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Lost: I Do

Sawyer: "And how was your day, honey?"

Marrying a cop while running from the law. That was what you might call ironic.

Each of the Kate backstories has been better than the last, possibly because of the shift in focus from crime to loooove. And that long Kate/Sawyer love scene was exceptionally sexy: dirt, stringy hair, fishbiscuit breath and all. They didn't seem to care that they had an audience, but hey, impending death situation. How very interesting that we saw a pregnancy test in a flashback scene right after Kate finally did it with Sawyer. A little hint about future repercussions?

Kate must have truly loved Kevin. And even though she didn't tell Sawyer she loved him (despite the oh so cute way he was fishing for it), I think she really loves Sawyer, too. She may even love him more because she doesn't have to lie to Sawyer or pretend to be something she's not. And she was desperate to protect him, much as she tried to protect Kevin.

Kevin was a total, total sweetheart. But he was also a Miami cop, and Kate deceived him in a great big way. Please tell me Kevin will be tracking Kate down in future flashbacks. (I adore Nathan Fillion, and if this was the only Kevin flashback, I'm going to be deeply disappointed.) I've been assuming that "killing the man she loved" applied her childhood friend, Tom the doctor. Will it turn out to be Kevin, instead?

Sawyer again showed amazing courage as he faced such a pointless, ignominious execution. He was ready to die for Kate, and yes, I really believed they might kill him off, which certainly added power to that scene in the rain. The abrupt, unexpected way we've lost Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby and Eko has told us that we could lose anyone at the drop of a hat. Sawyer is one of the most popular characters on the show, though. They might lose an entire audience demographic if they killed him off, and I'm sure they know that.

We've been going backwards with every Kate flashback since the start of the series, and this episode was a change in direction. But which way, and how far? The egg timer Kate used in the phone booth implied that the flashbacks took place before caller ID. How long ago was that? Sometime in the 1990s? If Kate killed her father when she was 24, how long ago could it possibly be?

Surgical blackmail was certainly a new direction for Jack. His rage surprised me, although it shouldn't have; they didn't show us Jack as stalker guy for nothing. How did Jack feel about seeing Kate in Sawyer's arms? (At least he missed the highlights and the play-by-play.) Dan thought he might have been happy for them. Hard to tell.

Which brings me to much confusion about Alex, who delighted me by marauding about with a very effective slingshot. Did Alex open the cell door for Jack? It sounded like her voice on the intercom, but I wasn't sure. Alex seems to be a wild card, outside the group of Others but still within it at times – in fact, much like her mother, Danielle.

Ben spoke about Alex in an almost parental manner. For about thirty seconds, I entertained the possibility that Ben was Alex's father, but didn't Danielle kill her baby's father? And Danielle trapped Ben and wanted to kill him... wait a minute. I may have to take a closer look at that scene in season two.

They of course left us with a giant, frakking cliffhanger. Will Kate and Sawyer find their way off the possibly mythical Alcatraz, or stay behind and try to rescue Jack? Is Kate pregnant? Will Ben die on the table? What will Locke find when he lifts up his eyes and looks north?

Character bits:

Locke thinks Eko died for a reason. He just doesn't have any idea what it could be. (And so say all of us.) Locke saw a message carved in Eko's stick that said, "Lift up your eyes and look north," just as he was saying to Eko's grave, "Thank you for helping me find my..."

Kate was using the name Monica. In previous flashbacks, she has used the aliases Annie, Maggie Ryan, and Joan Hart. At least she wasn't using a bunch of names starting with K. (Note from later: I read somewhere that all of Kate's aliases are saint names.)

Kate called Sawyer "James" for the first time, symbolizing that she saw him as he really was.

During the love scene, I noticed that Kate's armpits were still shaved. How did she do it after days in a cage with no bathroom?

The marshal finally got a name: Edward Mars. (Any relation to the former sheriff of Neptune, California?) Why was Kate calling him? Did she really think she could talk him into leaving her alone? Did she have a romantic relationship with the marshal, too?

Juliet said she'd always been good at following orders. Color me skeptical.

Kate's sweet mother-in-law Suzanne gave her a beautiful silver locket. Have we seen that locket before? I don't think we have.

Bits and pieces:

— Pickett said, "Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list." Jacob fricking who? What list? Was it the scary guy with the eye-patch?

— Evangeline Lilly got to do multiple love scenes with both Josh Holloway and Nathan Fillion. I'm envious. Yeah, I know filming love scenes isn't as much fun as it seems from the outside, but still.

— Interesting photography during the Jack/Kate life and death discussion in the Hydra hatch, with the overlapping reflections of their faces.

— The plane tickets for the honeymoon in Costa Rica were on Oceanic, of course.

— The opener mimicked the Hitchcock movie Marnie again, just as in "Born to Run:" Kate from the back, carrying a bag and going into a hotel room.

— That was some gorgeous wedding dress Kate wore for Kevin.

— In this week's hair report, Kate's was straightened in the flashbacks. I think it was darker, too.

— Adewale BigLongName was still in the cast. We got a glimpse of his body, but his face was covered.


Alex: "They're going to kill your boyfriend. Just like they killed mine." Would that be Carl, the boy who was in the cage before?

Juliet: "I'll give you two some privacy." Yeah. Privacy in an underwater hatch with many, many cameras. Who was she kidding?

I think I have to give this episode four polar bears, if only for the Kate/Sawyer love scene and Alex's slingshot. And now, the long wait until February 7,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Let’s start at the beginning. We know from the hair and the clothes that it’s going to be a Kate flashback scene -- cool, I love them. Then, we hear her bantering with a man on the other side of the door. The door opens and… Nathan Filliion! I shrieked. I had no idea he had guest starred in this series and what a pleasant surprise that was. I didn’t really care how bad the hour was going to be (after the last one, I had very low expectations), I just sat back to enjoy an unexpected hour with Mr. Fillion. I couldn’t believe it. This may very well be my favourite episode to date, which just makes Mr. Fillion the icing on the cake. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

    I’ve said before that I like the character driven stories, and this was certainly one of those. Kate was front and center. I believe that Kate loved Kevin and that there was a part of her who wanted to be the Miami housewife whose biggest concern was whether or not to do taco night. I think she also responded to how he loved her, openly and completely. It’s something our girl has been searching for all her life. Unfortunately, this persona just isn’t Kate and so the inevitable happens and she leaves.

    Then, she finds herself with two men, both of whom she loves. It would be hard to argue that there wasn’t an enormous amount of emotion in the scene with Jack, but (at least right now) it’s Sawyer that she’s more attracted to. I think she’s most herself with him and responds to the fact that he loves who she really is. I can’t wait to see how this plays out because, for the first time ever, there is literally nowhere for Kate to run when things get tough.

    Sawyer, likewise, truly loves Kate and he responds to the way she loves him. I thought the “I love you” scene was brilliant. He couldn’t bring himself to say it first, so he teases a kiss out of her which he chooses to accept as words. How typical -- and wonderful.

    Poor Jack. He’s had a tough couple of weeks in this cell. He finally sees Kate, gets very emotional and then realises that she is there for Sawyer. Top that with having to watch the two of them in each other’s arms, it’s no wonder the rage and intensity came out. But, he loves her so much, he risks everything to make sure she can get away. What a guy.

    There were a lot of small moments of love as well; Kate’s mother-in-law with the pendant, Alex looking for Carl, Locke and Sayid finding Eko’s staff to bury with him. It would be hard to come away from this episode and not feel better about the world.

  2. Chris, I had a feeling you didn't know that Nathan Fillion was in this one and I was waiting for you to hit it. :)

  3. Billie, it was a classic moment! I haven't been completely swept away yet by season three and was really disappointed in the episode before, so very nearly watched something else. But, I liked the title of the episode, so I thought I'd do one more.

    I was, therefore, watching rather half-heartedly when that door opened. I shrieked his name and had to re-wind the disc to make sure I hadn't gotten it wrong. The joy of the unexpected! :-)

  4. Kate,wanted for murder,married a cop:she'so crazy.
    Sawyer is the easiest choise for Kate:the sex in cage is a physical confort in the face of mortal danger. Sawyer is reachable,Jack is behind a glass.
    Jack doesn't want to give in to Ben and the Others,he hates to be manipulated. Them he sees Kate and Sawyer and responds emotionally,agreeing to Ben'surgery.
    Epic Doctor:Jack's plan during the surgery to rescue Kate and Sawyer is brilliant.
    Sawyer and Jack at the same time risk their life for Kate.

  5. Wow the 'boring' parts of the caged subplot turned out to only be 2 episodes, really. I thought it would've been longer. But this is where it's really worth it, Jack psyching them out in retribution.


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