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Lost: ... And Found

Friend: "So, Jin. What should I do if love calls?"
Jin: "Tell it to wait."

It was new, having a joint flashback equally focused on two characters. Appropriate that it was our married couple. And wasn't it lovely?

Destiny. At the start of the movie Doctor Zhivago, Yuri and Lara kept passing each other without meeting, like Sun and Jin did here. The scene with Jin's friend and the "destiny book" implied that Sun and Jin were meant to be together, and that Jin would find his love when he wasn't looking for it. Locke also told Sun in the absolutely adorable garden tossing scene that she needed to stop looking. This might also apply to Michael's search for Walt. (Although how could Michael stop looking for Walt? How could any parent?)

Jin is such a good guy. His loyalty to Michael, especially in the context of their previous relationship, is commendable. Jin has principles and honor, and they meant more to him than a job with a future. We also saw Sun's frustration with the limitations her parents imposed upon her. She got a degree in order to get a degree, not to find a college-educated husband. It was ironic that she actually started to like her blind date; he was a jerk to lead her on just to provide himself with a beard. I wondered if Mr. Lee would be providing future cover for Sun's relationship with Jin?

Mister Eko also appeared to be a good guy, and the actor really impressed me; he sucked me in the minute he decided to help Jin find Michael. We didn't learn much else about him, though, except that he has tracking skills. And we still don't know what happened to the rest of the tail section group. Were they decimated by the Others, like Goodwin? Recruited and "changed"? They have a radio. Did they have the same experience with it that "our" survivors did? Was it them that Boone spoke to on the radio?

The glimpses we saw of the Others (or at least their feet) were just fascinating. Brown pants, blue pants, naked legs with specific mud stains, brown pants, blue pants, naked legs with specific mud stains... what was going on? The teddy bear implied that they were children. Were they clones, or something?

I was kind of hoping that Sun and Jin would be reunited by the end of this episode (because of the title), but guess we'll have to wait a little longer for that.

Character bits:

Jin is from the south coast village of Namhae. He worked formerly at the Asiana as a busboy, and was later promoted to waiter. The hotel was called the Seoul Gateway. Jin thought it was an important position for him, perhaps an opportunity to start at the bottom and work up. A gateway to his future, perhaps.

Sun studied art history in college.

Kate was upset about losing Sawyer. Frankly, I was worried about Sawyer; he wasn't keeping up. If his wound is infected, it could be fatal.

There has been some nice female bonding in the past few episodes, with Claire, Shannon, and Kate all spending time trying to help Sun.

Jack told Sun he lost his wedding ring and had a replica made. That was interesting symbolism, too, in regard to Jack's marriage possibly resembling something that it wasn't. We shall see.

Sawyer called Mister Eko "Mr. Ed," and Jin "Chewie."

The puppy Jin gave to Sun was named Bopo ("Kiss").

It occurred to me that Sun and Jin are no longer our only married couple, now that we have Rose and Bernard.

Bits and pieces:

— On the Island, it's only been four days since the raft left. For us, it's been five months.

— This week's Most Obvious (and completely transparent) Symbolism was Sun's lost wedding ring. When she dug up the bottle and found the ring, she regained her hope that Jin was still alive.

— Sun's mother referred to her as "silver," soon to become "bronze." This must have something to do with the best time for a young woman to find a husband. Does this mean an eighteen-year-old girl is "gold"?

— Jin's friend told him that his love would be "orange." I thought it would have something to do with the flower Mr. Lee took from Jin, but no. A little orange herring there.

— Hurley asked Sun if she was from the good Korea or the bad Korea. If Sun and Jin were from Seoul, that's South Korea (the good one).

— Another boar stampeded by. We barely saw it.

— We saw the body of a dead tail section survivor, Goodwin.


Sun: "Did you see me?"
Locke: "Rip apart your garden? No."
Very cute.

Michael: "I think they're trying to figure out what to do with us."
Sawyer: "I think they're gonna eat us."

Jin's new boss: "Do not open the door for people like you."
Some more rampant symbolism there.

Hurley: "So the next day, Buster craps out a buck thirty five in nickels."

Sawyer: "You married?"
Ana Lucia: "No."
Sawyer: "Too bad. You seem suited for it."
Was he flirting, or being sarcastic? Probably both.

Wonderful Island stuff, terrific flashbacks. Three out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Jin has certainly come a long way. Learning English and helping Michael, especially after their history, just shows how good he really is. The flashback just solidified it.

    I loved the flashback this time. When they two of them finally meet, the looks on their faces were just lovely. I had a huge grin on my face.

    In the same way, I loved the story of the lost wedding ring. Of course it symbolized the fact that Sun feels she’s lost Jin, but the sheer joy as she put the ring back on her finger I think we can all relate to. There is nothing worse than losing something so valuable, even if it is “just a thing.”

  2. I hope the ring being buried where the bottle was implied that Sun ought to tell the others the truth about it. I didn't get that impression though.


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