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Supernatural: No Rest for the Wicked

Dean: "You're not going to bust out the misty goodbye speech. If this is my last day on earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward."

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Come on. Did they have to leave us for the summer with that image of Dean in a devil's cobweb screaming for Sam?

Part of me knew they were going to do it. And I must admit I'm partially relieved that they didn't cop out and give us an easy resolution to an insoluble problem. But the other part of me is completely, totally bummed that my supersweetie Dean just went to Hell. Jeez. Did they have to? Really?

Except for the ending, this was an excellent episode. Dean and Sam singing Bon Jovi together at the top of their lungs alone was worth the price of admission. The Siege of the Suburbs was particularly cool, especially the holy water in the sprinklers. The thing with Lilith and the family was right out of the famous Jerome Bixby story, "It's a Good Life," and it never hurts to go back to the classics.

But... Dean went to Hell. I didn't want Dean to go to Hell, dammit. How can they possibly bring him back? It's not exactly easy to get out of Hell, and Dean's cute little bod is, well, dead. (Dean's death scene was way too graphic, a real shocker.) I was thinking that maybe Bela going to Hell too might be relevant. And hard to tell what happened to Ruby – Lilith sent her "far far away" – but Ruby could be back in Hell, too. Lest we forget, Daddy Winchester is also in Hell. (I think.) I'm sort of picturing the four of them in a Dante-esque trip through the circles of Hell to freedom, although the special effects might strain The CW's budget.

Personally, I think that Sam's untapped "dormant power," strong enough to defeat Lilith, is the key. Dean essentially sacrificed himself for Sam again by not letting Sam tap into that power. But now that Dean is no longer around to yell at him about it, Sam is free to try pretty much anything he wants to retrieve Dean. Even going Dark Side. And he'd do it for Dean, we all know he would.

The abbreviated season three was pretty good, although they sort of dropped the ball with the escaped demons thing. And next season should be pretty interesting. I'm betting that, if Sam does tap into his demonic power, he'll become a different person. Losing Dean will certainly change him. And Dean probably won't be the same when he comes back. If he comes back. But hey, he pretty much has to, doesn't he? Sam can't carry the show alone.

Bits and pieces:

— We got our usual finale previously on to "Carry on, Wayward Son." Loved it.

— This week, we went to New Harmony, Indiana. Dean was "Mr. Hagar."

— The cop car they covered up was number 54. I seem to remember a very old show called Car 54, Where are You?

— The little girl who played the new incarnation of Lilith was very good. That's not an easy role for a young child to play convincingly, as Kirsten Dunst can attest. Good thing Sam didn't accidentally kill her when she wasn't possessed, huh?

— I liked the idea of Dean being able to see beneath the surface as he grew closer to the veil between life and death. That would be a handy talent to hang on to when they bring him back. Speaking of which, why did Dean see Sam as demonic in the teaser? Was that just an hallucination? Or was that (again) Sam's "dormant" whatever?


Dean: "Let's just make a TJ run, you know? Some senoritas, cervezas, we could... what's Spanish for donkey show?"
Sam: "So if we do save you, let's never do that."

Sam: "And you decided to tell me this just now."
Ruby: "Uh, demon? Manipulative is kind of in the job description."

Dean: "So that's you, huh? Our slutty little Yoda."

Dean: "She wants you to give in to this whole demonic psychic whatever, okay? Hell, she probably wants you to become her Antichrist superstar."

Dean: "We got the knife."
Bobby: "And you intend to use it without me. Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?"

Bobby: "You're piercing the veil, Dean. Glimpsing the B side."
Dean: "A little less new agey, please."
Bobby: "You're almost Hell's bitch. So you can see Hell's other bitches."

Another strong, emotional, personal season finale. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Extremely good and wow, I am surprised they had the guts to follow through on taking Dean to Hell. Poor Dean, all I want to do is hug him so much.
    And Jared pulled out some great acting chops when he saw Dean´s dead body.

    Season three is my number one. I love how it focuses a lot on Dean´s deal and the brothers. I also love the addition of Ruby and Bela and the season is also pretty consistent.

  2. Not to nitpick, but didn't John escape from Hell through the devil's gate in All Hell Breaks Loose 2? We don't know where he is. SL

  3. You're right, SL. John just vanished. Definitely confusion about where he went and what happened to him.

  4. I finally get to watch this episode tomorrow on TNT. Since the push back of the new episodes to tomorrow I've been super excited because what I expect to be my favorite SPN episode of all time - Ep. 4x1, the new ep, and I go back to work after being unemployed for a while are happening on the same day, but this episode is the fly in the ointment. I really don't want to see Dean suffer. SL

  5. Noooo! They did it. Why did they have to be so graphic?! I never want to see that again. I can't even remember the rest of the episode. All I can see is, you know. SL

  6. Billie - another great review. You picked up on all my highs (especially the Kansas open and the Bon Jovi duet) and lows.

    From the moment our boys looked at each other knowing they were saying goodbye, through to the end I was in tears. Can't believe they actually sent Dean to hell.

    Now, normally I take a break between seasons and watch something else. Can't. Must. See. What. Happens. Next!!

    Thanks, Billie. You've made having pneumonia almost worth it. :-)

  7. Glad I could be of help, ChrisB. I had walking pneumonia once and it was no fun. And hey -- at least you don't have wait for an entire summer to find out what happens next, like I did!

  8. When they opened the gates to hell at the end of season 2 a lot of things escape. Including John. He's not in Hell. JJ

  9. Only on Supernatural would they show a main character ripped and bloody and then send him to hell. I have to watch that part with my hand in front of my face peeking out between my fingers. I start crying when Sam asks Dean, what am I supposed to do now? Then that terrible ending, Dean is screaming, Sam is screaming, and so am I. It must be that rollercoaster of emotions on this show that makes me keep watching. A good cry is healthy, right?


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