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Lost: D.O.C.

Sun: "I lose, either way."

So Sun has only two months to live. That will probably take her to the end of the series, though, at the rate we're going.

I have to ask the obvious. We have two doctors and the secret room in the medical hatch. If this isn't a "health of the mother" situation, what is? I wonder if perhaps Sun feels that trying to have Jin's baby when it will almost certainly kill her is her way of atoning for cheating on him, and for the way he suffered because of her father. But doesn't she know that he'll suffer even more when she dies because of him?

Show of hands. Who knew right away that Blackmail Woman was Jin's mother? That many? Every Sun/Jin backstory has explained further why their marriage wasn't working, and now we have this blackmail thing right after their wedding that was the direct cause of Jin becoming Paik's hatchet man. At least Jin may be the only person on the Island without daddy issues, because his father was practically a saint. I loved the way Sun connected with Jin's father, with both of them determined to protect Jin.

Mikhail coming out of nowhere just shocked me. How is he not dead? The obvious answer is that he either faked his own death (unlikely), or the Island healed him (probably). And we got a second shocker, with Parachute Woman's revelation that flight 815 had been found and that there were no survivors. I actually thought for a moment that the purgatory theory was in force again, or maybe even the parallel universe idea, but I just can't hang on to that. I think someone went to the trouble to fake a crash site. And that's why no one is looking for them. Except Penny, of course.

According to my readers, Parachute Woman was indeed speaking Spanish at first ("I'm dying"), and then probably Chinese as Jin said. Mikhail was indeed lying about the Italian; she said in Portuguese, "I am not alone," not "Thank you" as Mikhail said. (Thanks to everyone who wrote to me about this. You guys are the best.) If she's not alone, then who else is lurking about?

Juliet's bedside manner was beautiful. She obviously loved what she used to do. Her best moment, though, was when she left a recorded message for Ben in the secret room, turned off the recorder, and said, "I hate you." She's an enigma, I don't know what she'll do when it comes right down to it, but her heart is in the right place. I like Juliet.

Juliet told Sun that on the Island, a man's sperm count increases by a factor of five. And Sawyer is already a father. Kate doesn't have a chance. She has to be pregnant.

Character bits:

Sun asked her father for $100,000. And he had it on him. Well, in a safe, but still. This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was probably the huge flight of endless stairs that Sun had to climb in order to ask her father for the money.

Jin has obviously studied martial arts.

Jack is back to making house calls, so to speak. Or garden calls.

Desmond is obviously in control of the Away Team. He's a natural leader, like Jack and Sayid.

We learned that Juliet has lost nine patients in the last three years, and it has strongly affected her.

Bits and pieces:

— It has been 90 days since the crash. Sun conceived 53 days ago.

— "D.O.C." stands for "date of conception."

— Loved Hurley with the flare gun. And trying to call his mother.

— It's too bad Claire can't have that crib for Aaron. Although remembering her imprisonment and Ethan every time she looked at it would probably freak her out.

— Gold acting star for Yunjin Kim. She gave us practically the entire range of human emotions in just one episode.


Hurley: "I thought Locke killed that guy with the electro vents thingy."

Desmond: "How do you think it will feel, taking a flare to the chest at this range?"
Mikhail: "As your friend pointed out, I already died once this week."

Sun: "Jin, I love you."
Jin: "Madly?"
Sun: "Madly."

At least three polar bears. And most of LostReviews who voted gave it four,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. It has been 90 days since the crash. Sun conceived 53 days ago.

    I was wondering about the timing myself. I like to think it's after Jin got back from the failed raft expedition. They were so lovely together right around that time, but then, I'm a hopeless romantic.

    I thought the scenes between Sun and Juliet were simply lovely -- among the best we've had in a while. An enormous amount of trust developed, with both of them sharing very intimate details about themselves. I've missed this.

  2. Agreed, Chris. There was a very long stretch where I wasn't feeling the show the same way I had in S1. But this episode, particularly the material between Sun and Juliet, affected me as deeply as many of the S1 episodes. I had been starting to feel about the series the same way you've been noting in your comments, and it was lovely to recapture the magic. Keep hanging in there.

  3. I, too, loved Hurley calling his mother. Especially in this day and age with cell phones and no one memorizing numbers anymore, I'd have to call one of my parents. Those are the only numbers I still have memorized. :-)

  4. According to the Netflix subtitles, Naomi says "Aiuta mi," which is Italian. Although that really doesn't make much sense: who runs through all the romance languages when crash-landing on an island in the middle of the South Pacific?

    (Fun Google Translate fact: "auta me" means "break and" in Maori. So maybe she was speaking Maori.)


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