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Supernatural: Shadow

Dean: "Next time you want to get laid, find a girl that's not so buckets of crazy, huh?"

We finally got an episode with John Winchester. And he's gone again already. Pretty much nothing was resolved, except that the three of them can take a licking and keep on ticking. And that being with his sons is dangerous for John.

I do like John as a character, but I also think Dean and Sam turn into kids when their father is around. And, interestingly, they do the same when there's any hint of sex. A few episodes ago, Sam was constantly amused by Dean's preoccupation with Cassie. Dean was similarly amused here by Sam and Meg, at least until she started trying to kill them. People do get stuck in family roles. Which was probably why Sam felt it necessary to reconfirm to Dean that when they catch whatever killed Mary and Jessica, he wants out. He wants to be a person again. For Dean, it'll never be over. He wants the three of them together again, for good. I don't think he's going to get his wish.

Meg Masters from Andover, Massachusetts is still a mystery. Who or what is she? Who was she kissing up to in the bowl o'blood? Speaking of kissing, I thought it was interesting that she kept kissing and nuzzling Sam when he was tied up. Maybe she really likes Sam. The way he was watching her dress made me wonder if he doesn't like her, too. Evil or not.

At the end, as the three Winchesters went their separate ways drenched in blood, all I could think of was that they all needed plastic surgery. Especially Sam, with those deep gashes on his cheek. Maybe they should swing by Beverly Hills on their way to the next gig.

Bits and pieces:

— I didn't expect the Daevas to attack all three of them when they did. It made me jump out of my chair.

— Were the cops done with the crime scene in Meredith's apartment? If so, why didn't someone clean up the blood?

— Dean called Sam a pervert. So did a perfect stranger.

— Meg said something about Michael Murray in a bar. What did that mean?

— The curvy Z symbol was sort of like half a swastika. Z for Zoroastrian, maybe?

— This week, the guys went to Chicago, Illinois. Dean and Sam wore uniforms from PF Alarm Systems. What did PF mean? And yet more costumes. Where are they keeping all those clothes when the trunk of the Impala is full of weapons and holy water?


Landlady: "No offense, but that alarm's about as useful as boobs on a man."

Sam: "You mind doing a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?"

Sam: "I think there's something strange going on here, Dean."
Dean: "Yeah, tell me about it. She wasn't even that into me."

Dean: "Why don't you go give that girl a private strip-o-gram?"
Sam: "Bite me."
Dean: "Bite her. Don't leave teeth marks."

Two stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous, I'm so sorry, but I had to delete your comment. It's our policy to delete comments that in any way spoil future episodes. Many of our readers are fans who have seen the show already, but others read these reviews when they're watching the show for the first time.

  3. Ok, no problem. I´ve already rephrased my comment on the episode "Route 666" and it´s spoiler free.
    I love Meg, I would love to see her as regular, really!

  4. The Michael Murray reference was about Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill. He also starred in Gilmore Girls alongside Jared Padelecki, who coincidently played a character named Dean.

  5. Another great review. I agree completely with your point about the boys when they're around their father. Sam looked like a small, vulnerable child and Dean just wanted to make everything right - a very typical eldest child trait.

    You're right about the sex as well. As close as they are, they can't seem to wrap their heads around each other's maturity. Of course, other than Kathleen in the previous episode, every woman they meet is either (a) a damsel in distress or (b) a demon. I keep waiting for a good woman to show up for one of them...

  6. Billie, thanks for introducing me to this show. my husband and are watching it for the first time and we are beginning to get very excited about it. This episode was really great. I love the dynamic between the brothers, and this time the central issues for both of them were really exposed. However, I loved the way they were exposed during a tender moment between them instead of during an argument as most shows would do.

    Seeing them with their father was great, too, while bittersweet. It was necessary to have them part again in order for the dynamic between Sam and Dean to be front and center. Their relationship is really what seems to be driving this show and I'm loving it. The actors are great, and the characters are really coming into their own. Can't wait for more.

  7. I always liked John Winchester. He may be a bit of a deadbeat dad sometimes (not entirely his fault...it couldn't have been easy to hunt with two little boys to look after) and has a problem with obsession, but he's a wonderfully flawed, real, and human character.

    You have a point about people slipping into family roles even years into their adulthood. It does happen, even with an ultra-badass family of ghosthunters.

    Also - your comments about Sam and Meg are decidedly harsher in hindsight whenever I think about I Know What You Did Last Summer and all the stuff that went on later in the show. (And I'm just going to leave it there before I get into any spoilers.)

  8. So glad it wasn't just me thinking that surely they would be seriously scarred! Though I'm still bothered by what they're living on, I'm not convinced you can make that much from credit card scams...


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