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Lost: Everybody Hates Hugo

Jin: "Everything's going to change. Have a cluckety cluck cluck day, Hugo."

Episodes like this one are why I love this series. All those interactions among the characters, wonderful flashbacks, and such a touching resolution at the end.

Hurley was so right about not rationing the food. With so little to divide among so many, what purpose would it serve but to divide the people, as well? Instead, he gave everyone a moment of joy, much like he did with the golf tournament. It wasn't just a popularity thing, either; Hurley intuitively makes pretty good decisions. It's a shame he's not a millionaire philanthropist back in the real world. If it hadn't been for his bad luck, think of the good he could have done with that money.

Seeing the way Hurley spent his lottery-winning day just made me love him more. He didn't tell anyone. He quit his job. Had a blast with his best friend Johnny, hanging out and gnoming his boss' lawn. And he took the interesting precaution of asking out his crush girl, Starla, so that he would know how she really felt about him without money influencing her decision. How many of us would choose so wisely?

Showers, records, potato chips, shampoo... for me, a washer/dryer combo is the one that would make all the difference. I hope Rose wasn't washing other people's clothes. Let people take care of their own clothes, Rose.

Sayid, typically, was trying to figure the bunker out. "The last time I heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was Chernobyl." So maybe this isn't just a social science experiment. Keep pushing that button, guys.

Even though some survivors have finally started sharing information, there were still so many unanswered questions. (Well, of course there were. This is Lost.) The tail section people appeared to be living in another Dharma Initiative bunker. Did whoever was in that station stop pushing the button? There were six stations. Does that mean there are four more bunkers on the Island?

I particularly loved the surprise at the end when we finally met Rose's Bernard. What a great red herring, making him a white man. I absolutely loved her putting that candy bar in her pocket for him. Their concern for each other was just beautiful.

Just one more thing. Would everyone PLEASE stop hurting Sawyer, now?

Character bits:

Except for hurting Sawyer, Ana-Lucia endeared herself to me. She's one tough cookie, and clearly the leader of the tail-section group. This was what they had originally planned for Kate's character, wasn't it?

The scene where Sun buried the message bottle was almost an afterthought. It deserved more attention than it got. Why did the women keep it a secret? To keep hope alive for the rest of the survivors?

Charlie has pretty much taken Johnny's place as Hurley's best friend on the Island.

Hurley's boss Randy was played by Billy Rae Gallion. In "Walkabout," Locke's boss, also named Randy, was also played by Billy Rae Gallion, with a little more hair. No, I don't think they were the same Randy. I think it was a joke by the writers.

Jack and Kate appeared to be re-bonding. Did that have something to do with him seeing her in a towel?

It was very satisfying that Claire finally got her peanut butter. And it was so sweet of Charlie to think of her first.

I also loved the way Shannon was taking such good care of Vincent. Walt was right to give him to her.

Does Charlie have blonder hair? Has he been in the sun too long?

Sawyer called Ana Lucia: "Rambina," "Hot Lips," and "Bitch," although that last one probably wasn't intended to be a nickname. And he called Michael "Mikey."

Bits and pieces:

— Two new cast members: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as the yet-unnamed "Shaft," and Cynthia Watros... was she Libby? Malcolm (Walt) was out; I think that happened last week, actually. I hope that doesn't mean that Walt is dead, or permanently "lost." Maybe he'll return as a guest star, looking a whole lot older all of a sudden.

— What happened to most of the 23 people who survived in the tail section? (And do I have to point out that 23 is one of Hurley's numbers?)

— Sawyer's gunshot wound looked bad. Let's get him back to Jack soon, shall we?

— We still didn't see the meteor hit Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. I was really looking forward to that. Ah, well. Maybe in the next Hurley-centric episode.

— We finally saw the front door. How did forty plus people wandering around for over a month miss that one? How did super-tracker Locke miss that one?

— Starla talked about how her world would come to an end if Hurley quit his job. Interesting parallel there, because Hurley's world did come to an end, didn't it?

— Sam Anderson (Bernard) is our third Angel alum. He played the villainous Holland Manners. The other two are Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Park), and Josh Holloway, who was a vampire that Angel staked in the series pilot.

— In our continuing list of flashback connections, we can add Hurley singing "You all everybody." And "Drive Shaft. More like suck shaft." (Amazing that the ABC censors let that one go by.)

— It occurred to me that 156 million is Hurley's numbers plus 48 original survivors.


Rose: "You're about the only one on this Island that everybody loves." True of the Island, and true of the fans as well.

Michael: "They believe we were on the plane, too."
Sawyer: "Swell. Guess we can all sue Oceanic together."

Ana-Lucia: "I say move, you move. I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?"
Sawyer: "You first." (I loved this one.)

Hurley: "Locke's lying."
Charlie: "Oh, yeah? Is he lying about the button we have to push every one hundred and eight minutes or the Island will explode?"

LostReviews gave this episode three out of four polar bears. I might even go higher than that. Wonderful,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. OK -- I was wrong about Shaft, but I was right about Bernard. Now, let’s reunite Rose and him. I just know that will make me cry.

    Ana Lucia has not endeared herself to me at all, yet. I am not fond of anyone who throws rocks and punches with equal abandon. I kept waiting for Sawyer to hit her back, which I think she deserved. He was a strong man to resist.

    This one was back on form. Whew -- I was beginning to worry.

  2. "It wasn't just a popularity thing, either; Hurley intuitively makes pretty good decisions. It's a shame he's not a millionaire philanthropist back in the real world. If it hadn't been for his bad luck, think of the good he could have done with that money."

    (Just seemed worth highlighting.)

    I love this episode. The opening scene with Jin and Hurley speaking English and Korean will never stop being funny. Have a cluckety cluck cluck day!

    Even though I still think of Bernard as Holland Manners, when he asked about Rose I started to cry.

  3. Johnny is Garth from Supernatural, I never noticed that before.


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