demon sealed the bargain with a rather sexual kiss. (That wasn't in Faust, was it?)

Dean shows everyone, including Sam, a brave face. In the opening scene, Dean even shrugged off being wanted for murder; he seemed more concerned about whether or not Sam was in trouble. But beneath that snarky exterior, Dean is depressed and suicidal, constantly brooding about what John did for him. When the Crossroads Demon told him she knew how he truly felt, the snarky mask came off; when she told him that John was suffering horribly, Dean couldn't stand it. He almost made the deal, didn't he?

The flashbacks to the 1930s and the story about the blues man were a great, moody backdrop to the present day story. I particularly liked Lloyd's, that tiny, unpainted funky roadside bar on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if they found that location or if they had to create it? It was almost too cool-looking to exist in real life.

Bits and pieces:

— Yarrow flowers are used in summoning rituals. And the package buried at the crossroads included the supplicant's photo, graveyard dirt, and black cat bones.

— George Darrow, the soon to be suffering in hell artist, used goofer dust instead of salt to keep back the hellhounds. There was a sign that said "Beware of Dog" in front of his place. Good touch.

— Dean thought Myspace was a porn site.

— This week, we went to Rosedale and Greenwood, Mississippi... in flashback. I'm assuming the present day action was also in Mississippi. Not that it matters, since it was really in Vancouver.

— The boys pretended to be reporters from Architectural Digest as well as animal control guys.

— Along with usual "Then" and "Now," we got a "Soon" preview at the end. Did the episode run a little short?


Sam: "Whatever they are, they're big, nasty..."
Dean: "Yeah. I bet they could hump the crap out your leg. Look at that one."

Dean: "The secretary's name is Carly. She's twenty-three, she kayaks, and they're real."

Dean: "These people are actually making deals with the damn thing. You know, because that always ends good."

Dean: "So you know who I am?"
Crossroads Demon: "I get the newsletter."
Dean: "Well, don't keep me in suspense. What have you heard?"
Crossroads Demon: "Well, I heard you were handsome. But you're just... edible."
I have to agree with that assessment.

Crossroads Demon: "Your dad's supposed to be alive. You're supposed to be dead. So we'll just set things straight. Put things back in their natural order. And you get ten extra years on top. That's a bonus."
Dean: "You think you could throw in a set of steak knives?"

Really good. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Very good episode. Entertaining from start to finish and we get to see that Dean is not okay.
    Also, I too have to agree with that demon: Dean is both hot and edible.

  2. I LOVE this episode, the Robert Johnson legend serving some realness too.

    My friend and I used to have scary movie nights and he mixed popcorn seasoning we always called goofer dust. It sounds weird but it is a real hoodoo thing.

  3. I love the cold opening for this episode. That one Blues jingle that plays as it ends and with the close-up to the cross on the lady's neck, leading to the credit shot

    1. Also that looked like Racetrack and Laird from BSG as the main couple, lol


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