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Supernatural: Devil's Trap

Dean: "I know my dad better than anyone. And you ain't him."

Wow. Terrific season finale, with an absolutely huge cliffhanger.

The main reason this episode worked so well was because it was all about the Winchesters. Having John possessed by the Ceiling Fire Demon just ramped up the original Winchester family conflict; I thought it was very powerful, especially when he got so physically close to Dean and Sam, right in their faces. If the Winchester brothers hadn't just spent months together bonding on the road, I bet Dean would have given John that gun without even thinking about it.

I really thought Dean and Sam were going to lose their father. There were even moments when I thought we might lose Sam. And just when I thought it was all over and the three of them were okay (bloody, battered, but okay) they pulled an Alias with that shocking car crash. All three of them were unconscious, injured, and at the mercy of that possessed driver. Cliffhanger. Wait until September to find out. Or possibly October.

Supernatural has had a great first season. There's a lot about this show that works. Dean and Sam both work for me, Dean more than Sam. I like them homeless, living out of a car. The middle America setting works, too. I like the "reluctant monster hunter" thing, although it's probably time for the "reluctant" on Sam's part to end. I love the disguises, too, when they masquerade as FBI agents or firemen or priests; great fun.

Bobby said that supernatural events – possessions, in particular – have increased recently, and that sounds like the writers may actually have a plan. I'm down with that. As I've already said several times, I think the writers should kill off John Winchester. He's a good character, but having him constantly in the background tends to make Dean and Sam act like children. Dean is more than ready to be Senior Monster Hunter, and this thing about Sam's "abilities" could be interesting. Give the boys their own niche. Niches are good.

And could they please do something with Sam's hair?

Bits and pieces:

— Another great rocking "previously on" set to something that sounded like "Fight the good fight."

— I really liked the character of Bobby, played by Jim Beaver from Deadwood. More Bobby, please. This show needs more good supporting characters.

— I expected that continuing character Meg would, well, continue. But no. I loved how they used the sign on the ceiling at Bobby's place. It was like a dramatic parallel to the ceiling fire stuff, like they were taking the fight to the demon's court. Which they did.

— The Ceiling Fire Demon revealed that he killed Mary and Jessica because they got in the way of his plans for Sam, and for all children like Sam. Sounds niche-like to me.

— The revelation that Meg's fall from that building had already destroyed her body was sad. In the space of five minutes, she went from despicable villain to broken little girl.

— We did get at least one major character death for certain, since the Impala was certainly a continuing character.

— This week's action took place in Jefferson City, Missouri. The brothers masqueraded as firemen, with hoses full of holy water. And possessed firefighters with axes? Scary touch.

— There's only one bullet left in the Colt.


Dean: "The last time we saw you, you did threaten to blast him full of buckshot. Got the shotgun and everything."
Bobby: "Yeah, well, what can I say. John just has that effect on people."
Yeah, I've noticed that, too.

Bobby: "You get a demon in one, they're trapped. Powerless. It's like a satanic roach motel."

Ceiling Fire Demon: "How would you feel if I killed your family? That's right, I forgot. I did."

Excellent. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Just saw this season finale for the first time and it made my jaw drop several times. I think it actually even made me gasp, which I rarely do. The show just wasn't working for me for most of the first season, but I know you like it so I stuck with it and I'm surely glad I did. I can't wait to start season two.

  2. Hang in there, Miguel. There isn't a single bad episode in season two.

  3. I would say that there might be one.... but it's mostly all great.

  4. This is an amazing episode! Amazing season finale and I agree that it mainly worked due to the fact that it revolves around the Winchesters. And I have to say I love to see those three actors together! I also think that this changes Dean a bit because when he sees that Meg is a girl possessed, he becomes guilty because imo, until now he thought that demons were all just black and white.

    I also have to say that I am not a big fan of season one. These last episodes are stellar but most of the season has uninteresting plots.
    Of course I love Dean and Sam (more Dean, of course) but I find the season a bit weak.
    But season two is gonna rock!

  5. Wow! An fantastic ending to the season. Glad I stuck with it through the initial episodes, because now it's killing me that I have to wait a couple of days to start season two.

    Thanks again, Billie. Great suggestion!

  6. You're very welcome, ChrisB. As I mentioned above, it's downhill from here. I'm reviewing season seven now (try not to get yourself spoiled), and IMNSHO, there are very, very few poor episodes from here on out.

  7. This finale was amazing! Thank you so much for introducing me to this great show, Billie. My hubby and I are really hooked now and can't wait for more.

  8. You're so welcome, Suzanne (and Suzanne's hubby). Enjoy!

  9. So, wow. Jeffrey Dean Morgan should always be evil. Damn that was some good acting. I am continually amazed at the Winchesters' ability to magically heal face wounds with no scarring. Probably the least believable thing on this show...

  10. Great season finale! But one thing did bother me. If demons can possess people whenever, why didn't Ceiling Fire Demon (great name by the way) and family possess the Winchesters a long time ago? It seems like a more effective way to stop them from hunting CFD.

  11. BOBBY :D

    He is my absolute favorite character on supernatural


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